9 Common Door Repairs in Hinsdale, IL

Your doors are one of the most important parts of your home. Whether acting as entryways welcoming friends and family into your space or as barriers that provide a quiet moment alone, it's important to take care of them. Like anything else in your home, there are a number of factors that cause deterioration and damage as time goes on. The good news is, with the help of the team at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, we can keep your home looking and working its best.

We offer a range of repair services. Whether you're dealing with a sticking latch latch sticks or a corroding hinge, our service professionals can efficiently and professionally fix any and all problems. Not only do we offer repair and installation services for your interior and entry doors, but we also provide garage door services.

There are nine common problems that can be easily solved with repairs.

1. Irritating Noises

Squeaking noises are annoying. But the good news is, it's a relatively easy fix with the help of one of our pro technicians. Whether your hinges need lubricating, or are too tight/too loose, our carpenters can realign the brackets, replace damaged hinges or make minor adjustments that will fix the problem in no time. You can say goodbye to rusty hinges and have peace of mind knowing your doors are quiet once more.

2. Opening and Closing Issues

Opening and closing doors should be easy. But if you find yourself throwing your shoulders against the panels just to get inside, you need to hire repair services. Knobs that won’t turn, sticking issues, and doors that always seem to swing open right after you close them are all signs of alignment issues.

A few reasons why they might not operate correctly include:

  • The panels have warped from humidity or insect damage

  • Your home’s structural foundation has shifted and the frame has warped

  • The latch does not line up properly

  • The latch is too high or low

  • The hinges are too loose or tight

3. Loose, Tight, Rusty or Damaged Hinges

Fundamental to a properly functioning doorway, hinges can wear down over time. Humidity, dust, constant use and fluctuating weather can take its toll on the bracket’s performance—possibly causing significant corrosion. When a hinge corrodes, it might also break off entirely.

Your hinges are what holds the panels to the frame. Thus, severely damaged brackets could cause the whole thing to fall. Prevent the risk of injury and maintain your family's safety by calling our experienced technicians to repair damaged hinges right away.

4. Misaligned Wheels

Although hinge models have their own set of problems, sliding doors may need repairs over time as well. Many Hinsdale homes are built with sliding closets, patio doors, screen doors and shower doors. If there is a problem with misaligned wheels or an issue with the track, it will stick and have trouble opening and closing. When this happens, call our highly trained and versatile technicians. We’ll carefully replace or realign the wheels and track so it works smoothly time after time.

5. Knobs that Don't Work

When your knob doesn’t line up with the latch, can’t lock, won't turn or is sticking, it’s time for a replacement. Our experienced repair professionals will let you know why your handle is not working properly, be transparent about your options to fix it and efficiently complete the necessary repairs.

6. Damage from Wear-and-Tear

It’s not just your exterior doorways that can be damaged by humidity and changing temperatures. If you often leave windows open, your HVAC system is not working properly or you have poor ventilation in your bathroom, then humidity and moisture will negatively impact your interior frames. Environmental factors are not the only source of damage. Pets scratching or chewing at the frame, the age of materials and accidental slamming can impact their functionality and aesthetic.

7. Outdated Aesthetic

Sometimes, your doorways might work perfectly well but it's just not your taste. Maybe you've recently renovated and your doors don't match the rest of your home—or they were never your taste to begin with. There are many styles to choose from, and we're happy to help you install a new model, or stain and paint your old ones so they look good as new!

8. The Latch Does Not Work

It's very important for your exterior doors to lock correctly. And even though most interior entryways don't lock, there are certain areas of your home that require privacy. It can be frustrating when a latch fails you! If your lock doesn't stay latched, you'll need the help of one of our experts to fix it. There could be a number of problems affecting the lock. The frame might be twisted and the latch bore (the small hole opposite the lock that enables it to latch) no longer lines up correctly. Accordingly, the lock will be practically useless.

9. Issues with Garage Doors

Do you need garage repair services? Sometimes you might be struggling with your garage door openers, or maybe its façade has seen better days. Whether a quick paint job will do the trick or you need garage door replacement services, our team can help. We offer quality services for both residential and commercial garage doors.

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