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5 Reasons To Call A Drywall Repairman in Wichita, KS

If you're an average Wichita homeowner, then the interior of your home is most likely made up of drywall. These sheets of gypsum wallboard, which are also known by their trade name Sheetrock, are what commonly make up the base layer of interior walls.

While there are other materials used for building the interior walls of homes, such as plywood, drywall is the most common because it has many benefits that sets it apart from other materials. It's easier to work with and fix, cheaper than other materials, easier to decorate and paint, and most importantly, it has an excellent rating for fire resistance.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback: it's easily damaged. Drywall isn't an extremely durable material when it comes to blunt impacts, moisture, and other types of damage. The effects of everyday life take their toll, and the payment is often taken out of your walls.

Luckily, at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area we know all about walls and how they get damaged. In many cases, repairing small holes and damage is easily accomplished with a patch kit; yet, lack of experience or knowledge might make that small repair job a bigger pain than it needs to be.

Before you get started on your own repairs, it pays to know all the ways that professional handyman services will help you.

1. Safety

Safety isn't something that many people consider when it comes to drywall because the job seems so simple at first, but even with this kind of job, safety is a concern. Proceeding with any kind of repair projects without properly considering the safety protocols is an easy way to end up with an injury.

How Do You Safely Repair Drywall?

  1. Wear a mask or respirator: Near the end of your project, you’ll sand down the dried compound surface to remove blemishes. The dust that gets produced here is a known respiratory irritant that has negative effects on your airways. Wear the right gear and protect your lungs.

  2. Lift with your knees: A full sheet of drywall weighs about 50 pounds. That's something everyone should be aware of if they're trying to tackle larger renovation projects. The sheets are also an awkward size and shape for lifting and carrying, so it's always nice to have a helper who shares the load, or at the very least, someone who watches out for obstacles in your path.

  3. Be aware of empty buckets: Joint compound buckets are large enough for a toddler to get stuck in. If you end up using the bucket to carry other materials, especially liquids, always keep them away from young children. (One common tip is to drill holes in the bottom of buckets you use outdoors so that they won't collect rainwater and become a threat.)

2. Hassle-Free Clean Up

Would you think to throw down a drop sheet before you start even a minor repair job? All that dust has to go somewhere. Most professional craftsmen know that clean-up is a big part of any job, and they come prepared. Service professionals with a mind for customer service always arrive with everything they need to clean up after themselves and leave your home looking better than it did when they arrived. That includes drop sheets, boot covers, shop vacuums, and everything else it takes to maintain your property.

Did You Know?

Most household vacuums in Wichita aren't capable of capturing super-fine dust and only blow it back into the air. You should always use a shop vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean up fine dust, and then go back with your regular vacuum after the air has settled to make sure everything has been picked up.

3. Major Repairs

Some types of common wall damage, like door knob holes and popped nails, are minor jobs that don't require much expertise even if they still cause a mess. However, repairing major damage like a crumpled corner bead, sagging textured ceilings, or large holes can be a risky undertaking if you're unsure of what to do. Lack of proper prep, or knowledge about where to cut and drill, could lead to more damage and greater costs in the long run.

4. Custom Jobs

There are a lot of ways that drywall can give your room a unique look. Customization looks great, but it's not easy to create. When you want special work for your home, it pays to have the guidance and advice of experienced craftsmen from a professional service. A pro can even draw on their experience from the work they’ve done for other Wichita residents to give you ideas you might not have even thought of.

How Can You Customize Your Wichita Home?

Whether it's an individual project or a major renovation, drywall can be used to create many unique features, including:

  • Custom wall textures

  • Hidden lighting

  • Built-in shelves and bookcases

  • Custom storage solutions

  • Unique ceiling patterns

You can even make a room soundproof. We're here to help you come up with custom designs for your Wichita home and then implement them to complete your dream renovation project.

5. All-in-One Service

Drywall repair and installation services are just the first step. Finished jobs need to be primed and painted to match the rest of your walls. Sometimes that means painting the whole room.

The Wichita service pros who arrive at your door will come prepared to take care of every stage of your project—from design all the way to the finished project. You won't have to worry about equipment rentals, sourcing building materials, or applying finish for walls. We’ll even rehang your framed photos and curtains!

When Should You Call A Drywall Repairman?

Sooner or later, most homeowners in Wichita will need drywall repairs. Whether big or small, every project will benefit from the expertise of an experienced, skilled handyman.

For any guidance or assistance with your home, call Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area at 316-285-1217 to find out more, or get started online right now.