FAQ: Info About Wallpaper Repair and Replacement Services in Wichita, KS

Handyman using a scraper to smooth out the wall where they are completing wallpaper repairs by installing a new sheet
There was a time when most homes in the United States featured at least some wallpaper, usually in the most important and formal rooms. These days, the most common method of covering and decorating walls is to paint them—but don't count wallpaper out just yet. It may not quite be back on the pedestal it once occupied, but modern installations are becoming increasingly popular, and there's a newfound appreciation for restoring retro styles with wallpaper repair service.

If you've currently got wall coverings installed that have suffered some wear and tear damage and aren't looking their very best anymore, you don't necessarily have to say goodbye—our experienced team offers wallpaper repair for issues such as tears, loose seams, and bubbling. Or, if your walls are damaged beyond the point of saving, we can get them looking like new again with wallpaper replacement in Wichita, KS. Have some questions about those processes? Check out our responses to some of the questions we are commonly asked about wallpaper repair and replacement.

Ready to get that old wallpaper repaired or replaced? Trust your experienced, local Wichita handyman to provide expert workmanship and customer service that goes the extra mile. As a locally owned and operated business, the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area is proud to serve the people of our communities, and we always make customer satisfaction our first priority.

Which is the Better Solution, Wallpaper Repair or Replacement?

Before you get started on a wallpaper repair project or opt for a complete replacement instead, you need to know which of those is the best option for your home. We hear the old "repair vs. replace" question about a wide range of services, and regardless of what type of material or surface is in question, we've found that in our professional experience, the answer usually boils down to the severity and nature of your damage. Whether or not replacement material is available for patching is also a concern.

If you have one or a couple of isolated areas that have suffered damage, such as a puncture in the wall or a seam that is coming loose and lifting off the drywall, chances are very good that your Wichita handyman can get the problem solved efficiently and effectively with repair services. There's a caveat, though—if a patch is necessary, you will need to have some extra paper that your handyman can patch your wall with. You may still have some leftover from when the paper was originally installed, but if the material on your wall has faded, the unused portion may not be an exact match anymore. In a situation where you can't get an exact match for a patch, a complete replacement will be the better choice—a patch that isn't precisely the same color and pattern will stick out like a sore thumb.

On the other hand, if the damage is severe or widespread across a whole wall or room, you're much better off choosing to refinish your entire wall. Numerous smaller repairs would be time-consuming and therefore costly, and the results would still not look as good as a fresh layer of paper. Water damage is another situation that usually calls for replacement, especially if the source of water is behind your wall, because, of course, moisture needs to be stopped before new paper is put in, or that damage will just occur all over again with the new installation.

You should also keep in mind that when it comes to a new installation, it’s much easier to remove old wallpaper from plaster walls than from drywall. So, if you do need to repair a large section of your walls because of moisture damage or another serious problem, you will also need to consider the material you're using underneath and how it could affect your future options for repair and replacement.

What Are the Most Common Wallpaper Repair Issues?

You may be wondering if anything can be done to save your damaged wallpaper. Our team of experts has dealt with a wide variety of issues in homes and businesses in the Wichita metro area, so we have the expertise and training to restore the beauty of your walls. Here are some common wallpaper repair problems and how we'll fix them.

Rips or Punctures

Rips in paper or punctures in your wall are usually the result of sudden impact damage or the work of a naughty pet. Maybe a piece of heavy furniture was carelessly bashed into your wall while it was being moved, or your cat decided it was tired of its scratching post and decided to give your wall a good scratching instead. The wallpaper repair strategy your handyman uses will depend on how large your patch of damage is and whether parts of your paper are missing. If it's a small-ish rip, but your drywall isn't damaged, and all the pieces of paper are still on the wall, it may be possible to simply glue down the edges of the rip to make it nearly invisible unless you inspect right up close. But if the damage is larger and chunks of paper are missing, the repair will require a patch piece of wallpaper. Your drywall underneath might need a patch job as well, but no need to worry—our handyman team is very experienced with drywall repair in Wichita, KS.

Loose Seams

Wallpaper comes in rolls, so once it is installed, there are vertical seams where two sections of the roll meet. Sometimes paper starts to come loose at a seam and pull away from your wall. That can happen because not enough glue was used at its edge during installation or because your wall underneath has bumps or gouges that prevent it from sealing perfectly flat. Regardless of the cause, this is typically a simple Wallpaper repair for your handyman. They'll apply adhesive to the underside of loose edges and use a roller to firmly smooth it down.


If you've noticed "blisters" or bubbles on your wall that are formed by air trapped underneath the paper, that's almost always a problem with the faulty installation. It usually happens because a chip of paint or some dirt prevents the paper from bonding to the drywall properly, and over time a bubble forms in that spot. That's why it's so important to clean and prime drywall before installing wallpaper. Or it could be that the installer was not careful to force all the air out from under it during the installation process. In this situation, the necessary wallpaper repair method is to cut open the bubble, release the air, and glue the paper back down.

What Types are Available for Wallpaper Replacement in Wichita, KS?

If you've decided wallpaper replacement—or a brand-new installation—is the best choice for your Wichita home, it's helpful to know a bit about the different types of wallpaper products that are available to choose from so you can make informed buying decisions. This isn't about options for patterns and colors, which all comes down to your personal sense of taste and design aesthetic in your home. Rather, it's about the type of material and/or the installation method. Here are some main types you may want to consider:

  • Traditional: Also called "paper" because it is made from 100% paper, traditional wallpaper is what most people know about. It's installed in many homes and businesses across Wichita and comes in a huge range of patterns and colors.
  • Non-Woven: This variety is usually a combination of vinyl and natural fibers, though there are some non-woven wallpapers that do not contain vinyl and are composed of natural and/or synthetic plant fibers. It's more flexible and durable than traditional paper.
  • Vinyl: As the most durable option, vinyl can really take a beating and still look great. It's a good option for high-traffic areas where people and animals may frequently touch or brush up against the walls. There are three main types: solid vinyl, vinyl-coated paper, and fabric-backed vinyl.
  • Pre-Pasted: This is non-woven, vinyl-coated, or solid vinyl that has glue embedded on the underside to eliminate a tricky part of the installation process. It's not sticky or tacky until it encounters water, either by spraying it on or dipping the sheets in a vat of water.
  • Peel and Stick: This kind works pretty much exactly like a big sticker. Also known as strippable wallpaper, it has a sticky adhesive backing covered by protective paper. Your Wichita wallpaper replacement expert will peel off the protective backing and firmly press it onto the wall. Peel and stick are not as durable or long-lasting as other kinds. However, it is easily removed and can be relocated and reused, so it's a good option for renters.
  • Natural Grasscloth: Also called sisal, grasscloth is fabricated from natural grasses and reeds woven together over a paper backing. It gives a beautiful, rustic appearance and texture and emits a pleasant grassy smell. It's worth noting that grasscloth seams can't be concealed because there's no uniform pattern to match up.
  • Organic Textures: This type features a very similar look and feels to grasscloth, but it's made with natural fibers such as linen, cork, or wood instead of grasses and reeds. Installation can be difficult because it's more delicate than other varieties.

What Do Those Symbols on Wallpaper Replacement Packages Mean?

If you've started looking around at wallpaper replacement options, you may have noticed that the package labels feature symbols that look like wavy lines. These symbols are an indication of the product's washability rating, so they give information on the correct procedure to clean the product. Here are the levels of washability:

  • Spongeable: The symbol for spongeable looks like one horizontal wavy line. This is the lowest level of washability, and it means the paper can be gently cleaned with a lightly damp—not wet—sponge or rag. Use water only, no detergents or chemicals.
  • Washable: The next level up is represented by two wavy lines. It's more durable than spongeable paper, but it still requires a gentle touch with a damp sponge and water only.
  • Extra Washable: Represented by a symbol with three wavy lines, extra washable is not waterproof, but it's a lot more moisture-resistant than types with a lower washability rating. However, it should not be used in areas that are particularly prone to moisture exposure, such as right near a sink or shower.
  • Scrubbable: This level is indicated by a symbol that looks like a scrub brush with a wavy line over it. It's reserved for the most durable type of wallpaper that can handle being cleaned with a scrub brush—but you do still need to use gentle motions and not apply too much pressure.

Can You Paint Over Top of Wallpaper?

If you're tired of looking at the original paper on a wall because it doesn't suit your tastes or fit in with the rest of your décor, you might be considering getting it out of your sight with a little painting project. A fresh coat of paint is a viable solution in some cases, but it's important to choose a paint suitable for complete coverage over wallpaper. You also need to make sure your paper is completely smooth and undamaged with no bubbles, tears, loose edges, or ripples. Keep in mind that wallpaper which has been painted over is usually even more difficult to remove because the process requires special tools and techniques, like using a wallpaper stripper, so if you need a temporary solution, paint is not a good idea. Not up to the task of handling wallpaper removal? Wichita, KS, homeowners can rely on our expert team for safe, efficient wallpaper removal services for a replacement or painting project.

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