The Ultimate Wichita Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Mr. Handyman technician at the door of Wichita customer for home maintenance services.
Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house, which is usually undertaken in early Spring and has its origins as far back as Ancient Persia nearly 30000 years ago. The tradition of cleaning at the beginning of the new season, from sweeping off the dust to removing clutter, was known to bring good luck, prosperity, renewal, and optimism for the new year whilst preventing ill fortune.

It’s pretty similar to our spring cleaning in the modern age, as many Wichita homeowners participate in spring cleaning and/or maintenance as, on average, nearly 78% of American households conduct spring clean sessions within their house at least once per year. So, as snow begins to melt and springtime descends, it makes sense that you may be keen about tackling your spring home maintenance checklist as you want a picturesque home. But not everyone can carry out all the necessary maintenance tasks around their property. If you need help with your spring home maintenance checklist, count on your local Wichita handyman at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area.

What is Home Maintenance, and Why is It Important?

A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, so it makes sense to be extra vigilant about its proper upkeep, including going through a routine spring home maintenance checklist. To truly cherish your humble abode, you must first learn how to genuinely take care of it, and in doing so, your home will outlive its purpose by being more than just a mere roof over your head.

For those who remain complacent about spring home maintenance, recall that a dramatic reorganization and refurbishment of your home also change your lifestyle and perspective for the better. It can get overwhelming, however, knowing which Wichita spring home maintenance task to prioritize, and you may end up procrastinating on any repairs, replacements, and maintenance needs.

If you’re not into wasting sweat and tears towards a makeshift DIY attempt, you are best advised to rely on a certified, licensed, and fully insured Wichita handyman for any home improvement, especially Spring home maintenance. It’s time to rid your home of all the dirt, dust, and debris that has piled up during the dark and dingy winter months by tackling these tips for your spring home maintenance checklist. There are numerous benefits to participating in spring home maintenance, such as boosting the appearance or aesthetic appeal of your home’s decor, improving your daily routines through added comfort, bolstering your home against harsh weather conditions and costly water damage, and upholding your property’s value. But above all, a well-maintained home allows for your safety and security through the preservation of your home’s structural integrity.

We all know owning a piece of real estate has its own set of responsibilities, which requires an investment of money and time to sustain over the long run. And it’s obvious that by outrightly ignoring home maintenance, your house will rapidly fall into disrepair and result in not only costly and permanent damage but also a reduced property value. And so, preventative maintenance is the best-kept solution for avoiding problems before they happen. If you deal with the smaller issues, they won’t catapult into bigger disasters later on.

Particularly, a spring home maintenance checklist highlights the systems and components of a home that every so often need to be inspected to avoid expensive repairs. Similar to getting a physical done by a general practitioner every year to preserve your physiological health, we recommend an annual home inspection from a professional handyman who can conduct a full examination of your outdoor and indoor living space.

We all know most of us become homebodies during the winter months when Jack Frost comes to town, so we’re mostly stuck indoors. While you’re reflecting during those long, chilly, and snowy days, you get the chance to notice how the inside of your home requires a much-needed home upgrade to boost your livability and comfortable lifestyle. Conveniently, this blog focuses on interior spring home maintenance.

Dryer Vent Cleaning for Safety and Energy Efficiency

Your clothes dryer is going into overdrive during winter months as it dries off heavier blankets and wooly knit sweaters that you couldn’t toss up on the outdoors clothesline where your garments could bask in the beaming sunlight. If your dryer vent is not cleaned of all the accumulated lint from the shredded clothing fibers, it can get clogged full of dust and result in a safety hazard from house fires to poisonous carbon monoxide fumes seeping into your home to soaring utility bills from lack of energy efficiency and ventilation. An expert handyman can blast away any dust bunnies using a forced air process in which they utilize a reversed vacuum to blow away any lint build-up through the vent and out of the hose. Remember, your safety is not something you should ever compromise on, so be sure to tag this to your spring home maintenance checklist.

Creaky Floorboards Got You Unnerved? Ask For Flooring Installation or Repair

Let’s face it: Your flooring surfaces take a beating with constant foot traffic during the hibernating winter days. Despite the type of floors you have installed, whether vinyl, hardwood, laminate, or tile, it’s critical to ensure your floors are in decent condition so you don’t accidentally trip on a loose floorboard. Tile is a great waterproof material that keeps your home cool and fresh during the hot, muggy Wichita summers and adds elegance to any moisture-prone environment from your bathroom or kitchen. For example, for tile flooring, we can repair minor chips or dents or perform grout sealing to freshen up your ceramic or porcelain’s appearance. On the other hand, the laminate flooring on your staircase doesn’t bode well in humid and moist areas, so in case of a repair, for example, with peeling layers, you would have to replace the entire plank as laminate material cannot be refinished.

Restore Energy Efficiency and Your Views With Window Repair

The first thing everyone wants to do after experiencing cabin fever from the past few icy months is to let in a fresh, light breeze by cracking open a window. But guess what? This is not doable, as it looks like your window latch is stuck due to debris. Your window not only sheds light and provides some much-needed vitamin D, but a damaged window frame can affect the full operation of your HVAC system, impacting its energy efficiency. If you notice foggy window panes more often than not, it could be that the window seal is broken, explaining the excessive moisture and trapped condensation between window panes. And of course, this is only made worse given the second-hand steam from your washer-dryer set or any running humidifier appliances that boost indoor humidity levels during dry winter months. Left unattended, the window latch can jamb, so your window cannot be opened at all. With help from a skilled handyman, Wichita homeowners can get their seals fixed and windows defogged before the thick of summer hits. While we’re at it, we’ll even replace any punctured window screens to stop a pest invasion later on.

Avoid an Uncomfortable, Inefficient Home With Attic Insulation

Suppose you’ve noticed your home always seems cold, and your arms are always crawling with goosebumps no matter how much you turn up the thermostat. In that case, it may be due to a lack of insulation. Attic insulation serves as a barrier to prevent energy loss from the inside of your home to the outdoors and vice versa and reduce the amount of heat transferred. In doing so, the dependence on the heating and cooling of your HVAC system is lessened, which bolsters your home’s energy efficiency. For example, protecting it from too much cold in the winter and too much hot in the summer. This extra layer of thickness for your home is crucial for cushioning your home not only to ward off harsh local weather conditions but also to allow for an optimal and consistent room temperature throughout your home.

If you happen to find that a particularly large room, such as the master bedroom, has hot and cold zones or no moderate temperature level whatsoever, it’s due to a lack of insulation. During winter, most of the heat concentrates and rises to the upper level of the home, only to rapidly escape.

If you’ve never had insulation installed, now is your chance as a trained handyman can customize a solution for your attic insulation based on the R-value with various types of insulation, including loose-fill, batt, and spray insulation to different material types such as fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, and mineral wool. If your attic happens to be exposed to ice dams and water leakages during the past winter, an expert handyman can even repair any subsurface damage. And lo and behold, during the next blistering heat wave and scathing cold snap, your home will be well-prepared.

From Eye Sore To Eye Candy: Trim Repair

Being inside the house more often than not during the last couple of years or emerging from being an indoorsy introvert of sorts during wintertime, you’ve probably become extra observant of your surroundings, suddenly magnifying in on refined details you’d normally miss. Trim is akin to the picture frame of your home’s components encasing ceilings, floors, and walls with crown molding, baseboards, and door casing. Trim in particular is not only for decorative purposes but can cover up gaps between areas, joints, and other imperfections and serves as an added layer of protection for your windows and doors as a finishing seam.

If your trim happens to be scruffed up, it can even affect your home’s energy efficiency. While working on your spring home maintenance checklist, it’s best practice to clean off any dirt and debris, recaulk small cracks and holes and replace any rotting wood. For example, if your wood trim happens to be peeling or has a hairline crack, you can restore it with a wood epoxy solution to plug up the damage or add a polish of stain or a fresh coat of paint.

Prevent Major Water Damage With Gutter Cleaning

Mr. Handyman cleaning gutter in Wichita.

Many homeowners don’t realize that gutter cleaning is an absolutely necessary part of their spring home maintenance checklist. Damaged, clogged or overflowing gutters let all the rainwater that falls on your roof affect the entire exterior of the building, causing major problems that can range from a leaking roof to a cracked foundation. It can also cause wood rot, damaged landscaping and hardscaping, exterior siding damage and even interior moisture damage.

You may not be ready, willing, and able to climb a ladder and deal with this maintenance task on your own, but that’s alright! The reliable experts at Mr. Handyman will take care of gutter cleaning to protect your house, and we can repair breaks or weak points while we’re at it.

Ask Mr. Handyman About The Ultimate Home Spring Maintenance Checklist

As springtime arrives and brings with it a kaleidoscope of flourishing greenery, blossoming flowers, and curious furry critters poking their heads out of their burrows once more, you want your humble abode to be just as picturesque amongst the springtime scenery.

And we’re just getting started! Apart from interior home maintenance, you’ll also have to tackle exterior upkeep.

Whether you’re in Wichita or nearby areas such as Augusta, Sedgwick, or Towanda, we will arrive promptly and uniformed, ready to be of service. Why not go ahead and book an appointment with a local, licensed, and fully insured Wichita handyman who can best advise you on where to even begin? Reach out to one of our courteous customer service representatives to schedule an appointment today.