Are you looking for a reliable handyman in Howell, MI? If so, look no further! Our handyman business offers expert repair and professional remodeling services for all home and business owners in the area of Howell, MI. 

My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea offers a wide range of professional services, including drywall repair, power washing, and beautiful bathroom renovations. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we have executed excellence in customer service, always going the extra mile for all of your home improvement projects, even minor repairs!

Call us today to get in touch with our Howell handyman, and have peace of mind that you will receive unmatched quality home repair services. My Handyman is here to serve the community of homeowners and business owners, ensuring their residential and commercial properties remain safe, functional, and comfortable.

About Our Howell Handyman Services

Our service professionals provide a wide range of handyman services for homeowners and businesses. Check out the popular services offered by our handyman in Howell, MI:

Home Maintenance Services

Keeping up with the wear and tear of your home can become overwhelming without our handyman in Howell, MI. We understand that you have a long to-do list, which is why we offer a range of maintenance services to keep your house in pristine condition and allow you to enjoy more free time. Some of our popular interior repair services include:

Drywall Repair Howell, MI

If your drywall is damaged, our Howell handyman has all the tools and experience to provide quality workmanship. Our service providers offer drywall repair for holes, cracks, and water-damaged walls. When you need drywall installation, our handyman in Howell, MI also offers drywall installation services.


We offer all types of carpentry services, including door installation and repair, custom shelving, trim installation, and more! Our services also include exterior carpentry, such as trim and siding repair. Additionally, we provide furniture assembly for ceiling fans and other packaged furniture sets.

Kitchen Remodeling

Our handyman in Howell, MI can provide you with your dream kitchen with our popular kitchen services. We offer customizable renovations for your kitchen, whether you're looking for new floors, backsplashes, countertops, or cupboards. Our services are designed to cater to your budget and the layout of your kitchen. This includes custom kitchen island installations!

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodels can be stress-free thanks to our handyman in Howell, MI. A lot of bathrooms are rather old and in need of renovation. Updating the appearance of a space can be easily achieved by making simple changes such as installing a backsplash, replacing the shower wall tiles, or updating the floor tiles. Making these changes can dramatically transform the space's aesthetic and ambiance without the need for extensive remodeling.

Exterior Home Remodel Projects

As the seasons come and go, you may notice that the exterior of your home slowly deteriorating. Our handyman in Howell, MI provides timely service for the exterior of your house, including taking care of the siding, fascia, and trim. We also popularly offer fence repair and deck repair services.

Deck Repair

Although your deck is a place for relaxation, it may become a source of tension if it's unclean, has loose boards, shaky pillars, inadequate structural support, or other issues arising from wear and tear. Our deck repair service is designed to tackle a wide range of issues, guaranteeing that you can fully enjoy and feel secure in your outdoor area. Whether it's structural repairs, replacing damaged boards, or addressing safety concerns, your Howell handyman has you covered. 

Rotted Wood Repair

Wood rot is a common problem in Howell. If you notice discolored, crumbly, or stringy areas in the wood of your home, it could indicate that the wood has been affected by moisture and has started to rot. You should consider getting help from our Howell handyman professional to assess the damage and find the best solution for wood rot repair and treatment.

Why Choose Our Expert Handyman in Howell, MI?

We have been serving our customers in the Midwestern state of Michigan for many years. Our impeccable customer service is the key factor behind the establishment and recognition of our reputable and accredited business. With our fair prices and superior customer service, you can always rely on our handyman services in Howell, MI for all your property maintenance needs. Whether you need residential or commercial service, we are your one-stop solution for all your handyman projects.

You can trust that our handyman in Howell, MI has a wealth of knowledge and a high experience level. Our dependable handyman with extensive experience has undergone thorough employee background checks, ensuring a minimum of 10 years of practice. With accurate knowledge and reliable workmanship, you can trust our Howell handyman to be experienced in all quality handyman services.

We guarantee all labor and parts for up to a year at My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea because we truly take pride in our workmanship. Our Neighborly Promise guarantees that our handyman services in Howell, MI are carried out with the highest standards of workmanship, providing our customers with the assurance of a job well done.

We guarantee that the job will be done correctly on the first attempt, eliminating any worries. If you're dissatisfied with our workmanship, just give us a call, and we'll fix any issues at no extra charge. If you need a handyman in Howell, MI, or its surrounding area, we also have services available in Pittsfield Township, Saline, and Milan.

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For all your future projects and property maintenance services, trust our handyman in Howell, MI! We will provide efficient service for the renovation of your commercial or residential property. If you choose our true professionals, you can expect quality service for your minor projects or exterior home remodeling projects. Whether you need commercial or residential services, our Howell handyman with experience can help your project vision come to life. At My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea, we take pride in workmanship and customer service; it’s like asking a trusted friend for a favor. 

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