Bed Frames, Bookshelves, Cribs & More!

No understatement can match the headache contained in the words “some assembly required.” What was supposed to be a minor afternoon task can end up taking the whole evening, wasting your time, and putting off other things you need to handle. Let the craftsmen at My Handyman handle it for you! We have an average of 10 years’ experience, and our friendly repairmen arrive on time, every time.

A My Handyman technician assembling a piece of furniture.

The assembly services include all types of jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Bike assembly
  • Grill assembly
  • IKEA assembly
  • Futon assembly
  • Cabinet assembly
  • Bookcase assembly
  • Shelving unit assembly
  • Deck furniture assembly
  • Basketball Pole assembly

5 Reasons You Should Call My Handyman

Since 1996, we have become the most trusted name in repair and maintenance services in all of North America. Our locally owned and operated businesses combine the friendly service of small businesses with the consistency and fast response of a national franchise. It has never been easier to get your items assembled!

  • We have helped 1 million customers.
  • Our handymen have years of experience.
  • Repairmen are punctual and professional.
  • Technicians are all fully-insured employees.
  • We have a specialist for every home improvement need.

Stop depending on sub-par contractors, and stop making a dozen calls for 12 different tasks. At My Handyman, our teams can handle every single one of your tasks, so you only have to make a single call. Whether you have 1 piece of furniture to assemble or 10, we have the skills, experience, and professionalism to get it done right on the first visit.

You have better things to do than assemble a bookshelf. Do not let your precious time go to waste—let us do what we do best so you can go back to what’s really important.

Request a service from our team of craftsmen today!

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