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If you are working on a project that requires professional wiring expertise, such as installing appliances like ceiling fans, repairing light switches, or maintaining smoke detectors, doing it yourself can be a dangerous hassle. It can take you more time and cost you more money than simply calling a professional!

When your electrical items are not working correctly, don’t waste your precious time worrying about doing it yourself—call My Handyman to handle your electric needs for you! Our technicians have 10 years of experience on average, and all our workmanship is guaranteed.

Request service with our team today! We are ready to serve you with workmanship done right—guaranteed.

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What Electrical Work Does My Handyman Handle?

For electrical work, there are tasks that are perhaps too small for an electrician…but still beyond your training and skills. Most jobs fall into this middle ground, and that is where we can help most. Whenever your appliances begin to malfunction, our skilled and insured technicians can get it fixed.

Our electrical service includes the following tasks:

  • Replacing / repairing light fixtures
  • Repairing loose switches and sockets
  • Installing hard-to-reach light bulbs
  • Installing / repairing smoke detectors
  • Installing programmable timers and sensors
  • Replacing / repairing ceiling fans

When it comes to choosing products, our home improvement consultants can even recommend purchases and install them on the same day. Because our handymen work as a team, our electrical services can also become a useful part of a larger home improvement project. Working in conjunction with our carpenters, My Handyman can handle any type or size of home improvement job you have.

Don’t settle for average quality—contact My Handyman for the most trusted home repair service in North America.

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