Whether you are raising a young family or ready to enjoy your retirement, Parole is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in Maryland. Bordered by the Severn River and South River, with excellent schools and a friendly neighborhood vibe, it is an excellent example of a small-town community combined with big business potential and access to amenities. It is clear that the residents and business owners who call Parole, MD home are proud of their town and individual properties. They want to keep them looking and functioning at their very best, year-round. Our Parole handyman services are here to help you do just that.

Actually achieving that ideal can be a big challenge. If you don't happen to have the tools or expertise — not to mention the free time — to take care of every nagging repair, maintenance task, or desperately-needed improvement, you are definitely not alone. It is understandable that homeowners and business owners sometimes procrastinate on property maintenance, but there is a convenient, one-call solution to get everything done: hire a local Parole handyman.

Whether you have a long to-do list of tasks that need to be handled around your residential or commercial property, or there is just one big project that has been on your mind, you can rely on the service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG to get the job done right. Our multi-skilled team has years—in some cases decades—of experience in home service trades, including specializations in carpentry and remodeling. We are committed to always delivering the highest standard of quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. If you need a Parole handyman, you can rely on us!

It can be nerve-wracking to have someone working on your home, but we strive to deliver a safe, worry-free experience by always treating you and your property with respect. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Residential Parole Handyman Service

As a locally owned business in Anne Arundel County, we are pleased to serve the residents of Parole and nearby communities such as Crownsville and Annapolis with a wide range of outstanding handyman services. We take pride in enhancing residential properties with services that are designed to improve the comfort, appeal and overall livability of your home.

Are you tired of living in a home that isn't functioning correctly, is looking worse-for-wear or just doesn't meet the needs of your family? Help is just a phone call away. If you are interested in learning more about our Parole handyman services, or you have questions about getting your to-do list eliminated efficiently, give us a call to chat with our friendly staff or read on to find out about a few of our popular services.


If you are thinking of selling your house in the near future and are looking for ways to increase property value in Parole before putting your house on the market, or you have no intention of leaving your comfortable Parole home and just want to give your curb appeal a boost, exterior maintenance services will go a long way towards accomplishing those goals. Maintenance on the exterior of your house will also keep your home in good condition, so you can avoid upcoming replacements for longer.

Our exterior maintenance services in Parole, MD include:

  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Power washing
  • Fence repair and installation
  • Siding repair
  • Soffit and fascia board repair
  • Deck repair and porch repair
  • Deck and porch refinishing
  • Handrail installation
  • Window repair and replacement
  • Door repair and replacement

Does Pressure Washing Really Make a Difference?

If you have never seen a handyman using a pressure washing machine, you might be wondering what the big deal is — can't you get pretty much the same effect by spraying your house with your garden hose? The answer is no, not even close. Pressure washing machines use high-pressure jets of water to blast away built up grime, mildew and plant growth, leaving your outdoor surfaces and items looking brand-new again. The washers produce pressures that range between 750 and 3,000 psi (pound-force per square inch), which is capable of removing grime, algae, loose paint and substances that other cleaning methods simply can't budge. For comparison, a typical garden hose produces pressures that range around 200 to 400 psi.


Windows are clearly (pun intended) an indispensable part of our homes. They provide us with natural light, fresh air and those beautiful coastal views. But they can also cause some trouble for homeowners when they are in rough shape, from causing you to pay too much on your utility bill to making your home less comfortable and safe. The difference between having energy efficient windows versus windows that have seriously deteriorated is well worth getting professional repairs or replacement from a Parole handyman.

Advantages of Professional Service:

  • When your window frames degrade, they let in air drafts that change the temperature of your home and cause your heating and cooling system to turn on and try to restore your house to the temperature you have set on your thermostat. Your HVAC system has to use even more energy than it normally would, so it causes your energy bill to increase. By installing a new, energy efficient window, your Parole handyman can seal out the air drafts and save you money on your monthly bills.
  • Fixing or replacing damaged windows will also help to keep your home structurally sound. A damaged window lets excess moisture into the wall, where it can encourage the growth of wood rot, a form of decay that causes damp timber to weaken and crumble. That excess moisture can also encourage mold or mildew to grow inside your walls, which poses a hazard to the health of you and your family.
  • If it feels like your home never really gets warm enough in the winter or cool enough in the summer, damaged or inefficient windows could be to blame. A new installation that is highly rated for energy efficiency will make your home a lot more comfortable all year round.

When most people think about a broken window, they picture a mess of smashed glass. That is certainly one glaring sign that you need to contact a professional, but the signs of damage can be a lot less obvious. If you are aware of the symptoms, you can get the problem corrected with professional Parole handyman services before it has a chance to get worse.

Signs You Need Window Repair or Replacement:

  • It is colder near windows
  • You can feel air drafts coming in even though the window is closed
  • There are patches of rotting, crumbling wood on window frames or sills
  • Window is foggy because of condensation trapped between panes
  • Window is difficult to open or close
  • Insects are getting in through torn screens or rotted frames
  • There is excessive moisture on the glass inside
  • You notice signs of water damage on the wall beside or underneath a window
  • Your energy bill is increasing

If you have noticed one (or multiple) problems with your windows and you want to improve the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home, count on our Parole home repair professionals for expert, reliable services.

Commercial Parole Handyman Services

As business owners ourselves, we get it — there are constant demands on your time, from managing employees to pleasing clients and growing your business. Whether you are responsible for a large chain of corporate businesses or just one little independent restaurant, you need to stay focused on what matters most, and all those demands certainly don't leave much time leftover to worry about who is going to take care of a leaky faucet, patch a hole in the drywall or remove graffiti on your business property.

But just letting those maintenance and improvement tasks fall to the wayside can actually have a negative impact on your business credibility — and your bottom line. Fair or not, customers tend to judge a book by its cover. If they notice signs of damage on commercial properties, it can cause them to think less of the company and choose to take their business elsewhere. Malfunctions and damage can also make it a lot more difficult for your employees to work efficiently, and may even bring work to a standstill. That’s where our Parole handyman services will help.

Our team of experts provides comprehensive commercial handyman services, from minor repairs and preventative maintenance to larger projects such as remodeling and renovation. We can take care of odd handyman jobs as needed, or schedule regular property maintenance services. Our hiring process includes a background check program, and all of our service professionals are fully licensed and insured. When we are on the job site, AKA your commercial property, you can rest easy knowing that we are experienced and highly skilled in repair trades, but also that we will behave professionally and courteously at all times.


  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores, from large shopping malls to small boutiques
  • Office buildings
  • Municipal & state government buildings
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare facilities, such as clinics and practices
  • Childcare facilities, such as daycares and play centers
  • Hotels and other hospitality businesses
  • Entertainment services, such as movie theaters
  • Manufacturing and fabrication plants

Do you need some help with basic maintenance tasks, but you are concerned that you don't have enough work to keep a full-time Parole handyman busy? Or maybe you are worried that hiring a commercial handyman will take too big of a bite out of your operating budget. That is the beauty of working with Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG — we will save you money by perfectly tailoring your service to the unique needs of your business, so you get all the help you require but don't have to pay for more than what you need. Want to set a schedule for routine maintenance and then just trust that everything will get done on time and correctly? We have your back! Just want a talented Parole handyman on speed dial so you can get someone at your door as soon as possible when there is a problem? We'll be there!


  • Cubicle and office furniture assembly
  • Basic plumbing repair and fixture installation
  • Basic electrical repair and installation, such as ceiling fan installation or fixing a loose wall socket
  • Installation of handicap features
  • Restroom repair, including soap dispensers and automated features
  • Flooring installation
  • Door repair and installation, including revolving and automatic doors
  • Drywall repair and finishing
  • Exterior and interior trim repair
  • Trim painting and refinishing
  • Ceiling tile repair
  • Hanging signage
  • Carpentry installations
  • General maintenance

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have something else in mind, give us a call and let us know what your commercial property needs to be in top-notch condition. Our skilled Parole handyman team has years of experience, which means we may be able to find and fix issues that others would miss. Here's the deal: you take care of growing your business success, and we will take care of getting your commercial building in the best shape it has seen since it was built.

Are You Looking for a Parole Handyman for Expert Repairs, Improvements, and Maintenance?

If your home or commercial property is showing signs of wear and tear, or is in desperate need of improvement, trust the team of experienced handyman service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG to get the job done right.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today to book an appointment, or to chat with our team and find out why we are considered the best choice for reliable Parole handyman services!