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Meet The Friendly Team at Mr. Handyman of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

  • Brian Photo

    Brian Holland

    Senior Technician

    Brian has been doing construction, remodeling, and maintenance work for over 25 years. He finds that full bathroom remodels are time consuming, but one of his favorite things to do. In general, his favorite part of being a Handyman is the wide variety of people he gets to know, and make happy, and the project variation he sees day to day. Outside of working Brian has many hobbies. A few are woodworking, hunting, brewing, camping, and he is a fairly new beekeeper! 

  • Hanna

    Hanna Gregory

    Customer Service Manager

    Hanna strives to create the best possible experience for all of Mr. Handyman's customers. She is the voice behind every call, listening to your needs and scheduling the best possible technician for the job. Hanna's main goal is to make every customer feel heard and understand that their job is in the best hands possible. Outside of work Hanna enjoys reading, quilting, and being outdoors!

  • Darran, President

    Darran Sellers

    Owner, President, CEO

    Darran is the company president of Mr. Handyman of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City with nearly 40 years of construction experience. Everything Darran does is with his family in mind. Before Mr. Handyman he spent countless hours traveling for his previous job, often times getting home only to pack another bag and head out the following day. This was not ideal with three sons and five grandkids, he was missing a lot. When the opportunity to become a franchise owner arose, he jumped on the opportunity. With many conversations with other owners and lots of research on the company Darran opened doors to the public in September 2022. He has been welcomed into local communities with open arms and is enjoying all of the people he has had the opportunity to meet. Darran works with his technicians as an equal and is always ready to help when they need it!

  • Dean

    Dean Darling


    Dean has over 35 years of residential and commercial construction experience. He enjoys the challenge of solving problems for his customers. He also enjoys the conversations he gets to have on the daily. In his spare time, he likes to tinker with cars and read his bible.