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A problem with your home’s door can not only be inconvenient, but it can also affect your home's security, privacy, and comfort. At Mr. Handyman of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, we have a team of home service professionals who specialize in carpentry services, home repairs, and home improvement projects. We can complete interior and exterior door repairs and new door installation services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Coralville, Ely, Fairfax, and Marion, IA. Our door repair services include replacing glass, repairing or replacing locks, re-hanging doors, replacing weatherstripping and door hardware, and more. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate for the cost of door installation services.  

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Common Door Problems We Can Solve   

Our team of home service professionals has the expertise and tools needed to handle any door problem. We specialize in interior doors, exterior door repairs, and new door installation services. We can quickly assess your door and evaluate its age, condition, and safety to determine if it would be more cost-efficient to repair or replace it. Call us today if you have any of these common door problems:  

  • Squeaking, creaking, or rattling door 
  • Missing or damaged weatherstripping 
  • Crooked or uneven door 
  • A door that won’t fully close, is hard to close or is hard to open 
  • Broken or damaged door locks or other door hardware 
  • Loose door hinges 
  • Drafty doors 
  • Insect or animal damage 
  • Misaligned wall plates 
  • Damaged, broken, or poorly fitting trim 
  • Warped door 
  • Missing or broken door glass 
  • Loose door knob or door handle 
  • Old or unsafe door 
  • A door that closes on its own 
  • Rotting or damaged wood 
  • Ripped or torn screens 
  • Peeling or cracking paint  

Our Door Repair Services   

We can repair, maintain, replace, and install any interior doors and exterior doors. We can also replace old or damaged door hardware or weatherstripping. Our interior and exterior door repair services will improve the safety, comfort, and security of your home while also increasing its curb appeal and overall value. We can repair and install the following types of doors:  

  • Accordion or folding doors 
  • Barn doors 
  • Bifold doors 
  • Closet doors 
  • Dutch doors 
  • Exterior doors 
  • French doors 
  • Interior doors 
  • Patio doors 
  • Pocket doors 
  • Screen doors 
  • Security doors 
  • Sliding glass doors 
  • Storm doors  

Our Door Installation Services  

We will inspect your door and assess its damage when we arrive at your home. Our goal is to save you time and money and find the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective solution. There are times when a door is so damaged that it cannot be safely repaired as it has lost its structural integrity. There are other times when the cost of door repair services will end up being more than door installation services. If that is the case, we will give you our professional recommendation for a new exterior or interior door, and we can either recommend a comparable replacement door or help you choose a new one that meets your home's aesthetic and security needs. We can also install new doors as part of a home renovation, remodel, addition, or new construction.   

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City  

At Mr. Handyman of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, we make it easy for homeowners to find an expert for any big or small home improvement project they need to complete. We are committed to providing homeowners with quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and professional home repairs. Our handyman services will improve your home's safety, quality, comfort, and value. Each team member has decades of experience completing a wide range of home repairs. They will arrive on the job with all the tools and equipment needed to tackle it professionally, safely, and expertly. We’re proud to be a member of the Neighborly Family of home service companies. If you need a home service we don’t offer, we’re happy to refer you to another family member.   

Get an Estimate for Door Repair Services in Cedar Rapids, IA  

Call us today or contact us online to make an appointment or request an estimate for the cost of door repair services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Coralville, Ely, Fairfax, or Marion, IA. One of our experienced home service professionals will assess your door's condition, safety, and age. They can then give you a professional recommendation for door repairs or a new door installation. We can also install new doors during a home remodel or renovation, home addition, or new construction project.   

Mr. Handyman of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City proudly serves Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Ely, Fairfax, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Marion, North Liberty, Oxford, Palo, Robins, Shellsburg, Solon, Swisher, Tiffin, Toddville, and Vinton. 

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