Gutter Installation: Everything Massachusetts Homeowners Need to Know

Is a section of your rain gutter dangling from a thread on your roof eaves? Or maybe they're so full of holes you may as well be trying to catch water in a pasta strainer. Or in the worst-case scenario, maybe you don't have any gutters at all. Each of those problems have a similar solution in Walpole: gutter installation service.

Walpole, MA homeowners take pride in their homes and like to keep them in top-notch condition, but it's understandable if a gutter installation project isn't high on your priority list. Gutters—also called eavestroughs—tend to get overlooked because many people don't understand how absolutely crucial they are to prevent a wide range of moisture damage problems, from a leaking roof to a cracked foundation and everything in between.

If your eavestroughs are in rough shape and should be replaced with Walpole gutter installation, you can get the help your property desperately needs from a qualified Walpole handyman. Rely on the gutter installation experts at Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore for high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer care—as well as answers to all your questions.

Is It Okay Not to Have Rain Gutters in Massachusetts?

No! Sorry for being so blunt, but we just really want to get this message across. Wondering why having a little trough bracketed to the side of your roof is such a big deal? Here's why Walpole gutter installation services are so important.

Eavestroughs collect all the rainwater that falls on your roof and direct it into downspouts, where it can be safely disposed of away from your house. That may not sound very impressive, but it is a surprising amount of water—just one inch of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof produces 620 gallons. The average annual rainfall in Walpole, MA is 49 inches, higher than the national average of 38 inches annually. That means 30,380 gallons of water pour down on your house every year, or much more if you have a larger roof—and that's not counting snow melt.

But, if your eavestroughs are in poor condition with holes, cracks, missing sections, or missing altogether, they can't do their job to protect your home. All that water has nowhere to go and pours down the exterior of your home instead, causing serious water damage issues that can affect the structural stability of the building, increase your energy costs, and even threaten the health of your family—not to mention the thousands of dollars in repair costs.

What Happens Without Walpole Gutter Installation?

Your siding, window frames, door jambs, and other elements of your house are designed to resist moisture and withstand harsh weather, but they can only take so much abuse. If there are issues along your roofline, it could also increase your need for trim, door, window, or siding repair service.

Here are some of the unpleasant symptoms of water damage that occur if you don't have troughs currently and need Walpole gutter installation, or you do have them but they're in bad shape.

Weakened, Leaking Roof

Any homeowner in Walpole who has had to go through the stress and expense of a roof replacement will tell you it's well worth avoiding—and overflowing gutters are a huge cause of serious water damage to a roof, both inside and out. When water is just sitting there with no path to get to a downspout, it starts to pool in any little dip or dent on the surface of your roof. Needless to say, that's not good. Water will always move downward, even if that means seeking out the tiniest weak points to get straight through your roofing, degrading shingles and rotting the roof deck. The water eventually drips into your attic space, flattening and rotting your attic insulation, which makes your home less energy efficient and considerably increases your energy costs.

The other issue is that high winds during a storm can blow standing water out of the troughs and straight into your soffit vents, where it dampens attic support beams and causes wood rot. Since wood rot causes timber to soften and fall apart, it is actually a pretty common cause of roof collapses in which the roof structure caves in and can damage the entire building beyond repair.

Compromised Siding

When water is dripping straight off the edge of your roof or over the edge of the trough, it's coming into contact with your siding—and that can cause some major issues. Siding is designed to be resistant to moisture, but it's not impervious to direct, frequent contact with water. Once moisture finds its way into cracks, holes or gaps in your siding, it seeps into the wall and festers in there, decreasing the R-value of your insulation so it's a lot less effective at preventing heat transfer. That ends up costing you a lot more money on your energy bill because your HVAC system needs to operate more frequently and for longer periods of time to compensate.

Rotting Window Frames and Door Jambs

All that water that's coming into contact with your siding is also negatively affecting the window frames, door jambs and other exterior trim it encounters on the way down. It causes wooden window frames and door jambs to rot and crumble apart, letting in even more moisture, along with air drafts that change the temperature in your house and increase your utility bill via your hard-working HVAC system. You may be able to feel drafts when you are near a window or door, or even notice air drafts coming from electrical outlets or light switches.

Interior Water Damage

As all that excess water that should have been diverted by a Walpole gutter installation is making its way downward through your house, it will eventually reach the livable spaces in your home and you'll start to see signs of moisture damage inside. That could include softened, damp drywall, brown water stains on the walls or ceiling, rotting interior trim, damaged flooring or mysterious puddles.

Cracked Foundation

Eventually all those gallons of rainwater from your roof will end up in the soil around your foundation, which can cause some truly alarming situations that are a nightmare for any homeowner. When winter hits, that water will freeze and constrict. That can put a lot of pressure on your buried basement walls or foundation slab and actually lead to cracks in the concrete.

The other big issue is that water can wash away soil from underneath your foundation, causing one part of the building to lose support and sink downward. All the parts of the building are interconnected, so that uneven sinking puts a huge amount of strain on the frame. Some of the earliest warning signs can actually be cracks in drywall or cracked, crumbling grout in wall or floor tile installations.

Pest Infestations

Rodent and insect pests in Walpole take advantage of degraded siding, soffits, fascia, and other elements to gain access to your home, bringing dozens of their nasty little friends along with them. Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and other unwelcome visitors can do a lot of damage and make your home less sanitary and comfortable for your family.

Do I Need Walpole Gutter Installation or Just Repairs?

This is a question we are asked fairly often, and it really comes down to the extent of the damage. If there's only a couple tiny cracks or holes, your handyman can likely seal them up with sealant to keep them going for another season. Likewise, if just one of the gutter sections has been crushed or mangled by a falling branch, that section can be replaced and the rest kept intact. However, if even one part of seamless gutters is damaged, the whole system must be replaced.

If the damage is more severe or widespread, Walpole gutter installation services will be more cost-effective than repairs. Dozens of small repairs or trying to straighten out badly damaged troughs isn't worth it, and they'll likely still need replacement sooner rather than later. Copper gutters may be the exception to the rule though. Because they're expensive to install, it makes sense to try to repair them wherever possible.

How Long Do Gutters Last in Walpole, MA?

You can expect a steel or aluminum gutter system to last around 20 years before they need gutter replacement, barring any unfortunate accidents. Copper eavestroughs can last up to 50 years if they are properly maintained. Vinyl may last less than 10 years in Massachusetts, including Walpole.

How Do You Fix Standing Water?

Troughs need to be installed with a slight slope to keep the water moving towards the downspouts, so if you notice that your troughs are not clogged but the water just sits there, it's likely they don't have a proper slope. It may be possible to reinstall the same eavestroughs correctly, depending on their condition and material, but it’s more likely that they will need to be replaced with a new Walpole gutter installation.

What Are the Signs I Need a New Gutter Installation?

Your eavestroughs can be damaged by everything from wildlife and extreme weather conditions to normal wear and tear over time. Usually, that damage is a sign you might need something new, but there are other signs to watch for too.

Here are some warning signs that you need Walpole gutter installation services:

  • Water spills over the edge of the trough when it rains

  • Moisture stains on your siding, soffits, or fascia boards

  • Missing, loose or broken brackets or hangers

  • Birds are flying to and from your roofline, or you notice signs of rodents and insects near them

  • Troughs are sagging or pulling away from the roofline

  • Visible plant growth in eavestroughs

Which is Better in Walpole, MA, Vinyl or Aluminum?

Vinyl gutter installation is less expensive than metal gutter installation. While vinyl is just fine for mild, dry climates, it can crack in cold weather and isn't as durable as aluminum, which means they're not necessarily the ideal choice for the climate in Walpole or other parts of Massachusetts.

Aluminum is a practical and popular option because it's lightweight, easy to maintain, and offers increased durability over vinyl. Steel is another durable and easy to maintain option. Copper systems are an alternative with higher Walpole gutter installation costs, but they also last longer.

Is a Seamless System a Good Choice for Walpole Gutter Installation?

A seamless system actually does have seams, but just at the corners. The rest is installed in long, continuous pieces. Since seams are potential weak points that are often where leaks start or sections fall apart from each other, the advantage of a seamless installation is that it's less susceptible to leaks and won't need as much gutter repair—and admittedly, that's a pretty decent benefit.

There are two potential downsides for a seamless system. First, the upfront cost of Walpole gutter installation will likely be higher with a seamless option. Second, it's not possible to simply replace one section that has been dented or crushed by a falling tree branch or some other type of impact, so the whole package would need replacing.

Is a Gutter Guard a Waste of Money?

Gutter guards consist of lids or leaf screens that cap off the top of the troughs to provide gutter protection by preventing them from filling up so fast with dead leaves, pine needles, animal nests, and other debris. If you have them, you won't have to get gutter cleaning as frequently—meaning less wear and tear—which makes them a worthwhile investment. They do not prevent anything from ever collecting in the troughs though, so regular gutter cleaning service and maintenance are still necessary, just not as frequently.

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