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Gutter Stuff® started in 1994, Today Gutter Stuff® is still in its infancy, but it is really starting to catch on. Millions of feet have already been sold!

Gutter Stuff® is designed to fit completely inside any 5" or 6" K style gutter. Gutter Stuff® can be installed anywhere a K style gutter is hung. It's ideal for any home application, commercial building, or institutional project. The new wave of gutter protection leaves no leaf or debris problem unsolved.


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Plenty of gutter protection products are on the market today. All promise superior quality and lasting performance. Gutter Stuff® offers top quality, long lasting gutter protection from leaves and other tree debris, bird and insect infestation, and is made of strong material that is resistant to damage from the elements and all at a lower cost than the competition.


25 year no-clog performance warranty image

Q. What happens when it freezes?

When the temperature drops to or below the freezing point, it doesn't have any effect because if the downspout cannot block up there is never any water in the gutter to freeze.

Q. When it rains really hard does the gutter run over?

No the filter is non-absorbent. It lets the water run right through.

Q. Do you need to clean it?

No the pore size is just right to let the smallest particles pass through and keeps the larger particles on top to blow off.

Q. How do you install it around the gutter spikes?

Gutter Stuff® slides right underneath the gutter spikes.

Q. Do birds and other animals harm the foam?

No, Gutter Stuff® has been tested so far for over five years all over the country and that has never happened.

Q. What about the tiny pieces of gravel from the roof shingles?

The gravel passes right through and gets washed down the downspout.

Q. Does the heat from the sunlight harm the foam?

No, only the very top surface gets a little stiff. The rest of the filter is shaded so the Sun’s ultra-violet rays cannot harm it.

Q. Can the wind blow it out of the gutter?

No it fits snugly in the gutter and under the spikes.

Q. How long has this product been on the market?

We started marketing the product the first quarter of 2003.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Gutter Stuff® carries a 25 year warranty.


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