Questions Homeowners Should Ask When Planning a Door Installation

Are the entries to your home looking kind of rough around the edges — or rough all over? Exterior entryways are a big factor in the curb appeal of homes in Metro Boston and other parts of Massachusetts, but they also do a lot to protect your house — not to mention everything and everyone inside — from intruders, harsh weather, pest infestations, and much more. If your old entry is looking worse for wear, it might be time for Metro Boston door installation.

Whether you're replacing an old entry or putting in a brand-new door installation, you need the help of an expert Metro Boston door installation service professional. But which types of products should you choose in Metro Boston? Is energy efficiency important? What about storm doors? This guide asks (and answers!) some of the important questions that homeowners should know about during the planning process.

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How Do I Choose the Right Door Installation for Metro Boston?

This is a big question. If you've already begun looking around at your options, you've probably noticed that there's an overwhelmingly wide variety of quality products available for Metro Boston and the South Shore, with different materials, styles, colors, and features to choose from.

The location of the new installation will influence your choice quite a bit — if it's a front entry or an interior door to a room that requires privacy such as a bathroom or bedroom, a traditional style will make the most sense. However, you have a lot more leeway with an entry that opens on to your backyard, or an interior doorway to a common space such as a dining room or family room, where there tends to be more wall space and you don't have to worry as much about privacy issues.

Ask yourself questions such as the following to help narrow down your options:

  • What will best match the existing style and decor of my home?

  • Do I want a windowed or glass door to add natural light and visibility?

  • How much maintenance am I willing to put in? (For example, wood generally requires more maintenance than fiberglass.)

What Type of Exterior Door is the Most Durable?

If we're talking about normal wear and tear and product performance over time, fiberglass is a highly durable, cost-effective material that will last for a long time in Metro Boston and is resistant to corrosion. However, if we're talking about the ultimate security and durability in Metro Boston, steel is going to be the best choice. It is very strong, energy-efficient, and can be painted any color you like to match or contrast your trim and siding.

Is My Installation Choice Covered by Warranty?

When purchasing a new entry in Metro Boston, it's a good idea to make sure it's covered by a decent manufacturer's warranty, so you're not on the hook for replacement costs in the unlikely event that you happen to get a faulty product. It's also very helpful if the installer you're working with offers a workmanship guarantee. We're very confident in the abilities of our experienced service technicians, which is why we stand behind them with the Done Right Promise — if it's not done right, we'll make it right!

What Is the Best Exterior Door for Insulation in Metro Boston?

Energy efficiency is a key consideration for new Metro Boston door installations. Generally speaking, fiberglass and steel are more energy-efficient choices than wood. However, there are caveats — a door that features a window or glass panels can be a big source of energy loss because glass is a very poor insulator. That's why sliding patio entries or French doors that are mostly composed of panes of glass lose the most heat in Metro Boston.

Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter So Much?

There are three big reasons why it's important to keep your home as energy efficient as possible, both in entryways and other parts of the house:

  1. If heat from your furnace or cool air from your air conditioner are leaking out through entries or in other places, it forces your HVAC system to work much harder to keep your house at the temperature set on your thermostat. That uses more energy and costs you money on your monthly utility bill.

  2. Air drafts and moisture coming in through improperly installed or degraded entryways will make your home less comfortable, and can also cause serious issues such as wood rot that affect structural stability.

  3. Needlessly using energy creates a drain on resources that has a negative impact on the environment.

Does My Door Need Repairs or Replacement?

If your entry is in poor condition and you're considering replacement, you may be wondering if replacement is actually necessary or if a few repairs would suffice. We are asked this question a lot, and it basically comes down to the extent of the damage. Minor cosmetic issues or one easily fixable problem can be repaired by your handyman, but if the damage is severe or widespread, replacement will be more cost-effective.

Need to know more about Metro Boston door installation services? Learn how to tell if you need exterior door repair or replacement.

Do I Need to Install a Screen or Storm Door in Metro Boston?

You may or may not want to add a storm or screen door to your exterior entry, depending on your individual needs. The storm version is glass paneled and provides additional protection against harsh weather and home intrusion, while the screen version contains mesh screen panels that let in fresh breezes while keeping insects out and pets in. You can also get hybrid options with a sliding panel of glass that you can lower to expose a mesh panel and get some fresh air.

What's the Difference Between Patio Door and Garden Door Installation?

Both of these types of entries are typically installed on the side or back of houses in Metro Boston, and open onto the deck, yard, or garden. The main difference between the two is that a patio entry slides open on tracks, and a garden entry swings open and closed. Sliding glass panels are heavy, so they can be difficult for small children or pets to open and escape. On the other hand, garden-style entries are more secure on the outside to keep intruders out.

Can You Install a New Door but Keep the Old Frame?

Yes, that is possible, as long as the frame, which is also called a jamb, is in good shape and not out of square or warped by the house settling over time. However, it's possible that a full-frame front door installation process will be less time-consuming and more cost-effective than replacing just the door, because it takes a surprising amount of time, effort, and skill to get a new entry perfectly matched with an old jamb. That's why this is a task best left to a Metro Boston installation professional who has experience with hanging entries in existing frames.

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