Are Custom Cabinets Worth It? Here's What You Need to Know

Whether they're in your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your house, cabinets take up a huge amount of physical and visual space—so they need to look beautiful and function perfectly for your needs. But beauty and perfection are difficult to come by when you are working with standard, cookie-cutter options. Custom cabinets are far superior.

The only way to get your dream cabinets that look like they just popped out of the glossy pages of a luxury home decor magazine is with custom cabinet services. You may be surprised by the massive difference in appearance, function, and quality that you can get with well-designed, stunning custom cabinetry.

The talented carpenters at Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore have the skill to build your dream cabinets from floor to ceiling! We've provided custom cabinet services in numerous homes, so we have the hands-on experience needed to deliver quality workmanship and excellent customer service—as well as answers to all your questions.

What is the Difference Between Prefab and Custom Cabinets?

Prefab is short for prefabricated (also referred to as stock) and it means cabinets that are already designed and constructed. They often arrive in a flat-pack box and require some assembly, but some prefabricated options are fully built and just need to be put in place. They are an example of "you get what you pay for," because they tend to be less expensive and poorer quality than custom storage solutions.

Custom cabinets, as the name suggests, are customized to your exact specifications and preferences and constructed by a carpenter in your home. They are usually made of solid hardwood. If you've ever walked into someone's home and immediately noticed how great their cabinetry looks, it's likely custom work.

There's also a third option that falls somewhere in the middle: semi-customs. They are constructed by a manufacturer after you place an order, which means there's a little more room for alterations—however, you're still limited to choosing from a manufacturer's catalog of options.

Are Custom Cabinets Worth It?

If you're considering custom cabinet service for your home, this is probably a key question on your mind. It's always a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of various choices before you go ahead with a home improvement project, and this is no exception. That being said, custom installation is usually the superior option—in fact, it’s one of the carpentry services that can transform your home. Here's why:

Get a Perfect Fit

If you have a gap between your cabinets and wall, or counter and stove or refrigerator, you know what a pain it can be when your cabinets do not fit properly in the space available. It's so easy to lose utensils or pinch fingers in those gaps, and it's even worse having a gross, impossible-to-clean pit right in the middle of your cooking area. Or, a stock unit may have been cut down to fit into the gap, leaving you with a tiny, useless thing that wastes space and looks really awkward.

Of course, we all know that there's no universal, standard size or layout for a home or a room, so it stands to reason that prefab options are not always going to fit perfectly into the available space—and by “not always,” we mean “almost never.” That's why a huge benefit of custom cabinets is a flawless fit in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your house. Your carpenter has a measuring tape, and he knows how to use it!

Create Unlimited Potential

When you buy prefab cabinetry, you choose from a small selection of material and style options. While you usually have a bit of choice for the configuration of the pieces, there's a lot of compromising on the color, material, size, shape, and type of cabinets.

On the other hand, the sky's the limit with custom cabinets. Having your storage built just for you gives you the opportunity to configure everything in a way that's absolutely perfect for how you want to use the room. If you've ever wished your cabinets went all the way to the ceiling, or you had more drawer space, this is your chance to correct those problems and create a space that will make your life easier. Consider adding divided drawers to store utensils, a pull-out spice rack, or a fold-up table to create a dining area in a small space. Those custom amenities will make all the difference in how you use and enjoy your home.

Create Storage Space Galore

If you're the type who values a place for everything and everything in its place, there's nothing more frustrating than not having enough storage room for what you want and need to keep tucked away. Of course, you are limited by the size of the room—but it's surprising how many extra functional storage spaces you can add with a clever design. When you take the stuff you want to store into consideration before designing your storage, you can make sure that everything has the perfect place. It doesn't have to be elaborate, either. For example, a walk-in pantry is great, but in a small kitchen, a large pantry cupboard beside the refrigerator to store dry goods can work just as well.

Use Locally Sourced Material

When you get custom cabinets installed, you or your carpenter can source wood locally so you know exactly what you are getting. It's more environmentally friendly because it doesn't have to travel far, and you have an opportunity to choose hardwood from sustainably managed forests. Reclaimed or salvaged timber may be possible as well, which is kind to the planet and perfect for a charming, rustic vibe. You can also avoid toxic chemicals and additives by choosing water-based paint, wood stain, or clear coat.

Get Quality Craftsmanship

Finally, there's no doubt that stock options can't compete with the craftsmanship of top-quality custom cabinets. Skilled carpenters take the time to create beautiful, durable works of art that display incredible attention to detail. Their creations are long-lasting and can survive for generations—unlike flimsy prefabricated constructions that are made from particle board with a plastic veneer, held together with a dab of wood glue. When you see and feel the level of craftsmanship that goes into our cabinetry, it's obvious that the quality is superior.

Are Custom Cabinets Just for the Kitchen?

Absolutely not! The kitchen is prime grounds for new cabinetry because of all the cooking equipment you need on hand, but it certainly doesn't end at a kitchen remodel. You can use custom storage options in the living room or family room for entertainment centers and trophy cases, add storage to your laundry space or mudroom, put a built-in china display case in the dining room, and create the ultimate home office with built-in cabinetry and bookcases. Don't forget the garage—you can turn a cluttered, wasted space into a productive area for hobbies and storage with custom cabinet solutions by finally getting all that junk up off the floor and out of the way.

Count on Mr. Handyman to Create Quality Custom Cabinets

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