A Norfolk County Baby Proofing Guide from Your Local Handyman

Are you overwhelmed with everything required to prepare for your new arrival? That's understandable. There are so many things to think about, and so little time to think about them. However, one of the most important things is making your home safe for that little one. Baby proofing reduces the risk of accidents — especially if you get help from a Norfolk County handyman.

What does baby proofing involve? That's a fair question. If you've been reading blogs, books, and other sources of parental advice, then you've probably gained some awareness about the most important hazards to remove, but you'd be surprised how many little things are still overlooked by some parents in Norfolk County.

Guidance from an experienced expert is always valuable. When it comes to baby proofing, the Norfolk County handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County and S. Shore is here to help! We've got a complete checklist of everything to consider when it comes to preparing your home for your new bundle of joy — and we've got a handyman team ready to help local families complete complicated baby proofing tasks.

Secure Your Furniture

Many Norfolk County homes are full of great furniture, but bookshelves and dressers often look like great climbing challenges to young children. We don't have to tell you that those pieces of furniture aren't made for playtime. One of the most basic ways to avoid unfortunate accidents is securing all unstable furniture by attaching it to nearby walls. Doing so prevents that furniture — and anything it's holding — from falling over.

Mount Your TV

Whether you have a new thin flat screen or an older tube TV box, it's important that you mount or secure it to stop it from falling on top of a curious child. There are multiple ways to lock down a TV. If it's sitting on a suitable surface, you could use strong straps to secure it by connecting the back of the TV to the top edge of a piece of furniture. An even better option is mounting your TV directly to the wall. Not only will that keep it out of reach, but it'll also free up floor space!

Cover Outlets and Hide Cables

Outlet Safety

Most people in Norfolk County know not to stick anything in an electrical outlet, but not all kids know about electrical hazards just yet. That's why it's so important that you install outlet covers over every open outlet in your home. The simplest way to cover outlets is with individual plugs. That way, you can always remove a plug if you need to use an outlet. If you're interested in something more robust, there are systems that cover the entire outlet and let cords run out through a small opening.

Cable Control

Cords and cables are also an important consideration for baby proofing, and they're often overlooked. Those cords aren't just an electrical hazard. They're an opportunity for curious kids to pull TVs, computers, and appliances off of walls, counters, and furniture. Securing all those elements helps stop accidents, but hiding your cables in a special box or running them through your walls adds extra protection for vulnerable children. Our Norfolk County handyman services could help with that.

Optimize Your Kitchen for Safety


Are you in the habit of storing cleaning products and other chemicals under your kitchen sink? Child safety experts know that the best place for those products is higher up in secure cabinets. It's the most basic tip for Norfolk County baby proofing.

Simply reorganizing your kitchen storage to keep dangerous substances in overhead cupboards improves kitchen safety for kids. You should do the same thing with any dangerous cooking tools, small appliances, and dishware.

Reface and Remodel

Refacing cabinets usually involves swapping out the handles on the front, but in the case of baby proofing, you'll want to add safety locks. Those latches stop curious kids from opening cabinets and greatly reduce the risk of unexpected incidents.

If you've got the inclination and you're planning well in advance, consider making baby proofing part of a full kitchen remodel. A great kitchen makes a big difference in the busy life of a parent. With the services of a knowledgeable Norfolk County handyman, you could create a new kitchen that meets your needs for both baby proofing and convenient cooking.

Adjust Your Curtains

Long blinds and curtains are obstacles for young kids, and opportunities for accidents. So are any long drawstrings or curtain pulls that may be hanging down. Just like excessive bedding in a crib, anything that could tangle up is something that you should adjust. It's best to move or replace any long curtains and blinds that could present a problem. At the very least, your baby proofing should include adding tie points high on the wall for longer curtains and making sure any strings are out of reach.

Add Window Covers

Clear, open windows are great for letting in fresh air, but they're not so good for curious, crawling babies and rambunctious kids. Luckily, it's possible to install window covers that are almost invisible. With mesh window covers, you'll still get the benefits of great windows, but you'll also have added security — and peace of mind.

Consider Bathroom Safety Improvements

Toilet Safety

Not all Norfolk County residents have to worry about falling into their toilet, but that's a serious concern for families with young children. If a member of your family is currently using step stools in the bathroom, such as those used for potty training or for mobility assistance, it's a good idea to store those steps somewhere where young children can't reach them. For added safety, consider installing toilet seat locks as part of your bathroom baby proofing.

Anti-Slip Solutions

Many people know that an inch of water could be dangerous, but even a thin layer of moisture is enough to present hazards on slippery surfaces. If your bathroom flooring is lined with slippery tiles, consider adding non-slip mats to prevent sudden falls. Think about adding those mats to the floor of your bathtub too.

Remodeling for Safety

Have you been dreaming of a perfect bathroom? Baby proofing is a great excuse to make those dreams come true. Some of the issues that affect older bathrooms in Norfolk County, such as cracked tiles and worn seals, are hazards for children. If you're worried about a slippery floor, you could replace that surface with something less likely to cause issues. If you're going as far as tile repair or replacement, why not address other issues with a bathroom remodeling project?

Install Safety Gates

The central pillar of most Norfolk County baby proofing is made of safety gates. Parents with stairs definitely need a safety gate to protect wandering children from falling down. Yet, even single-level homes will have more safety with a security gate.

Why consider safety gates if you don't have stairs? The main reason has to do with your kitchen space. One of the best ways for a busy parent to prevent kitchen calamities is by restricting access. With a secure gate in place, you won't have to worry about kitchen curiosity as much.

Cut Corners

Normally, cutting corners is something you should always avoid when it comes to any kind of home improvements, but when it comes to Norfolk County baby proofing you might want to consider literally cutting corners — especially those on low tables, railings, and other areas at child height.

It's best to replace any low furniture with sharp corners, such as a coffee table, with something soft, like a large ottoman. In most cases, it's not necessary to actually cut your corners. Most baby proofing experts recommend adding corner guards instead.

Are You Looking for Norfolk County Baby Proofing Pros?

As families get larger, the amount of free time a parent has gets smaller. Baby proofing is important, but not everybody has the time to complete all those little projects. That's where Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County and S. Shore can help!

If you're struggling to complete all the jobs on your list, one of our handyman pros would be happy to help. We have the skill to handle baby proofing and any other home repairs, maintenance, or improvements that you want.

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