Colorado Springs Flooring Installation

Set of tools used during flooring installation in Colorado Springs alongside extra material

Your floors are, of course, important parts of your house—but they may not always seem that important. They're easy to ignore because they're so durable and long-lasting that they can seem unchanging. But like anything else, they eventually deteriorate or become damaged. Or, maybe your old flooring is in okay shape, but it's just not fitting into your vision for your home's design aesthetic. Either way, those scenarios call for the help of a qualified handyman who is capable of delivering expert Colorado Springs flooring installation.

When you're ready to swap out your old, damaged, outdated surfaces in favor of a brand-new flooring installation,Colorado Springs handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman are available to get the job done right, on time and to the highest standards of quality workmanship.

Our Experienced Colorado Springs Flooring Installation Process

If you need someone to take care of your flooring project from start to finish with efficient, effective, top-quality service, put your trust in the professional installers at Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs. Our team has decades of combined experience with a multitude of installation, repair, maintenance and improvement services. The types of Colorado Springs flooring installation our reliable team can take care of for you include:

  • Hardwood and engineered wood
  • Bamboo
  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Luxury vinyl tile or planks
  • Laminate

We have a proven approach to flooring installation Colorado Springs homeowners can depend on. Here's how our knowledgeable flooring experts tackle comprehensive Colorado Springs flooring installation services:


First, we'll visit your residential or commercial property in person to consult with you and find out more about what you're looking for. We'll also take some measurements to help us determine how much material will be necessary, and evaluate any potential complications that may need to be worked around.

Removal and Preparation

You likely already have surfaces in place, and they need to be removed before a new Colorado Springs flooring installation can be put in. There are some cases where a new surface can be put in over an old one, but it's usually best to remove the old material. We'll get it taken out and disposed of, and then handle any necessary subfloor preparation such as putting down an underlayment.

Professional Flooring Installation

The next step is the actual Colorado Springs flooring installation. We'll take the material you've selected and get it installed properly to form a smooth, even, great-looking surface. The actual techniques we use will, of course, vary quite a bit based on the type of material as the installation process for tile is pretty different from the process for carpet.

Final Touches

Once your new surface is fully installed, we'll handle the finishing touches such as cleaning up the flooring installation debris and reinstalling any trim that had to be removed for the project, such as baseboard trim. Our team always strives to do everything possible to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results of our work.

Pick Mr. Handyman for Reliable Flooring Installation, Colorado Springs

Is it time for a new flooring installation? Colorado Springs residents can rely on the friendly team of professional flooring installers to finish their projects on time, with top-quality results that exceed their expectations. When we're on the job, you get the total peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is being taken care of properly. We also offer commercial flooring solutions and other commercial services, along with services such as bathroom remodel projects, deck repair, pressure washing and much more.

Frequently Asked Colorado Springs Flooring Installation Questions

What Type of Flooring Installation is Best for a Home With Pets?

If you have dogs, cats or other free-roaming pets with sharp claws, it's best to avoid hardwood floors and other materials that are easily gouged, scuffed and scratched by little paws. Laminate flooring and ceramic tile are good choices that are durable and make it a lot easier to clean up after your fuzzy pal. It's not unusual for cats to prefer your new carpet installation to their scratching post, which can leave big spots of damage, and it can be hard to get those little bathroom accidents cleaned out of the fabric. But if you happen to have a large dog with long legs, remember that some hard, shiny surfaces are difficult for them to navigate—carpet or a tile with a rough texture will help them keep their grip so they don't slip and slide.

How Should I Prepare My Home for Colorado Springs Flooring Installation?

When the material has been decided on and a date is scheduled for flooring installation, Colorado Springs homeowners should turn their attention to preparing their homes for the big day. Here's a list of a few things that need to get done before Colorado Springs flooring installation:

  • If you have other remodeling projects in the room, complete them prior to Colorado Springs flooring installation
  • Remove all furniture from the room
  • Make space outside the room being worked on for tools and materials
  • Remove drapes and other types of textiles from the room
  • Make sure the new surface height will allow doors to swing open and shut freely
  • Clean your subfloor or existing surface thoroughly
  • On the day of service, set your thermostat to the recommended installation temperature for your chosen material
  • Ventilate the room during installation

Does Carpet Flooring Installation Make Allergies Worse?

This is actually a common misconception. Recent studies found that carpets can actually reduce allergy suffering. When dust, dander and other allergens land on a hard surface, they can easily be stirred into the air every time someone passes by. But carpet holds on to those allergens so they don't just float back into the air you breathe. As long as they're vacuumed regularly, carpets can be a good solution to give allergy sufferers a little relief.

Trust Mr. Handyman for Expert Colorado Springs Flooring Installation

If you live in Colorado Springs or a nearby community such asPerry Park, Highlands Ranch or Lone Tree, count on the team of flooring experts at Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs for expert services. Our friendly customer service staff can be reached at (719) 249-6880 to schedule an appointment.

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