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Mr. Handyman technician repairing gutter on Charlotte home

As a conscientious homeowner, you will know that property maintenance duties are more than just cleaning the interior and exterior of your house. You’ll encounter many situations where urgent repairs are needed. For example, untreated wear and tear may have taken a toll on your outdoor structures, or you have issues concerning your exterior drainage system. It may not be immediately obvious until you experience leaky gutters that are dripping onto your deck structure. Or perhaps the paint underneath the U-shaped or K-shaped traps is peeling and is already signalling moisture issues. Although it is clear that you have clogged gutters, you won’t know the underlying issues until you hire a professional for gutter repairs. Charlotte, NC has beautiful residential properties, and at least seven out of ten don’t have clean, healthy rain gutters.

We understand that an inspection and maintenance is risky for you to perform, as it involves climbing up a tall ladder and putting your safety at risk. Unless you have liability, insurance and are familiar with outdoor repairs, it is not recommended to take matters into your own hands. That’s why our fully insured and experienced Charlotte handyman offers a detailed inspection and diagnosis, along with the best repair solution to get your eaves trough system back to normal.

Whether you’re preparing your home’s exterior for the summer or winter, Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia is here to help you tackle any repair needs. Protect your property’s foundation and roof with our professional gutter repairs. Charlotte, NC residents are invited to contact us at (704) 272-4782
to book a no-obligation inspection.

What Our Gutter Repair Charlotte, NC Includes

It may not always be apparent that you need repairs until you schedule an inspection and gutter cleaning service. But our experienced service technicians bring the necessary tools and knowledge to uncover any underlying issues. It is highly possible that surrounding structures, such as your fascia boards, soffits, and siding, are also affected. So when hiring Mr. Handyman for a gutter repair, Charlotte, NC homeowners can expect us to complete a thorough inspection. Afterward, we’ll provide a detailed report summarizing our findings and discussing with you the best course of action.

There are different types of gutter materials out there and two major styles:

  • Sectional gutters: This is the most common type where the system is made up of various sections to fit underneath the roofline. Sections are held together by fasteners and sealants, which means that joint areas can be very sensitive spots. Clogs and other surface problems are known to restrict water flow and cause leaks. They are still highly effective drainage structures as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and the occasional gutter repair. Charlotte, NC residents are advised to schedule at least two cleaning services a year to maintain their sectional unit.
  • Seamless gutters: During upgrades, many property owners opt for the seamless style, which is popular for its leak-proof features. Seamless units are more difficult to install because they are cut from one single coil. They’re also installed in a fashion that makes them appear to be hidden. This gives a property a neater look, but a seamless unit can still clog, and annual inspections and cleanings are still recommended.

Common Types of Gutter Repair, Charlotte, NC Technicians Handle:

It is true that standard sectional systems are the most common and cost-effective ones to have. However, they are also high maintenance, and neglect will lead to a series of problems if the flow of water is restricted. Without an immediate gutter repair, Charlotte, NC residents could experience basement flooding, soil erosion, and roof damage.

When hiring our local pros for expert gutter repairs, Charlotte, NC property owners can rely on us to fix the following issues:

  • Leaks caused by cracking or worn sealant at joint area
  • Sagging or section pulling away from fascia
  • Worn-out protective coating on aluminum material
  • Replacing rubber gasket on vinyl or PVC units
  • Clogged downspout pipes
  • Downspouts missing an extension
  • Ice damage

Other Warning Signs To Keep In Mind:

It’s important to keep in mind that the above problems could have already wreaked havoc on surrounding structures. For example, wood-based fascia boards that don’t have a protective cover or drip edge can easily suffer from water damage and wood rot. Any spilled water could leak down your siding, leaving behind water stains and even enter foundation cracks. When you experience gutter clogging, it can also affect your soffits and block the vents which are responsible for venting out your attic. This problem could lead to moisture buildup and mold growth.

There are many little details to watch out for when you believe you need gutter repairs. Charlotte, NC homeowners can rest assured that our professional handyman team will take note of every detail.

Choose Our Mr. Handyman Experts For Rain Gutter Repair, Charlotte, NC!

Mr. Handyman is a growing franchise in North America with over 200 reputable locations owned and operated by experienced local tradesmen who are committed to serving their community. What makes Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia stand out is our skilled and versatile team that always goes the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to serving our clients and are committed to delivering excellence and efficiency at all times. Count on our experts for exceptional workmanship that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Charlotte Gutter Repair FAQs

How Much Does A Charlotte Gutter Repair Cost On Average?

The cost depends on the extent and type of damage evident. At Mr. Handyman, we typically charge per project rather than hourly. So the labor cost would be included in the final cost estimate. Since we prioritize transparency, we only offer upfront pricing that is determined after an initial visit and inspection. To learn more about our cost guides, we invite you to give our customer service team a call at (704) 272-4782.

Can You Repair Rusted Gutters? When Is It Too Late?

If the rust is only minor, we’ll be able to get rid of it with a wire brush and apply a new protective coating.

However, if the rust is widespread and your existing gutters are already old, you may want to consider replacing them. We’ll discuss with you the pros and cons in greater detail during a consultation service.

Is a Gutter Guard System Worth It?

They can be, but it depends on the type you choose. Some are useful and block out large and small debris, but they also require a lot of maintenance that requires you regularly climb a tall ladder to check if any debris (like pine needles) is stuck. If you are not on top of your gutter maintenance (such as gutter cleaning), a guard system will not necessarily be a good solution. Nowadays, a high-quality seamless gutter system comes with a protective leaf guard system that guarantees no leaks and no clogs. Moreover, they barely need any gutter repairs. Charlotte, NC residents may give us a call to ask us more questions!

How Do I Know I Need a New Gutter Installation?

If your current system is over 20 years old and has already received multiple gutter repair projects, you may want to add up the repair costs and compare them to the cost of a gutter replacement. Our Charlotte handyman is also happy to help you evaluate the efficiency of your current system.

When are Gutter Repairs in Charlotte, NC the Most Common?

Probably around July when we get severe storms. North Carolina gets 45 inches of rain on average per year. Most rainfall can be attributed to tropical cyclones, which makes it essential to have an effective eaves trough system in place.

We highly recommend that you call an expert Charlotte gutter repair technician in the spring. This gives you time to complete the necessary maintenance steps, including gutter cleaning and inspection.

Restore Your Home’s Drainage System and Curb Appeal With Charlotte Gutter Repair Service!

Is it time to restore your exterior drainage system? If your current gutters aren’t performing how they should, call (704) 272-4782 today to speak with one of our excellent customer service reps. Ask them any questions that you may have or schedule an appointment with one of our local experts for gutter repair. Charlotte NC surrounding areas including Belmont and Clover, have access to our professional rain gutter repairs, as well as a wide range of other handyman services.

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