That tile may have been absolutely perfect when you picked it out five or ten years ago, but now it's starting to show its age with small instances of damage, like hairline cracks and small surface chips. Or, you have one or two tiles in particular that have suffered sudden damage and need professional tile repair. Charlotte, NC homeowners and business owners alike can depend on their local Charlotte handyman to restore their tile floors, countertops, backsplashes and more to attractive, durable condition.

If you've noticed some unsightly damage that needs to be addressed with expert tile repair, Charlotte, NC service professionals at Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia are the best choice to get the job done right.

About Our Experienced Charlotte Tile Repair Services

From kitchen tile backsplashes to shower tile floors, our homes tend to feature a lot of tiles throughout. As durable and strong as this material is, it's not totally impervious to damage and will eventually require the help of a qualified handyman for tile repair. Charlotte, NC households
can benefit from porcelain or ceramic tile repair in multiple ways—it can increase the overall appeal of your home by removing unsightly damage, but it can also eliminate potential tripping hazards and make your home better protected against moisture damage by leaving a smooth, even, unbroken surface behind.
When choosing the right strategy for tile repair, Charlotte, NC handymen first need to assess the nature and extent of the damage. Once we've had the opportunity to take a good look at the problem area, we'll explain our recommendations for the best way to go about getting it fixed.
Here are some of the typical strategies our team uses for Charlotte tile repair, according to the type of damage.


Smaller instances of damage on a surface, such as a fine hairline crack or a missing chip, can be dealt with fairly easily by a handyman who has experience with tile repair. Charlotte, NC professionals on our team typically deal with this type of damage by filling in the damaged area
with epoxy or mortar and feathering it to blend it into the texture of the piece. Once it has fully dried and cured, we can paint over it to conceal the repair. It's worth noting, however, that if the damage is widespread across an entire floor surface, even if each individual instance of damage is minor, replacement is likely going to be the more cost-effective and satisfactory solution.


Grout, a cement-based product that is essentially fortified thin-set mortar, is a necessary part of any tile installation—but that doesn't mean it will last as long as the actual tiles themselves. Since it is cement-based, it’s somewhat porous and vulnerable to damage from long-term moisture exposure or sudden impacts. If you've noticed crumbly or loose grout, or it's just really dingy and gross-looking no matter how much you scrub it, it's time to go out with the old and in with the new. When it comes to this particular type of tile repair, Charlotte, NC homeowners should note that it's actually more of a replacement. But there's no need to get rid of your tiles if they're still in decent shape. We'll remove the old grout, leaving the tiles in place, and apply new grout for a fresh, solid installation. Afterward, it is essential to apply a protective sealant (unless it’s epoxy grout) to ensure it lasts to years to come. We also advise keeping up with some grout cleaning and minor grout repairs when needed.

Pick Mr. Handyman for Reliable Tile Repair, Charlotte NC

Whether it's in a residential or commercial building, tile is an indispensable part of a comfortable, appealing environment—and that means it's sometimes necessary to invest in tile repair. Charlotte, NC property owners can trust the expert team at Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia for experienced Charlotte tile repair and numerous other popular services designed to make your property more comfortable, appealing, functional and livable.
When you hire our trustworthy handyman team, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing we will show up on time for your service appointment, in uniform, with all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right. We'll then take the time to assess the project
thoroughly before explaining our recommendations for the work that needs to be done and answering any questions you may have before we get started. Then, we'll work efficiently and effectively to complete the project without cutting corners so we can ensure the results will meet
or even exceed your expectations.

The benefits of calling Mr. Handyman include:
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Recommended by locals
  • Experienced, multi-skilled professionals
  • Courteous, respectful customer service
Give us a call us to speak with our knowledgeable customer service staff and get more information about what we can do to enhance your residential or commercial property.

FAQs About Tile Repair, Charlotte NC


When our team is called to take care of services like tile repair, Charlotte, NC homeowners typically want to know what caused the damage in the first place. Unless you saw the damage happen in an instant, it can be quite a mystery why your surface suddenly has cracks, chips, or
other issues that weren't there before. There are a few common causes of trouble that include:
  • Building movement or shifting soil
  • Foundation is sinking or heaving
  • Floor joists were installed incorrectly
  • Floor joists are sagging or rotting
  • Damage started small, like a hairline crack, and worsened over time
  • Lack of proper care (i.e., regular cleaning)


You can live with a couple of cracks or chips here and there, but those damaged areas are weak points that will likely get worse over time. When considering whether they really need tile repair, Charlotte, NC property owners should keep in mind that they can actually benefit in ways they may not have thought of, such as:
  • Prevent Moisture Damage: Most kinds of tile feature a water-resistant layer that protects your subfloor, joists and wall substrate by keeping moisture away from them. When pieces are damaged, they allow water to get through and cause major problems. Charlotte tile repair will help you avoid water damage problems by increasing the protection offered by your tile floor or wall covering.
  • Increase Appeal: You've invested time and money to have your floor or wall covering installed, and you've put work into maintaining it and keeping it looking good. Issues like broken tiles are unattractive and can really have a negative impact on the aesthetic of your house. Our repair experts will eliminate the damage with professional tile repair to get your surface looking as great as it did when it was installed. 
  • Avoid Injuries: Broken or missing pieces may have sharp edges that could lead to a tripping injury or even cut someone's foot if they step on it at the wrong angle. With tile repair, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your floor is in sturdy, safe condition and doesn't present any risk of injury to your household or visitors.


Generally, porcelain is denser and less porous than ceramic. That’s because porcelain is kiln-fired at a higher temperature than ceramic. However, they are both sturdy and durable as long as you take good care of them and install them properly and seal the surface periodically. That said, porcelain may be more impervious to water and can handle more impact. With the right amount of preventative maintenance, there shouldn’t be many repairs needed for either type.


Tile pieces are stuck on there with plenty of mortar, but once in a rare while, you may encounter a situation where a piece isn't damaged, but the mortar underneath has deteriorated and the piece has come loose. In that situation, your handyman will remove the remnants of the old
mortar and grout, then use new mortar to put the piece back in its place and re-grout around it so it's firmly back where it belongs.
Broken tiles or pieces that are actually missing altogether are another story. Technically, the process for replacing them is exactly the same as putting a loose piece back into place, but the problems arise when you're trying to find a perfectly matching tile replacement. Tiles are made
in lots, which means the same brand and model may not be a good color match if it comes from a different lot. They are also frequently discontinued, so a piece that was available just a few years ago may no longer be on the market. Even if you saved a couple of extras from the original installation, they might not be the same color anymore since the ones that are installed have taken wear and tear damage over time and the stored ones haven't. It can be surprisingly difficult to find a good match and a piece that doesn't match will stick out like a sore thumb. In
that case, it may be better to replace the entire surface installation.

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