There are few things more relaxing than a good rainstorm in Charlotte. That is until the water trickles down your closed window sill and onto your floor. That's when panic sets in. Window leaks occur for many reasons, and precisely none of them go away on their own. The longer you leave them, the worse they will get, creating room for the possibility of water damage, wood rot, and other frustrating effects. The easy solution? Call for Charlotte window leak repair and get the situation dealt with properly and professionally.

Your Charlotte handyman can quickly address why your window leaks, resolving the issue on the spot to help protect your home. Providing top-tier service in all that we do, Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia is proud to serve locals in Belmont, Mt. Holly, and beyond. Want to learn more about our exceptional services and how we can restore your windows? Keep reading, or contact us today!

About Our Charlotte Window Leak Repair Services

You may not know exactly why or when your window started leaking down your wall; all you know is that it's starting to worry you—and it should. If you leave this issue unresolved, not only will it allow moisture into your home to cause property damage, but it can also lessen your home's energy efficiency, leading to higher than necessary energy bills. Moreover, any spaces between your window and the great outdoors mean that pests will find their way inside, making your home theirs too. No matter what type of window you have, it's susceptible to damage.

So, what can you do about it? Call Mr. Handyman for Charlotte window leak repair. A few of the most common problems we can help with include:

Leaks at the top of the window

When you notice a leak coming from the top of your window, it's a sign of improper installation or a missing component. The two main components responsible for sealing windows are:

  • Flashing: If the flashing on the outside of your window is damaged or was never applied, you will surely experience a leak. Flashing is the water-repellant adhesive that is applied over your window flanges. As you can imagine, if this crucial element is compromised, water can enter your home.
  • House wrap: Like wallpaper but for the exterior of your home, if house wrap is improperly applied, there may not be enough protection to prevent moisture from seeping inside your window. House wrap goes underneath the siding on the outside of your house, and if we suspect that it has been compromised, we'll need to remove the siding to get a good look.

Leaks at the bottom of the window

Windows are designed to allow for water drainage, and water has more than one option to escape. Windows have both a sill pan and drain holes at the bottom, but if either of these features has issues, water could find a way through the window and into your home. The main issue that sill pans face is an improper slope. The pan needs to slope away from the window, and if it isn't, that water will be able to flow in the opposite direction—inside!

As for the drainage holes, sometimes water brings dirt and debris with it—especially if you live near trees. That dirt can clog the drainage holes, leaving the bottom of your window filled with water with nowhere to go but inside.

Addressing these issues means we will either need to clean out the clogged drainage holes or perform a window replacement to create the necessary slope.

Water coming in from around the window

Most times, if water is coming in anywhere around your entire window, it's because the caulk or sealant has lost its grip or is damaged and peeling. Even a small crack in the sealant can let the water come inside your home, but thankfully, this particular problem is easy to resolve. All we'll need to do is remove the old caulking or sealant and apply a new coat.

Leaks in between the window panes

If your windows are old, there's a good chance they are leaking because the glass seal has worn away. In double-pane windows, gas is trapped between the panes for insulation. If the glass seal is gone, then the gas will escape, and water can be let inside. You may not experience a leak inside your home, but you don't want water trapped inside your windows either, as it can eventually create perfect mold conditions. A compromised glass seal can also lower your home's energy efficiency and increase the price you pay for utilities.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Window Leak Repair in Charlotte, NC?

The experts in Charlotte window leak repair, you can count on Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia for thorough inspections and professional service. We'll get to the bottom of your window leak and help your home stay energy efficient. If a window replacement is necessary, you can even opt for energy-efficient windows to lessen your energy costs further. Call our valued team today to learn more about this valuable service and more, including shingle replacement, roof repair, and siding repair. Check for yourself what our valued customers say about our handyman services by visiting our customer feedback page.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why Mr. Handyman offers reasonable prices and a high level of transparency. Leave your home maintenance and repairs to us and benefit from a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

FAQs About Charlotte Window Leak Repair

What Causes The Need For Charlotte Window Leak Repair?

The most common causes that lead North Carolina homeowners to need window leak repair are wear and tear. Windows installed more than ten years ago may experience deterioration in one form or another. Another main cause of leaks is improper installation. That's one of the benefits of choosing an experienced window installer. You can always rely on our expert team for quality workmanship, parts, and products.

How Long Does Charlotte Window Leak Repair Take?

It depends on the nature of the issue your window is facing, but in most cases (unless we need to order a completely new window), we will have your existing window properly sealed within a few hours. For a more accurate time estimate, schedule a consultation with our qualified team.

What Type of Maintenance Do Windows Need?

Home and basement window maintenance is one of the most overlooked duties during spring cleaning or exterior maintenance. Besides regular inspections (i.e., checking for cracks), routine window cleaning services help prevent damage. Dirt and debris can coat the glass if not cleaned. We recommend using soapy water to give it a wipe-down on the inside and outside. Should the structures be on a higher level, we suggest hiring a professional cleaning service to avoid any liability issues on your property.

Why Should I Get Charlotte Window Leak Repair?

A leaky window can affect more than you know. Some of the most impressive benefits of getting Charlotte window leak repair include:

  • Fixes a drafty window
  • Prevents water stains / potential leaks
  • Decreases the chance of black mold / dangerous mold outbreaks
  • Improved indoor comfort level
  • Prevents structural damage

Trust our expert window repair services to help you choose from energy-efficient options. We'll ensure your systems have decent insulation to keep your family and home safe.

From Leaky and Lacking to Sealed and Secure: Hire Mr. Handyman For Charlotte Window Leak Repair Today!

Window leaks can compromise a lot more than your floors. Leaks lower the energy efficiency of your home, which can lead to higher energy bills and lowered indoor air quality. Then there's the chance of gaps allowing pests into your home! Thankfully, the solution is easy when you call Mr. Handyman of East and West Charlotte to Gastonia.

Get a hold of our friendly customer service team today to learn more about how we can help with your Charlotte window leak repair. Or feel free to inquire about other home improvement services such as bathroom remodeling, drywall repair, door repair, and more!

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