Flower Mound Drywall Repair: Why It's So Important to Get Drywall Damage Fixed

A hand holding a sanding brush as someone uses the brush to sand down the unpainted area of a wall where drywall repairs have been completed.

Drywall, or sheetrock, is just one of those things that tend to be overlooked, and frankly, that's understandable. It was pretty much designed to fade into the background, so it's not surprising that most people rarely think twice about it—even though we spend the majority of our time completely surrounded by it. That's probably why Flower Mound drywall repair isn't that high on most homeowner's to-do lists.

Many people in Flower Mound think of drywall damage as merely a cosmetic issue. Holes, cracks, stains, scuffs, and other problems may not look that great, but if it's just a matter of appearance, they'd rather focus on repairs that will increase the comfort and function of their homes before worrying about searching for professional Flower Mound drywall repair services. The fact is, damage to your walls and ceilings isn't just unsightly. It can make your house less comfortable and livable, and it can also cost you quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bill. It’s important to get this problem fixed before it gets worse.

Your local, Flower Mound handyman can restore your walls to perfect condition quickly and efficiently. This drywall repair guide explains the (sometimes surprising) ways that damage impacts your Flower Mound home. We'll also cover potential causes, and give you some helpful advice on how to take care of minor problems from the drywall repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton.

What is Drywall, Exactly?

Drywall, which is also called Sheetrock, gypsum board, and plasterboard, is basically a panel of gypsum (a soft, sulfate mineral) encased in thick sheets of backer and facer paper. It contains additives that reduce and inhibit flammability, mildew growth, and water absorption. It's found in the majority of buildings in Flower Mound and across the United States.

5 Ways Drywall Damage Affects Your Flower Mound Home

It may seem like drywall is pretty much there to provide a smooth, even surface and hide the inside of your walls to make the building look finished, but it's not just there to look good. Sheetrock performs some important functions in your house that have nothing to do with appearance, and when it has suffered from drywall cracks, holes, excess moisture, and other problems, that damage can have some very unpleasant effects on your property.

1. Increases Energy Costs

Are you happy to be paying more than necessary on your monthly utility bill? Most Flower Mound homeowners don't like that thought, for obvious reasons. But when you have damaged walls or ceilings, those holes and cracks can actually increase your energy costs significantly.

Basically, holes let warm air from your heater or cool air from your air conditioner seep into the spaces between your walls. That means your HVAC system has a lot more air volume that it needs to cover, and it has to operate for longer periods of time to keep your house at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. Your HVAC's energy usage is already probably the most expensive thing on your utility bill, so extended operation time can really drive up your costs and needlessly use up resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

2. Reduces Sound Separation

If you value your peace and quiet, this is a particularly annoying problem. Sheetrock damage decreases your wall's ability to block out sound from other parts of your house or building, so you hear every whisper or bump from the next room. That can be a big problem in a multi-family dwelling, but it's also really irritating if you just happen to live with people who keep odd hours or like to crank up their tunes.

3. Encourages Pest Infestations

Rodents and insects are opportunists who like to work smart, not hard. Drywall damage can actually encourage pest infestations in Flower Mound by giving them easy access points to the inside of your walls and beyond. It's no secret why this is a bad thing—rodents and insects are unsanitary and can bring disease with them. They can also be incredibly destructive to your property. Bugs like termites and carpenter ants can threaten the stability of the house—and once one of them finds the perfect entry point, they'll bring dozens of their nasty little friends along with them.

4. Lets Fire Spread Easily

We mentioned above that the gypsum board contains additives that make it less flammable. That won't prevent a fire from starting elsewhere in the house, of course, but it does inhibit the mobility of fire by making it a lot more difficult for the flames to move from room to room. That gives additional time for the fire to be controlled and could prevent more widespread damage. But holes in your wall compromise its ability to contain flames, which could mean greater destruction if your home does encounter the misfortune of a house fire.

5. Hides More Severe Damage

Certain types of damage, such as water stains or softening from excess moisture, may be hiding much more serious problems that need to be discovered so they can be dealt with. All that excess water is coming from somewhere, and it's better to get it sorted out sooner rather than later.

You could be dealing with a leaking roof, degraded window frames or door jambs, or even a poorly ventilated bathroom that is affecting the walls with condensed steam from your shower. You may not be excited to get the news that you need water damage mitigation, but the earlier you catch it, the less time-consuming and expensive the restoration will be.

Potential Causes of Damage That Require Flower Mound Drywall Repair

You might know precisely why your property needs Flower Mound drywall repair services. Maybe you saw it happen right in front of you—or maybe the guilty party confessed after the fact. Whether it was a careless furniture mover, someone decided to practice their baseball swing inside or something else happened, there's a big hole that needs to be patched. But sometimes the cause of the damage is not so obvious. Water damage can be particularly difficult to place because the source of moisture is often hidden behind the wall or ceiling.

Here are common causes of damage our Flower Mound drywall repair professionals have seen:

  • Wear and tear issues that worsen over time
  • Holes from screws, nails, and anchors used to support wall-mounted TVs, shelving units, and other furniture or appliances
  • Issues such as popping screws, loose joint tape, and cracks caused by your home settling
  • Marks from cats, dogs, and other pets scratching or gnawing at the wall
  • Water stains, softening, and other types of moisture damage from a leaky roof or hidden plumbing leak
  • Exposure to condensed steam from the shower in a poorly ventilated bathroom (Considering a bathroom refresh? Check out our guide to planning Denton County bathroom remodeling.)
  • Damage that was either made or expanded by insects or rodents

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Flower Mound Drywall Repair

We've all seen drywall repairs that weren't done correctly. From a lack of sanding and paint to sloppy techniques that leave the wall almost worse off than before the drywall repair started, amateur work often looks bad and sticks out like a sore thumb. Our team of Flower Mound drywall repair professionals has fixed everything from minor scuffs and dents to gigantic holes and left no trace of our work behind—which is how it should be. When we're finished, you won't even be able to tell where the damage originally was.

The problem with amateur drywall repair is that many people in Flower Mound don't understand that aside from the practice and skill required to do it right, it's also a surprising amount of work and can be very laborious, especially if you don't have the professional tools needed to make the job easier and faster. Many homeowners have started out with the best intentions, only to get halfway through the process and realize they are in over their heads. Then they end up hiring someone to come in and repair their drywall repair attempt. You can save yourself time and money by just having a Flower Mound handyman take care of it from the start.

Our drywall repair services in Flower Mound and other parts of North Texas include:

  • Putting down drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect your belongings from dust (drywall repair can be very messy)
  • Removing the damaged section of the wall
  • Applying a self-adhesive mesh drywall repair patch or a support piece for a larger hole
  • Installing a new piece of gypsum board if necessary
  • Taping the edges of the repair area with joint tape
  • Covering the tape and screw holes with joint compound and let it dry thoroughly
  • Sanding the dried joint compound so it's smooth and even with the rest of the wall
  • Applying texture spray if needed
  • Painting over the patch so it's completely invisible
  • Cleaning up after ourselves when we're done

We'll also rehang your framed photos and curtains for the finishing touches, and can even take care of other handyman jobs while we're out at your property.

Drywall Repair Steps for Patching Screw and Nail Holes

The bigger the hole or crack you are trying to repair is, the more difficult it gets and the more specialized tools you need to get the job done properly and ensure that your repair is completely invisible. Patching holes larger than about four inches in diameter is a job for an experienced Flower Mound drywall repair professional. However, one of the most common drywall repairs is easy enough that most people can handle it on their own.

If you have a couple of nail, screw, or even thumbtack holes that you'd like to cover, you can likely take care of it pretty easily with a DIY repair. You don't need any specialized tools like a drywall repair kit or drywall patches. All you should need for materials are:

  • Lightweight spackle
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper or a fine-grit sanding sponge
  • Slightly damp cloth
  • Small paintbrush
  • Paint in the same color as the rest of the wall

Ready to get started? This technique is simple and will work for nail and screw holes, tiny hairline cracks, small dents, and similar types of damage.

  1. Get your materials ready—lightweight spackle (also called joint compound or drywall mud) typically comes pre-mixed, but if not, mix it according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't have any paint left over from when the wall was originally painted, you may need to take a small chip of paint to a hardware store and have them color-match it.
  2. Use a utility knife or even just your finger to slightly overfill your hole in the drywall with the spackle.
  3. Try to smooth it out and make it level with the rest of the wall.
  4. Wait for it to dry completely, which may only take about 30 minutes for a small amount—check the manufacturer's directions for recommended drying times.
  5. Once the spackle is totally dry, use a fine-grit sandpaper or sanding sponge to sand it down until it's smooth and even.
  6. Use a small paintbrush to touch up the drywall repair with a coat of paint and let it dry.

Your drywall project is complete! If you are dealing with a hole that is bigger than a nail hole, but still smaller than four inches across, you will need a self-adhesive mesh patch or adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh drywall tape to cover the gap before you can spackle over top of it. Not up to the task of drywall repair, or just don't have the time? No problem—count on your Flower Mound handyman to get the job done right.

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