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Whether it's serving as a patio cover, featured on your deck, or shading a nice corner of your backyard where you like to sit and relax, a pergola is a beautiful addition to any property that can really do a lot to enhance your outdoor living space. But when it has been quite some time since it was last cared for, and it's showing unsightly or even dangerous signs of damage, it's a good idea to call your local Flower Mound handyman to take care of pergola repair. Flower Mound, TX homeowners can count on quality workmanship and reliable customer service from the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton.

We have plenty of experience with pergola repair and a wide variety of other home services, so we know what needs to be done to restore your pergola to a safe, attractive condition with long-lasting results. Contact us today to inquire more about this popular handyman service!

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Experienced Pergola Repair Flower Mound, TX – What to Expect

A pergola is an outdoor structure that comprises a roofing grid made from rafters and beams that is supported by (usually) four columns. They are typically open on the sides and between the rafters, but some pergolas have mosquito nets or retractable canopies to create a shaded space, and they are generally placed over decks, patios, garden benches and other outdoor spaces intended for relaxation, socialization and al fresco dining. Pergolas are most commonly constructed out of wood, but they can also be made of metal or composite material.

When they've noticed some clear signs that indicate it's necessary to get help with pergola repair, Flower Mound, TX property owners can turn to our trustworthy team of experts to get the job done right. We'll get to your property on time for your appointment and assess the damage thoroughly before we present our recommendations for the best course of action. With your go-ahead, we'll get started on the work and complete it efficiently without cutting corners. Our Flower Mound pergola repair services include:

  • Repairing rotted, crumbling wood
  • Removing rust and other signs of corrosion
  • Replacing rusted, broken or missing fasteners, nails and screws
  • Repairing or replacing leaning, damaged posts
  • Replacing wood that has been damaged by destructive insects such as termites
  • Replacing arched or warped beams
  • Removing peeling paint or flaking wood stain
  • Refinishing with paint or stain and sealant

This list isn't exhaustive, so if there's another problem with your structure that needs expert pergola repair, Flower Mound, TX customer service staff at our office are waiting to take your call. Let us know what your property needs to look and function at its very best!

Let Mr. Handyman Take Care Of Pergola Repair, Flower Mound TX

When it's necessary to invest in pergola repair, Flower Mound, TX homeowners and business owners alike can trust the repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton to deliver the topmost standards of quality craftsmanship and reliable customer service. Along with pergola repair, Flower Mound, TX professionals on our team can tackle a wide range of other repair, maintenance, installation and improvement services, such as kitchen remodeling, fence repair, caulkingdrywall installationgutter cleaning and much more.

Our professional handyman services are designed to make a difference in our community and ensure that every property owner—residential and commercial—benefits from enhanced livability and safety.

FAQs About Pergola Repair | Flower Mound TX

Why Are Wooden Pergolas Susceptible to Rotting?

Pergolas are typically made with real wood, which is a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike because it's attractive, durable, renewable, readily available and easy to work with. On the other hand, it's also vulnerable to wood rot, which is a form of water damage. Since your structure is outside and constantly being exposed to moisture from rain and humidity—sometimes with very little chance to dry out completely—it is more susceptible to wood rot.

That doesn't mean you have to throw away your wooden structure and start from scratch with new material. The best way to protect outdoor wood from rotting is to finish it with paint or solid stain, then follow that with sealant to lock water out and refinish every couple of years. If wood rot has already set in, the most effective method of dealing with it is to remove the damaged timber and replace it with a new piece. If the damage is very minor because you caught it early, your Flower Mound handyman may be able to correct it by scraping away the rotten material and filling the hole with epoxy.

What's the Best Way to Prepare a Pergola for Refinishing?

Is your pergola covered in strips and flakes of peeling paint? That's a warning sign because it means the wood underneath is being left unprotected from rot. Removing all of that with a sander would take quite a while, but we have a better way—pressure washing. Along with dirt, grime, algae and moss growth, a pressure washer can strip off loose paint and leave the surfaces underneath primed and ready for a new coat of paint or staining product.

How Can I Avoid Needing Pergola Repair Again?

If you're interested in some maintenance tips that will help you avoid the need for pergola repair, Flower Mound, TX repair professionals will tell you that the best thing you can do is keep moisture away. That means regularly checking for signs that the sealant and paint are wearing away, as well as trimming back nearby trees and bushes so their wet leaves aren't brushing up against your structure. You can also help by cleaning it every so often to remove grime and organic growth. Every outdoor space requires a little bit of TLC to stay in shape, and some structures require it more than others.

Is It Time for Pergola Repair? Flower Mound, TX Can Trust Their Local Handyman!

Do you live in Flower Mound or a nearby part of the north Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, such as Highland VillageJustin or Lantana? Your local Flower Mound pergola repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton are the right choice to take care of all your repair needs.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service staff  to find out more about our services or book an appointment. We look forward to improving your Texas backyard living environment. It would be an absolute pleasure to serve you.

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