Do You Need Denton Deck Repair? These 8 Warning Signs Say You Do

Some people love the warm summers in Denton, TX and others prefer the cooler months, but most people agree that when the temperatures start going up in spring, it's time to head out to the deck to grill dinner, catch a fresh breeze and soak up the sunshine. That valuable outdoor living space is the perfect place to socialize with friends or neighbors and enjoy nature in your own backyard—as long as it's in solid, safe condition and not overdue for Denton deck repair service.

If you have problems that require deck repair, such as weak, rotten deck boards, splintery surfaces and loose, wobbling handrails, it doesn't just tank your home's curb appeal—those issues are also dangerous hazards that your friends and family have to dodge while they're outside. Those outdoor structures could be damaged by anything from inclement weather to pest infestations, and when that happens, you need Denton deck repair help from a qualified professional.

Your local Denton handyman can give you back your dream deck by restoring it to safe, comfortable shape with experienced Denton deck repair services. Put your trust in the team of multi-skilled service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton—we are a locally owned and operated business, and take a lot of pride in delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

1. Weathered, Splintery Wood

If you've got any kind of wooden structure outdoors such as a porch or deck, often one of the earlier signs that it needs Denton deck repair is that the timber starts turning gray and weathered looking, then starts to splinter. If you wouldn't dare to step outside in bare feet for fear of getting a big, nasty splinter, you already know this is a problem for your property.

This tends to happen when sealant and paint or wood stain has worn off boards, leaving them exposed to bad weather. It's obviously unattractive, and nobody likes the thought of having their foot impaled by a splinter, but it's also a warning sign that more severe moisture damage is on the way if the problem isn't corrected soon. Your Denton handyman can get it sanded down to reveal nice-looking timber underneath, then follow it up with stain or paint and sealant to give it back some moisture resistance.

2. Rotting Wood

Wood rot is probably the most common issue that requires deck repair in Denton, TX. It's the enemy of homeowners everywhere, but particularly those who live in a climate like Denton’s with above average annual rainfall. Wood rot is a type of decay that only affects timber with a high moisture content that is above around 20%. Outdoor surfaces and items are often soaked by the rain and don't get a lot of time to dry out before the next downpour, which could significantly raise their moisture content if they’re not fully protected by water-repellent sealer.

We've all seen rotten wood before—it softens and crumbles apart, which could cause some serious hazards that need Denton deck repair. If left alone to worsen and spread, it can weaken supporting posts and beams and cause the entire structure to collapse. There's no way to magically make rotted timber whole again, so usually the best way to deal with it is to replace the damaged boards with new, green-treated wood that is water resistant. We'll then apply a fresh coat of paint or stain and, of course, follow it up with a good outdoor sealer.

How Can You Tell If You Need Denton Deck Repair for Wood Rot?

In its advanced stages, wood rot is pretty obvious. But not all homeowners are aware of the earlier signs of decaying timber, and it's a lot simpler and easier to deal with if you catch it early on. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate you need Denton deck repair to get rid of wood rot:

  • Discolored patches that are lighter or darker than the rest of the material, or have a white, yellow or purplish hue

  • Wood is crumbling into "sawdust" or breaking into cube-shaped pieces, which is called cubical fracture

  • Patches with a different texture that appears spongy, stringy or webbed with cracks

If you spot a couple of small patches of rot early on, it may be possible to handle Denton deck repair without removing the entire piece. Your handyman can scrape out rotted parts and fill them up with epoxy wood filler, then paint over top of it so the repair is invisible.

3. Gap Between Deck and House

Whether your deck rises multiple stories from the ground or just a few feet, it should be pretty snug with your house. If you notice a widening gap between the structure and the exterior wall of your house, that's definitely a cause for concern that it needs professional Denton deck repair. This could be caused by wood rot that has weakened supporting posts and is causing them to lean away from the house, but it could also be the result of faulty installation where the posts aren't buried deep enough or the structure wasn't adequately fastened to the house. This is a serious issue that could lead to a collapse, so it's best to get it checked out before you continue to use the structure.

You may also notice that the gaps between boards on your deck surface seem a lot wider than they originally did. This shrinkage could occur with boards that are taking on water and then drying out repeatedly, so it's a sign that moisture incursion is happening and needs to be stopped.

4. Insect or Wildlife Damage

Aside from your family, do you know who else really likes warm weather and hanging out on (or in) your deck? Destructive insects such as termites or carpenter ants. Those little pests can do a huge amount of damage in a very short span of time, and cause the same serious stability problems as rampant wood rot. Once you've "convinced" them to move out with a good dose of pesticide, your handyman can take care of Denton deck repair by replacing the damaged timber. We can also check the underside and other difficult-to-reach areas for hidden damage that others may have missed and get that fixed up as well.

5. Weakened Railings

Grab on to your railing and give it a firm shake. It shouldn't move at all—but if it does, that's a clear sign your structure needs Denton deck repair services from a qualified handyman. If someone leans on a railing that is too weak to hold their weight, or people are horsing around and fall against a deteriorated railing, it could lead to serious injury.

A weakened, broken or crumbling railing is typically suffering from wood rot that is causing it to come loose, but it could also be an issue with fasteners coming loose at the places where two sections of rail meet or where a section joins up with the exterior wall of your house. If that's the case, your handyman may be able to solve the problem by re-attaching the damaged joining points, possibly with the addition of a metal reinforcing plate to prevent the same issue from occurring again. If the issue is wood rot, though, our team will use their carpentry skills to construct a new, sturdy railing that can be relied on to protect against falling mishaps.

6. Paint is Peeling Off

If the paint or solid stain is peeling off your structure in strips or flaking off in chunks, that's a big problem. It may not seem like a huge deal—it's just a minor cosmetic issue, right? Well, no. It's actually an early warning sign of moisture incursion, and as we've mentioned a couple times above, damp timber is the first step towards wood rot.

When water seeps into timber, the wood swells up and pushes on the paint from underneath, causing it to lift off in bubbles and then crack and peel off. That leaves the timber even more exposed and vulnerable to further water damage and, before long, patches of rotting wood. The sooner you get Denton deck repair, including a painting project, handled by a professional, the more likely you are to avoid the serious consequences of water damage by getting a new protective layer or three put on your outdoor structure.

What's the Most Effective Denton Deck Repair Method for Removing Loose Paint?

Funny you should ask—we were just about to mention that pressure washing is by far the most effective and efficient way to remove loose, peeling paint. It's also excellent at removing stubborn stains, built-up dirt and grime, moss and algae growth and other substances that most cleaning methods simply can't budge. We can get all the loose paint stripped off of your structure quickly and easily with pressure washing, leaving behind a smooth, clean surface for refinishing.

Pressure washers are capable of producing pressures that range between 750 and 3,000 psi (pound-force per square inch). If you've never seen pressure washing in action before, you may not realize how impressive it really is for cleaning outdoor surfaces and items. Learn more about what pressure washing services could do for your home or commercial property.

7. Grading and Drainage Issues

It's important to check the underside of your structure regularly for damage, especially around the concrete deck footings. Deck posts are typically buried in the ground and reinforced with concrete footings. But if the grading wasn't done properly or has been altered by landscaping changes or just soil movement over time, it could cause water to pool around the footings. That can crack and crumble the concrete, and also wash away soil to expose more of the posts. If you see a dip in the earth around footings or there's visible water collecting there, the grading needs to be corrected right away, so the water can drain away safely, and the posts may need to be reburied.

8. Doesn't Meet the Needs of Your Household

Maybe your deck is actually in pretty good shape—but it just doesn't meet the needs of your family or household. There's not enough space for a cooking prep area beside the grill, or you need more room for a big patio table that can hold the whole family, or there's plenty of space but nowhere to sit. We can correct those problems by adding on to your existing structure or enhancing it with modifications that can make all the difference to how you enjoy your outdoor living space. For example, our skilled handyman team can construct a built-in bench seat around the perimeter of your deck or build a countertop next to the grill for ease of use when cooking.

Repair and Maintenance For Commercial Decks in Denton, TX

Our Denton deck repair services aren't just for residences. If you're a business owner in Denton or other nearby parts of north Texas, you can depend on our team of deck professionals for a wide range of commercial handyman services. From little independent restaurants to large corporate businesses, it's important to keep up appearances and make sure all parts of your indoor and outdoor space at your commercial property are in excellent condition. Our reliable handyman team can help ensure that with expert repair, maintenance and improvement services.

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