The Top Do's and Don'ts of Planning a Denton Kitchen Remodel

If you love to cook, but your kitchen is letting you down, then it's time for a change. Likewise, if you've been in your home for years and the space is out of style and needs updating pronto, then you need to plan a Denton kitchen remodel.

While planning a kitchen remodel is a big challenge, it's also a lot of fun! It's a chance to put your own personality and sense of style into your home. It's also an opportunity to create a space that functions better for your needs. For instance, if you need more counter space, you can make that happen during the kitchen design. Alternatively, if you're planning on selling your home soon, you can make changes that increase your property value and offer a good return on investment.

Although there are numerous benefits to embarking on a Denton kitchen remodel, it can also be a lot of work and it helps to have a little guidance—whether you're planning a major remodel or just want to make a few small changes. To that end, our Denton handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton put together the following list of do's and don'ts to make your kitchen remodel in Denton just that much easier.

Don't Complete a Kitchen Remodel in Denton By Yourself

Sometimes, Denton homeowners can be tempted to save a little money by completing a kitchen remodeling project on their own. This is a big mistake—and more often than not, winds up costing a lot more than it would have if the professionals had been hired in the first place. Unless you're an avid DIYer, a big renovation requires help from experts—such as the team at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton. While some tasks, like painting outdated walls, can be completed DIY, most jobs should be handled by the experts.

At Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton, each of our technicians has many years of trades experience. Many of our team members specialize in flooring installation, carpentry and more. When you hire our hardworking, skillful and honest contractors, you can rest assured that your Denton kitchen remodel is in the best hands.

Do Gather Inspiration

Starting such a big improvement project can feel overwhelming without direction. Perhaps you have a general idea of what you like, but throughout the course of your Denton kitchen remodel, you'll have to make a lot of decisions. Making these choices is easier if you've done your research. Once you have an idea of what aesthetic you're going for, it will be much easier to choose whether you need cabinet lighting, if you should install a farmhouse sink, and if a stainless steel appliance matches the look you are trying to achieve.

Having a clear vision means you can more easily communicate your ideas to your contractor. And, it helps you stay on-track so you create a kitchen that has a cohesive design—not one that is a mess of half-baked ideas. There are many places where you can gather design inspiration:

  • Flip through design magazines

  • Scroll through Pinterest

  • Collect a folder of images that speak to your aesthetic

  • Make use of Instagram Saves

Don't Choose Your Appliances Last

When mapping out your kitchen renovation, it's important to consider where your appliances will go. Appliances impact everything else in your kitchen, from how much space you have for storage to your countertop length. Not only do appliances take up a lot of real estate in the space, but sometimes they are also limited to certain areas of the room based on available hook-ups. Do not wait until midway through or near the end of the construction process to choose your appliances. This is a huge mistake. If you don't know how big your appliances are, your handyman might have to re-do completed work to accommodate them.

Do Make a Budget

The budget is one of the most important parts of your Denton kitchen remodel. It's also the biggest source of stress for the majority of Denton homeowners. It can feel a bit overwhelming to think about how much you can realistically spend on the renovation. You may have a sum in mind, but how do you know if that's enough? You should do some research and breakdown what you think each aspect of the remodel will cost.

When deciding on your budget, it's important to always leave a cushion for unexpected costs. You never know when you might discover wood rot or a plumbing issue that costs a lot more than anticipated to fix. The best way to deal with the unexpected is to prepare for it. Thus, you should add at least 20% on top of the average cost you've calculated for your budget to prepare for emergencies.

Don't Neglect the Cabinets

It's a big mistake to leave your kitchen cabinets out of the remodel. Cabinets take up a lot of room, and are the majority of what neighbors and friends will see when they visit your newly updated space. Consider what style and color of cabinets will suit the aesthetic you are going for. Also think about if the layout works for you. For instance, perhaps you want higher-than-normal cabinets and realized that a custom cabinetry project is needed to achieve the look you need.

Also, it's important to note that you don't always have to start from scratch. If you like your current cabinetry layout and they're still in good condition, but you want a style refresh, there are options. You could stain or apply a fresh coat of paint to the cabinet doors, or reface them with new doors and drawer fronts, while leaving the cabinet boxes as they are, to create a brand-new look.

Do Use the Color Wheel

Not all homeowners find it easy to choose what colors should go into their kitchen. How do you know if what you choose will match your quartz countertops and marble backsplash? The best way to find out what colors go together best is to use the color wheel. There are many ways to create a palette using the color wheel, but for most Denton homeowners, the easiest tricks to remember are the analogous scheme and complementary scheme:

  • The analogous schemes use colors that are beside each other, like orange, yellow, and green. These colors tend to complement each other nicely.

  • The complementary scheme uses opposite colors, like blue and orange, to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Don't Neglect Your Backsplash

Your backsplash is more than just an aesthetically pleasing addition to the kitchen, it also helps protect your walls and drywall from all manner of cooking-related stains and damage. Thus, it's essential that you carefully consider what materials and colors are best for the backsplash. For instance, many Denton homeowners choose tile for their backsplashes. But, not all tiles are made equal. Materials like ceramic and porcelain are much easier to care for than materials like slate or marble, which can be stained. Grout is also a consideration. Unfortunately, grout stains easily. To prevent these stains from showing, consider picking a darker color. White subway tile with a dark gray grout is popular for this reason. The white adds brightness, while the gray grout deters stains.

Don't Choose the Wrong Tile

On the topic of white subway tile, there are numerous tiling options for you to choose from for your kitchen floor, counter and/or backsplash (as mentioned above). The wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, and materials available to you to choose from can feel overwhelming, which is why it's important to research what aesthetic you like and to use the color wheel to pick tiles that suit your color scheme.

Also, certain materials are more durable than others. Glass tiles might be a stunning option for the backsplash, but they are far too delicate for the floor. Slate and marble are stunning, but require routine upkeep that not all homeowners might be interested in. On the other hand, porcelain or ceramic tiles may not be as visually dramatic, but they're highly durable and a lot easier to maintain than more expensive flooring. If you're not sure what material is best for your Denton kitchen remodel, then you can always ask the opinion of your trusted contractor at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton. We're always happy to help!

Do Invest in Ventilation

It's also important that your space is properly ventilated to prevent damaging your drywall and ceiling. For this, you'll need a good hood fan. The fan sucks up smoke and steam that’s a byproduct from preparing meals and can damage walls and ceilings if not properly ventilated. It's also important not just to install a hood fan, but to make sure you turn it on while cooking.

Don't Forget Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental part of any room. Not only is it important to have proper lighting so you can see what you're doing in your living space, but it's also integral for making functional spaces feel warm and inviting. Without thoughtful lighting, your kitchen may feel utilitarian and cold. Naturally, you'll have thought to add one light source in the room. However, the trick to creating a comforting ambience is to layer lighting. To make sure the space is adequately illuminated, layer together the following three three light sources:

  • General overhead lighting, which illuminates the room as a whole

  • Task lighting that is more focused for food preparation

  • Accent lighting, such as wall sconces, that rounds-out the space's illumination

The type of lights you choose also make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the room. For example, lightbulbs can often be purchased in cool, neutral or warm colors. Cool tones tend to look a little sterile, so warm or neutral tones are better in the kitchen.

Do Add Storage Space

Storage is an absolute must-have in a kitchen. You may be perfectly happy with the amount of storage you have currently, but for the majority of people, it's "the more the merrier!" when it comes to storage. This is especially the case if you love to cook, but don't have adequate pantry space. Even if you don't cook often, perhaps you like appliances well-hidden in storage to keep a minimalistic appearance. There are many ways you can add more storage to your space during a Denton kitchen remodel, such as:

  • Pantries

  • Kitchen islands

  • Hanging pot racks

  • Pull-out cutting boards

  • Cabinet turntables

  • Lazy Susans

  • Open shelving

  • Mug racks

  • And more!

Do Remember the Big Picture

It’s very easy to forget about the big picture when remodeling your kitchen in Denton, TX. Keep in mind that this room is a part of your home. It needs to suit the rest of your home's aesthetic—unless you're planning to remodel other areas, such as a bathroom remodel. To make sure your design decisions flow with the rest of your home, think about how the colors, materials and stylistic choices you make in your Denton kitchen integrate with the rest of your home.

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