Your fence may be a decorative structure to enhance curb appeal, or a practical asset to your property that discourages casual trespassers and keeps kids and dogs safe in your yard. It could even be doing all of those things at once—until it slowly deteriorates over the years or is damaged by a sudden impact and can't perform those functions properly until it requires Tulsa fence repair services.

Have you seen some signs that indicate your boundary structure is ready for professional fence repair?Tulsa handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa are here to help. Our reliable team has the skill and experience necessary to deal with the problem effectively and efficiently, restoring your structure to attractive, functional condition once more.

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Our Trusted Tulsa Fence Repair Services

Whether you just need a few minor repairs here and there or a bigger repair to deal with a heavily damaged panel or section, the experienced professionals at Mr. Handyman are your best choice to erase damage with expert Tulsa fence repair strategies. We're passionate about helping local homeowners and business owners keep their properties in excellent condition, so we work efficiently without cutting corners to ensure that the results of our work are appealing and long-lasting, and that your household can get back to its regular routines without too much disruption.

The Tulsa fence repair strategy we choose for your property will naturally depend on the type of damage and how widespread it is across your structure. Some common repairs our Tulsa fence repair professionals are often called to handle are:

  • Replacing broken or missing slats, rails and pickets
  • Repairing stretched, warped or sagging chain link fence panels
  • Removing corrosion such as rust from metal fences
  • Fixing holes and cracks in vinyl fencing material
  • Gate repair for misaligned or broken gates
  • Replacing a rusted or busted gate latch
  • Painting vinyl that has faded from direct sun exposure


Wood rot repair is right up there among the most common requests our Tulsa fence repair experts get, and that makes plenty of sense. Wood fences are a popular choice for many reasons, not least of all because wood is so attractive, durable, easy to work with, renewable and readily available. But wood rot is caused by a high moisture content in timber, and your fence is all alone at the edge of your property with nothing to shelter it from rain, humidity and other sources of moisture. It likely has a protective coating of paint and/or sealant to help keep moisture out, but once that starts to wear away, the wood quickly begins to take on water and you end up with a rotten fence.

Wood rot softens timber and causes it to crumble apart by removing one of the components of wood fibers such as cellulose or lignin. As a result, there's no way to fully restore wood to it's previous condition. If the damage is fairly minor because you caught it early on and called for fence repair, Tulsa handyman professionals on our team may be able to take care of it by removing the rotted material and filling the holes with epoxy, then applying a coat of paint over top. But if the rot damage is more extensive, removing the damaged piece of timber altogether and replacing it with new wood is the best option. Keep in mind that some types of wood rot can travel to new locations, even over masonry surfaces, so it may also be necessary to treat the area with borate to prevent a recurrence.


Leaning posts are another common problem that requires Tulsa fence repair services. This issue often—but not always—relates back to wood rot as well, because wooden fence posts can rot and break off underground, leaving them with very little support to actually remain upright and hold up their end of the structure. It could also be that the buried concrete footing has crumbled apart over time and is no longer supporting the post. Either way, this particular Tulsa fence repair problem requires fence post replacement. The basic steps we'll follow to get the job done are:

  1. Remove old post and footing.

  2. Deepen hole if necessary.

  3. Put a new post in place and pour in concrete footing.

  4. Once concrete has dried, fill in soil over top of it.

  5. Attach rails, gate hinges or gate latch to new post.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Fence Repair, Tulsa

Homeowners and business owners aren't always sure where to turn when they need repair, installation, improvement and maintenance services such as Tulsa fence repair, but the right solution is only a phone call away. Get in touch with the reliable team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa by calling to find out more about our services or schedule a service appointment.

Along with fence repair, Tulsa residents can expect a wide variety of popular services from our skilled professionals, including fence installation, gate installation, flooring repair, door installation and much more. They can also expect us to always meet or exceed the highest standards for customer service and quality workmanship on both residential and commercial properties.

Frequently Asked Tulsa Fence Repair Questions

Do you have questions about services such as Tulsa fence repair? Property owners in Tulsa and nearby areas can get their questions answered by calling our customer service staff at to find out more or check out our answers to a few common questions below.


Not sure if your boundary structure is in decent condition or really needs fence repair? Tulsa homeowners should inspect their structure once or twice per year by walking along it—on both sides, if they have the access to do so—and inspecting it for signs that the structure needs professional help. Those telltale signs include:

  • Cracked or broken timber
  • Rotting wood
  • Weathered, gray, splintered wood
  • Missing fence pickets
  • Peeling, flaking paint or wood stain
  • Rust damage
  • Weak, unstable or leaning fence posts
  • Bent, loose or warped chain link panels
  • Slats or rails are touching ground
  • Vinyl color fading due to sunlight exposure
  • Broken latches or hinges on gate


While the posts that are holding the entire structure up do, of course, have to touch the ground as they are buried several feet into it, they are the only components that should actually be in contact with the soil. The reason for this is that soil and plants such as grass or weed growth hold on to moisture, so any parts that are touching the ground will be prone to moisture damage and the problem should be corrected before it leads to wood rot, rust or other water damage issues.

Your structure was probably originally constructed with parts such as the fence rails and pickets at least a few inches away from the ground. But over time, soil shifts around and plants grow, so dirt and other debris end up piling under the structure until it's touching. There's a pretty simple solution for this problem—every now and then, sweep dirt build-up out from under the structure and get in there with a weed whacker occasionally to get rid of weeds that can't be reached by your lawnmower.


It can be somewhat mystifying to try to figure out why a gate latch that used to be perfectly aligned with the other part of its latch on a gate post is now not, and the two sides of the latch don't meet up with each other anymore. If it's located on a slight slope, you might not be able to keep your gate closed at all because it just swings open again with no latch to hold it securely in place. This often happens because either the gate post or the latch post has shifted or sunk and is no longer in the same position. Or it could be that the hinges that hold the gate onto its post are broken or loose, causing the gate to tilt forward and drag on the ground which, needless to say, can make it almost impossible to open and close. Regardless of what caused the problem, our experienced Tulsa fence repair and gate repair techniques will get your latch perfectly aligned so your gate closes securely again.


If you've got a large fence covered in strips of paint that are peeling away, you know your structure is due—or long past due—for refinishing. This is actually a warning sign that wood rot is on the way, because it means the protective paint and sealant that were keeping water out of the wood are now gone and the timber underneath is unprotected against water incursion. But nobody wants to sacrifice their free time and spend hours of hard labour sanding off the damaged paint or pay someone else to spend hours doing it. Fortunately, there is a faster, far less laborious option that is highly effective at priming structures for refinishing: pressure washing.

Pressure washer machines produce high-pressure jets of water that can strip away that old paint quickly and easily. But it also gets rid of built-up grime and dirt, along with organic growth such as algae and moss. That leaves behind a fresh, clean, smooth surface that is ready for a fresh coat of paint and some sealant to help lock out moisture in the future. Not up to the task of refinishing? No problem—our Tulsa fence repair team can take care of that for you after pressure washing.


The answer hinges on a few important factors, such as our local climate and how well it is maintained over the years. Tulsa has a humid subtropical climate, and that means any wood that is outdoors will often be soaked with rain and condensing humidity, without much opportunity to dry out for long periods of time. That being said, it is possible for a wooden fence to last 20 years or even longer, as long as it is well-maintained and refinished occasionally. It also needs Tulsa fence repair now and then, including replacing individual boards that are rotted before the wood rot is able to spread further.


When considering whether they need Tulsa fence repair or a brand-new replacement installation, homeowners sometimes don't know how to determine which is the best option for their particular structure. Typically, Tulsa fence repair is going to be sufficient to address the problem because we can eliminate damage and restore the overall structure to great shape. That being said, there are some situations where replacement is going to be the better, more cost-effective option because it would be less costly but also provide more satisfactory, long-lasting results.

Some situations in which it's likely best to replace all or part of the structure include:

  • More than around 25% of the overall structure has suffered noticeable damage
  • Sudden and significant impact damage from a car or other large force
  • Infested by destructive insects such as carpenter ants or termites
  • Material is aged and doesn't look its best anymore.

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