If you or a family member's mobility needs have changed, you understand that you require assistance to maintain your independence and overall mobility. Whether you need help with threshold ramps or professional wheelchair ramp installation in Charleston, WV, Mr. Handyman is here. We can install ramps so you or a family member can access your home easily. 

Our dedicated Charleston handyman is a certified technician for safety and mobility modifications. Contact us today for a quote or to book your appointment! For more information, please continue reading and reach out to us if you have any questions.

About Our Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Charleston, WV

When you hire our handyman professionals, they will inspect your home and complete a detailed assessment of where your Charleston wheelchair ramp installation will make the most sense. We’ll also ensure to rule out any safety issues so that this accessibility modification will work for you flawlessly.

Why Build Wheelchair Ramps?

Although it might seem like a huge undertaking, the gift of freedom and independence is worth it. No one deserves to feel trapped in their home. As such, there are numerous benefits to a wheelchair ramp installation in Charleston, WV, homes. But the greater accessibility it provides makes it worth it for those with reduced mobility.

Better Mobility

Obviously, being able to move about freely is the biggest advantage of having a wheelchair ramp installed. They give you or your loved one significantly more freedom of movement and allow for them to come and go as they please.

But it's not just wheelchair users who appreciate ramps. Those who use other mobility devices or have mobility issues with stairs will also benefit. For seniors or other people with disabilities who make use of mobility equipment, stairs can pose a major obstacle. Ramps can help them continue to enjoy freedom of movement and improve their quality of life.

For those who are thinking of aging in place and might experience mobility concerns, it pays to be proactive. With the right installation, you'll have peace of mind and can continue to enjoy your home.

Increased Independence

Mobility is important for feeling independent, confident, happy, and improving quality of life. If you can't leave the house, then you'll begin to feel trapped and experience a host of negative emotions.

Simple tasks, such as grocery shopping, might feel impossible. With a wheelchair ramp, though, you can continue to enjoy freedom of movement, which is critical for a good, happy life. With our Charleston wheelchair ramp installation services, you can continue to enjoy the freedom you have always enjoyed.

Safety is the Paramount Concern

Although it's an unpleasant thought, imagine what could happen if a fire broke out in your home. For seniors and individuals with disabilities, this is a real concern. After all, they could very easily be trapped inside a burning building with no avenue for escape. With an accessibility ramp, you or they can escape in the event of a fire.

Those with physical disabilities or who are of an advanced age don't move as quickly or easily as the rest of us. That's why you need to be prepared for such serious events by preparing for easy and safe access to an exit. Even if you employ a caregiver, they need to be able to leave the building in the event that a disaster strikes—as the caregiver might be running errands or unable to provide the needed help.

Greater Convenience

It's not just the disabled who benefit from disability ramps. Family, friends, caregivers, and even those who you hire to move furniture or heavy appliances will appreciate a ramp. Plus, slopes are proven to be gentler on the joints, which can help those who have hip, knee, or back pain. Trust our certified handyman team for an efficient wheelchair ramp installation in Charleston, WV.

ADA Compliance for Commercial Properties

When you own a business or commercial property that's open to the general public, you're required by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide reasonable accessibility accommodations for those with disabilities. These requirements encompass the installation of disability ramps to facilitate access for wheelchair users.

Many business owners might not realize that this is a requirement, particularly if they're operating out of an older building that wasn't designed to be accessible. This is why you need the disability ramp installation services provided by Mr. Handyman! We can ensure that you meet the requirements of the ADA, allowing those with mobility problems to continue to easily access your property.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Your Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Charleston, WV

Whether you're installing a ramp for yourself or a family member, your wheelchair ramp project is important to us. We understand how important a ramp can be to your quality of life and are committed to ensuring that it meets all local and ADA requirements. Our professional handymen are here to answer any questions you may have about the process and will ensure that your ramp will accommodate any mobility devices you or your family use.

We’re a locally owned and operated business that is proud to be making a difference in our communities. From a wide range of handyman services, such as drywall repair, trim repair, and home remodeling, we are committed to providing guaranteed workmanship and superior customer service at every job. Whether you’re in Charleston or the surrounding areas of Dunbar and St. Albans, we offer the home modification services you need to stay safe and comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchair Ramps

What is the slope needed for a Charleston wheelchair ramp installation?

According to the ADA, all business and public use disability ramps must adhere to a 1:12 slope ratio. This means that for every inch of vertical rise, there needs to be twelve horizontal inches (a foot) of ramp.

Can I have a wheelchair ramp installed at my home?

Absolutely! However, it's important to note that in certain cities, you're required to first obtain a building permit to build a ramp. Then, you will need to have a building official review your ramp plans. This is not the case everywhere, but it is important you check with your local city ordinances to ensure that your ramp is compliant.

Now, while a residential ramp may be designed specifically to meet your needs, it still needs to meet local codes for construction, materials, and other requirements. This is why you need professional disability ramp installation services to help when it comes time for design and installation.

How long does my ramp need to be?

Given the ADA requirements, generally a ramp that needs to be lifted, for example, six inches, will require a corresponding length of six feet. Additionally, the ramp needs to be, at minimum, 36-inches wide to be ADA compliant. The advantage of a disability ramp is that it can be customized to best meet your needs.

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