Did you know the average U.S. household owns seven digital screens, with TV being amongst the most popular, with at least 93% of American households owning at least one? And at least a third of these households own more than four television sets! Has it ever been so obvious that we need a proper place for our TV set? This sounds like a project for our Lehi TV mounting service team!

If you are upgrading to a home theater or just want to add an extra digital screen to a spare room, you are best advised to rely on a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Lehi handyman from Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork.

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What Is Lehi TV Mounting? Why Is It Useful?

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Although most modern homes in Lehi have a built-in shelf to rest their TV set on, the space has to be physically cut into the drywall to do this. But like most Lehi homeowners you are looking for a semi-permanent and adjustable solution, for example, a mounting bracket or plate which is a structural setup that allows your television to rest on a wall or flat surface. A television mounting bracket is a metal frame that attaches a flat screen to the mounting surface. Most modern TVs have built-in and standard mounting holes known as VESA patterns which allow for different types of wall mounts to be hooked onto them. Although some homeowners prefer a TV stand instead of a TV mount as it provides a place for your television to sit directly atop a surface, the TV itself is not securely attached to the stand and can topple over if you were to bump into the stand accidentally.

The beauty of a wall mount is that it is directly affixed to a wall and is versatile in the sense that it allows for customization. For example, you can exhibit it on multiple surfaces apart from your living room wall, including your kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom walls! No longer will you have to awkwardly cram your head around or prop yourself up on pillows during a Netflix movie night as a mount allows for multiple viewing angles. Plus, you save on floor space that would normally be taken up by a big bulky TV stand or storage cabinet, which allows your entertainment area to have a more neat and tidy appearance as it will be less cluttered. So if you’re living in a small apartment or condo, such as a bachelor pad or even renting a room, Lehi TV mounting is a great space saver. It will also boost your TV-watching experience as it allows you to specifically position the TV away from high-traffic areas or avert the direct gaze of sunlight and avoid glare from the screen. Moreover, it bolsters the safety of a room especially for small children or the elderly as it causes less clutter and provides space for mobility. Plus, not only will a TV mount allow for a more enjoyable viewing experience it makes a room look more picturesque and improves the overall interior decor. Moreover, for film fanatics with a homemade movie theater, we know you likely own a projector system, so we can even perform a Lehi TV mounting service for a pull-down screen by installing adjustable bracket mounts. Trust us–you’ll be the envy of your guests and friends once they witness your revamped home cinema and ask you for a referral.

Our Leading Lehi TV Mounting Services

Your LED flat-screen television will look quite eye-catching after a Lehi TV mounting service as it will allow you to angle the screen down for better viewing when installed high on a wall and give you the flexibility you so desire. Whether you are on the go and watching the morning news while preparing breakfast for your family members, getting ready for a special sporting event with friends for Superbowl Sunday, or remodeling your bedroom to be more comfortable and accessible, the possibilities are endless! Plus, Lehi TV mounting is a worthwhile investment as you can reuse your TV wall mount, so there is no problem if you end up moving: simply detach the mount and take it with you.

Our Verified TV Mounting Installation Process

Although there are numerous benefits to TV mounts, some styles are preferable over others based on your room’s layout, the spot where you are planning to hang your television, and where you will mostly be sitting. Although the optimal viewing height is considered the center of the display at eye level, many Lehi residents consider this to be way too low for a wall mount. Thankfully, they can customize the exact positioning with our professional Lehi TV mounting services. There are also different materials you can opt for if you’re especially choosy: brass, steel, acrylic plastic, and aluminum. Here are the three main styles you can choose from:


This style of TV mounting is generic, but it sits the most flush with the wall, the mount itself is hidden in plain sight and discreetly behind your television. It is good for smaller and confined spaces and is the more affordable option. Plus, there are mounts available for larger and heavier widescreen TVs. One drawback is that it gives very limited space to run wires across the backside of your television. So depending on your socket location or inputs on the back, you can run into wiring issues, for example, with cables being bent waywardly to fit properly. As a result, the cables or cords can be damaged by fraying and splitting open, rendering them useless.


A tilting mount is great for angling your TV downward, especially if you are aiming to set your TV higher up on the wall. And so this sort of TV mounting allows for the best and optimal viewing angle once you are seated, especially if you are sitting directly in front of your television itself. Best of all, you can adjust its angle enough so that it reduces any glare that flashes across the screen. The only drawback is that if you don’t rely on an expert technician for a Lehi TV mounting service, you risk the TV falling flat on its face due to an extra gravitational pull on the screen. It’s also a pricier option compared to its fixed counterpart.

Full Motion Mount

This mount offers the most versatility as it has multiple pivot points which allow you to extend, tilt, swivel, and rotate your television in every which way. For example, a full motion mount allows you to extend your TV apart from the wall and move it from left to right. Doing so gives you a better viewing angle regardless of if you're sitting, standing, or off to the side a good distance away from the screen. This type would work great for your kitchen or in a corner or recessed space, and if a full-motion mount is extended, it showcases this cool floating TV effect. The only drawback is that being the most innovative kind of mount, it comes with the highest price tag, so it’s up to you to determine if the extra movement is worth the added expense.

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your Likable Choice For Lehi TV Mounting

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Improve your home theater experience with a Lehi TV mounting service and achieve the ideal height for your new smart television. You will be glad you did once you realize you no longer have aches and pains from bad sitting posture. Our exceptional handyman services at Mr. Handyman will ensure you’ll benefit from increased safety and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lehi TV Mounting

What Do I Need To Know Before Mounting A TV?

Here are some things to take into consideration for a Lehi TV mourning service:

  • Choosing the appropriate location and height for mounting a TV requires some detailed planning
  • Locate wall studs
  • Mark off pilot holes
  • Position the wall mount properly before attaching and securing it to a designated spot on the wall
  • Attach the mounting plate to the TV

How Do I Even Know If A Wall Mount Will Hold My TV?

TV size and weight are important factors to consider. It’s always good practice to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for determining if your mount has the proper weight compatibility with your TV. You should find this in your instruction manual that came with your item purchase. If not, you can always check on the manufacturer's website for the specifications of your model.

What Is the Disadvantage Of A Wall-Mounted TV?

One downside of installing one on your wall is that it restricts your ability to access the ports on your TV’s backside. This is because most TV wall mounts are designed to be more low profile and sit flush against the surface, which means there is a very little gap between your unit and the wall. This may create some problems down the road, for example, connecting equipment, such as your WiFi router, TV digital box, gaming console, etc., to the TV, and you may require special extension cables to do this.

You Deserve A Homemade Cinema For Your Movie Night–Call Us Today For Our Lehi TV Mounting Service!

A wall-mounted TV is an amazing addition to any living space or room–but it’s best to rely on an experienced and well-equipped handyman who has the skillset, tactic, and know-how to anchor your TV securely to your wall. The last thing you want is an off-kilter or awkwardly leaning TV which is a total buzzkill.

Apart from Lehi, we also serve nearby areas of American Fork, Cedar Valley, and Eagle Mountain, so feel free to reach out to one of our exceptional customer service staff members to schedule an appointment for a Lehi TV mounting service.

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