An American Fork handyman discuss home repair options with a customer.

If you prefer a slower-paced lifestyle in a suburban environment, you are most likely living in American Fork. As one of Provo’s most desired suburbs, American Fork has welcomed many families and young professionals in recent years. It’s not difficult to make the final decision and settle here with a beautiful home! When you’re not commuting to work or running errands, you can simply head to the park to wind down, or take the weekend off to visit Utah Lake or hike Mt. Timpanogos.

When you’re enjoying your free time, we hate to remind you of home maintenance and repairs that need to be done to preserve your property. But what if we told you that your local American Fork handyman is only one call away from getting all the jobs on your to-do list done for you, so you can continue focusing on your downtime?

As a locally-owned and operated business and part of Neighborly’s leading home service brands, Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork is proud to be serving the locals of American Fork and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing our local customers with professional handyman services that guarantee high-quality workmanship and an exceptional customer experience.

Hire a Professional Handyman in American Fork For Property Maintenance

Home maintenance is something that you agree to when you purchase a home, but you may not have expected it to be so time-consuming and stressful. While it is often easier for homeowners to take care of their home’s interior, it may be more difficult to maintain your outdoor living space on a seasonal basis. For that reason, we believe that every residential property owner needs the help of a professional handyman. American Fork homeowners who spend a lot more time inside during the winter months may not realize how much work needs to be done to get their home’s exterior ready for the summer.


A worn American Fork deck that could benefit from deck repair from a handyman.

Keeping up with deck maintenance is not on everybody’s list until they decide to plan a barbecue or backyard party. Besides routine maintenance such as pressure washing, sanding, and resealing, it’s important to winterize your deck by removing as much furniture as possible and protecting it with a tarp. Rugs and other items should be removed to stop the surface from drying too slowly. Gutters should be inspected for leaks if they’re leaking uncontrollably onto your deck.

Spring is the best time to check if you need deck repairs from a skilled handyman. American Fork, UT residents who perform a spring maintenance check often discover damage winter has left behind.

Common Deck Problems:

  • Loose balusters
  • Rotted stair treads
  • Holes and cracks
  • Fading & discoloration
  • Drainage issues
  • Erosion around footings
  • Corroded metal fasteners
  • Mildew & algae
  • Bug infestations

When hiring a qualified handyman, American Fork homeowners can count on us to restore their deck’s health and functions. Pressure-treated wood or natural cedar are resilient and moisture-resistant but require routine maintenance to stay that way, at least once every two years but annual inspections are recommended.

Pro Tip!

Want to reduce upkeep and increase safety? Our local customers sometimes ask us about low-maintenance decking systems besides vinyl, and we answer with composite decking. Composite materials have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Who knew that you could create a strong bonding agent when combining wood pulp with synthetics? Compared to wooden decks that last under 20 years, composite decks can last for over 25 years with barely any upkeep.


Similar to your deck, maintaining your fence system is just as important. Weather damage such as high UV and or moisture issues can lead to wood rot and other problems. Cedar fences are one of the most preferred natural wood choices. They’re naturally moisture-resistant and look exceptionally beautiful with their reddish hue. Although it’s not necessary to stain or seal cedar, your American Fork handyman recommends doing it if you want to maintain the shine and protect it from fading and discoloration. Regular maintenance will also protect it from early weather damage.

When hiring a professional handyman, American Fork homeowners can rest easy knowing that we bring the necessary knowledge and experience in maintaining all types of fence systems.

What To Expect From Your American Fork Handyman Near Me

  • Fence post & pickets inspection
  • Repair leaning fences
  • Check boards for wood rot, termites & other damages
  • Rust removal, recoating & repainting
  • Replace corroded parts
  • Soil inspection
  • Termite control

Fence posts should be the only components that touch the ground, whereas the picket panels should be off the ground by at least two inches. Our experienced service providers will be able to tell how serious the damage is and what type of fence repair service is needed to rectify the problem.


Before we say that wood or steel doors can last between 30 and 50 years, it’s important to note that it all comes down to how well it’s maintained and how severe the climate situation is. Of course, there are other components that make up the whole door system, such as your door frame and threshold. Frequent slamming is the leading issue for cracks in the frame and walls. But no door issue is too complicated for our qualified handyman. American Fork homes that suffer from decreased energy efficiency may have an outdated door to blame. Other warning signs to look out for include:

  • Inoperable door knob
  • Sticking latch
  • Difficulty opening and closing
  • Misalignment
  • Air leaks & drafts
  • Squeaky hinges
  • Termite damage
  • Rust
  • Peeling paint & wood rot
  • Loud outside noises
  • Decreased insulating qualities

Door repairs are a common request for our reputable handyman. American Fork homeowners often tell us that it’s easy to overlook the maintenance tasks and ask for alternative recommendations. Over the years, we have installed multiple fiberglass door systems because they are highly weather-resistant and suitable for any climate. The fiberglass exterior is made of fiber-reinforced polymer, whereas the interior is filled with insulating polyurethane foam which also offers soundproofing qualities.


A backyard with fresh stone tiles installed by a qualified handyman in American Fork

It’s very rare to find homes that do not have any types of tile installed. Not only is tile highly functional, but it also accentuates specific areas of your home, whether it’s a glazed porcelain kitchen backsplash and countertop, or a shower wall. It’s almost impossible to imagine a kitchen or bathroom without tile installation. What else is good at resisting water and high moisture levels? Not much comes to mind if you ask our local pros!

Tiles are highly versatile and come in different types and styles. The challenges are laying tiles and choosing high-quality products. When you hire Mr. Handyman in American Fork, you can expect our skilful tile installers to provide a superior consultation and installation service.

Types of Tile We Work With

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Glass

Feel free to inquire about alternative options!

How Do I Choose Between Ceramic and Porcelain?

We understand this dilemma all too well! While both types are highly efficient, the difference between them lies in the way they’re made. Porcelain is generally denser because it is baked at a higher temperature. By nature, porcelain is more durable and water-resistant and often preferred in wet rooms. But that doesn’t mean ceramic tile is any less effective. Ceramic may be more porous unless it’s properly sealed and resealed on a routine basis, so it does require more maintenance than porcelain. Choosing the right type also depends on how high the foot traffic is because porcelain can handle high-traffic areas better than ceramic.

American Fork Handyman For Tile Repair

When you need an experienced handyman in American Fork for tile repair services, we are your local team! Whether you have a chipped tile sheet or crumbling grout lines, a tile expert will be able to inspect for any underlying issues, especially when your problem is your shower wall. Hidden water line leaks are a common issue that homeowners detect too late. Tile replacement and cement board replacement are common in these situations. While chipped tile sheets are easily fixed with epoxy, grout lines involve scraping out the old grout before applying a new line.

Pro Tip!

As an alternative to cement grout which is porous and takes longer to dry, there is also epoxy grout which has become a technician’s favorite. Epoxy grout is highly durable, dries quickly, and doesn’t require sealing like cement grout does. As a result, it will last you for many years without experiencing early signs of wear. Feel free to ask your American Fork handyman for more details.

Bathroom Remodel

Did you recently move into your dream home where you fell in love with everything but the bathroom? We have found that besides kitchens, bathrooms are the most common areas for improvement projects. As one of the most intimate spaces in your home, it needs to be functional, safe, and comfortable. Even if one of these criteria is missing, you have a good reason to hire a licensed handyman in American Fork for a professional bathroom remodel.

You may be surprised to know that we’re a very versatile team that is capable of more than just maintenance and repairs. But when it comes to our customers’ comfort, going the extra mile and embark on larger projects is a very rewarding experience for us. A checklist we recommend include:

  • Budget setting (plus emergency funds)
  • Timeline
  • List of plumbing fixture upgrades (toilet, sink, faucet, bathtub)
  • New shower system & walls
  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Cabinets (base, floating, medical)
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Shelving units
  • Towel racks
  • Improved ventilation

These are some of the main items we consider as important, but we encourage you not to hold back on the things you really want because chances are your American Fork handyman team can make it happen! Furthermore, we have connections to trusted suppliers whom we can recommend. But we do suggest putting away some emergency funds in case you experience delivery issues or there is water damage that needs to be addressed first. Our professional team will ensure to thoroughly inspect your bathroom first, so we’ll know if any repairs are needed prior to beginning the remodel. Our highly-rated pros always love a challenge and will also do their best to ensure a great customer experience.

Commercial Handyman in American Fork

Taking care of business means you’re in charge of incoming revenue and that’s important to grow your business and pay your employees for their exceptional contribution. While you’re already doing your best to keep them safe and comfortable in their workspace, you can’t keep an eye on every single detail. Commercial maintenance and repairs should be left to a commercial handyman. American Fork business owners or building managers who need assistance can rely on our dependable handyman team to complete the following jobs:

  • Drywall Repair: It’s essential to have secure interior walls in your commercial space since most are not as thick as in most residential homes. Ceiling repairs are also common because most commercial ceilings consist of panels that are easy to remove so technicians can access wires, ducts, and light fixtures.
  • Graffiti Removal: Graffiti is a form of vandalism that many business owners have to face. We can take care of graffiti removal for your property’s exterior.
  • Appliance and Fixture Installations: Whether you’re installing a new dishwasher, washing machine, or need a leaky faucet replaced, we can help!
  • Commercial Finish Carpentry: Do you have wood structures in place that are not finished? We’ll help you install baseboards, crown moldings, door and window frames. Any sign of imperfections will be dealt with expertly.
  • TV Mounting: Many commercial spaces rely on watching news and sporting events, whereas other facilities have TVs to keep customers, patients, and other guests entertained in waiting rooms. Besides mounting TVs, we also offer professional picture hanging services so you can proudly present your credentials and other accomplishments.

Falling Behind With Seasonal Maintenance? Call Your American Fork Handyman!

Whether you need outdoor or indoor repairs, our team of experts at Mr. Handyman has you covered. We have been around long enough to know the common issues that homeowners face and are committed to providing preventative maintenance and minor home repairs to stop wear and tear from spiraling out of control.

Are you in American Fork or a nearby community like Provo, Highland or Spanish Fork?

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