Having efficient home insulation is one thing. But ensuring that interior trims and structures are air sealed and weatherproofed is just as important. Mr. Handyman’s Lehi weatherproofing service is your economical solution to stopping uncomfortable air infiltration. Over 40% of American homes suffer from energy loss due to this problem. Not only does it put your HVAC system in overdrive, but your home’s energy efficiency will drastically decrease and lead to high monthly energy bills.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply want to have additional protection against potential draftiness, our expert Lehi handyman has you covered with a weather-stripping service. Our local experts at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork bring many years of experience in maintaining residential properties. We ensure that your home remains comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year. Contact us today to book your Lehi weatherproofing appointment.

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What Does Lehi Weather Proofing Service Include?

When you hire our thorough Lehi weatherproofing service team, they will complete the necessary inspections and use professional tools to detect air leaks. Often, our customers hire our Lehi weatherproofing services to replace old, outdated materials. While store-bought materials can be of good quality, it is important that you pick the right one for the right purpose. Besides that, weather stripping requires some expertise and experience to apply correctly.

Lehi Weather Proofing for Doors

You use your front and back doors regularly and the occasional door slamming doesn’t really do your door frame any good or the structure as a whole. Existing caulk underneath the frame will break over time or the frame itself will suffer from cracks and holes. Furthermore, the door itself could fall out of alignment and call for repair. Or it is time for a new door installation to restore your door’s energy efficiency. You won’t know until you call the pros for a detailed diagnosis. Lehi weatherproofing for doors can entail something as simple as adjusting shim hinges, strike plates, and door latches. If you prefer a tighter seal between your door and door jamb, our professional handyman can install a high-quality V-seal strip (also known as tension seal), which is typically made of metal or plastic material. Some homeowners also prefer installing either a bristle sweep or a silicone-based door sweep at the bottom of their door. All these weather-stripping installation options serve well as draft blockers, but there is also something else to consider.

Our Lehi weatherproofing team will take a closer look at your door frame. It’s easy to believe that using wood filler to fix the cracks will do the job, but it’s also important to inspect underneath the framing. If we detect air leakage in the area, our handyman professionals will remove the framing and ensure that any gaps and broken caulk beads are fixed. Taking care of the exterior door frame is also important, if not more. Here is where our caulking service becomes an essential part of weather stripping. Before caulking your exterior door frame, there is much housekeeping that needs to be done. It includes removing old sealants, and old caulk residues, and cleaning. On some occasions, where there is a huge gap between the wall and framing, we install a foam-based backer rod before we seal that space. Proper caulking service ensures that any joint areas are airtight and waterproof and that you’re protected from water intrusion, water damage, and pest infestation.

Lehi Weather Proofing for Windows

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Weather stripping or weather sealing your windows makes them airtight. But before you apply it, it’s important to ensure that your windowpanes and window frames are in good condition. Otherwise, weatherproofing won’t help. Our skilled handyman team cares about practical, cost-effective solutions. So, if we detect any underlying issues, such as damaged glass panes, we’ll be honest about our findings. We’ll help you make an informed decision about repair and replacement options.

Apart from that, high-quality weatherproofing on your window sash, sill, and frame could greatly reduce your monthly energy costs and enhance your indoor comfort. Similar to doors, there are also many draft-stopping options for your window. But before you purchase a window insulator kit, allow our Lehi weatherproofing experts to check for underlying issues that you may need to address first. Plus, we’ll ensure you that we’ll use high-quality materials to properly seal your windows.

Why Is Mr. Handyman the Best Choice for Lehi Weather Proofing?

Your local service professionals at Mr. Handyman are committed to providing its community with excellent craftsmanship that guarantees customer satisfaction. What makes us stand out from the competition is that we never leave the job half done. In fact, our customers have referred to us as their one-stop shop for all their property maintenance and repair needs. Nowhere else will you find more trusted and courteous handyman professionals than at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork?

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Lehi Weather Proofing FAQs

What’s The Best Lehi Weather Proofing Material? And Where Should They Be Used?

Common types of weatherstripping include strips and caulk, which brings us closer to the choice of materials.

  • V strip seals are a popular choice for effective Lehi weatherproofing and are available in metal or plastic. They work best in door jambs and along the sides of sliding patio doors or double-hung windows.
  • Felt weather stripping is environmentally friendly and effective. It’s good for at least two years around doors and window sashes.
  • Foam strips work well inside door frames and come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. You can choose from open-cell and closed-cell.
  • Rubber weather stripping is highly effective and durable, but it costs for than its foam and felt counterparts. It’s also tricky to install and best left to a professional. They work best when you install them underneath your door frames.
  • Tubular rubber seals: These types of tubing are typically made of silicone, vinyl or rubber and serve well as an air barrier. They work best when mounted to a solid strip before installing them to the top or bottom of your door or window.
  • Caulking is one of the most reliable Lehi weatherproofing options and also comes in various materials, including acrylic latex, polyurethane foam, or silicone. It can be reliably used anywhere for weather stripping purposes.

How Long Does a Weather Stripping Installation Last?

Depending on the material you use for your Lehi weatherproofing project, it may last a year or two. Typically, adhesive-backed tapes and foams are most efficient for a year until they begin to deteriorate. High-quality caulk may last for two years before it starts to dry out and break.

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It may strike you as a small job, but applying weather stripping efficiently requires skills and experience whether it is applying caulk beads or foam strips. We invite you to call our friendly customer service representatives to find out more about our popular Lehi weatherproofing services.

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