Your fence does a lot for your property—even if it's just there for decorative purposes, it works wonders at boosting your home's curb appeal and making that all-important first impression on visitors. But most fences aren't just there for the sake of appearances. They keep pets and small children safely contained inside the yard, so you don't have to worry that anyone will dart out onto a busy road. Plus, they discourage casual trespassers from wandering onto your property uninvited. The barrier can also offer privacy in your backyard, whether you're living it up in the hot tub or just puttering around the garden. But without occasional Memphis fence repair, these barriers don't provide the safety you need.

In fact, it's quite the opposite—they could become a detriment to the exterior design, security, and privacy of your property. If you've spotted some of the signs that indicate your fencing needs help from a qualified professional, trust your local Memphis handyman to get the job done right. Call the qualified team at Mr. Handyman of Memphis today and speak with a knowledgeable customer service rep. When in need of exterior maintenance and fence repair, Memphis property owners will know we have what it takes to keep their structures in shape

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

Your home's cladding is a protective shield, safeguarding it against harsh weather conditions, water damage, gradual deterioration, and more. When this armor is compromised, it impacts your home's appearance and hampers its ability to effectively shield the rest of the house from severe issues. While exterior cladding is designed to be durable, it cannot withstand the constant assault of destructive elements indefinitely. Eventually, you will require Memphis siding repair services to restore your home's appeal, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Neglecting regular wood or vinyl siding repair can lead to more than a decline in your home's curb appeal. The consequences can be far more severe. Broken siding may require expensive repairs or extensive replacement, increasing project costs. Damaged siding can also cause water damage to your home, basement flooding, and mold growth. While it may sound extreme, these things can spiral and are pretty standard in the Memphis area. The simple solution to prevent such issues is to contact your local Memphis handyman.

Our skilled professionals possess the expertise to thoroughly inspect your siding and identify potential problems. We can provide immediate repairs to prevent future complications if we encounter any issues during the inspection. Don't wait until your exterior cladding deteriorates until house siding repair becomes impossible. It's best to seek assistance from your local Mr. Handyman immediately.

Need House Siding Repair, Memphis?

There's a wide variety of ways that your cladding can become damaged and need siding repair. Rest assured, Memphis homeowners can depend on our handyman experts to address the issue, irrespective of the installed siding type. However, suppose the damage is severe or widespread throughout the entire structure. In that case, replacement is likely the optimal choice since it is more cost-effective and long-lasting than multiple minor repairs.

If you have identified minor damage that requires Memphis siding repair, such as nail holes, small cracks, or gaps, your cladding necessitates professional caulking services to seal it up. Exterior caulk is a semi-flexible sealant that fills gaps, preventing moisture and pests from infiltrating your walls and minimizing heat transfer. This way, your home's heating and air conditioning system won't have to work overtime to counteract loss, making it more energy efficient. For small patches of wood rot, an epoxy filler may be adequate to address the issue, but if the damage is extensive, it is preferable to replace the affected shingles or planks altogether.

In the event of more severe damage, such as hail damage that has punctured holes across an entire exterior wall of your building, missing panels or boards, or extensive deterioration, replacing the affected sections or the entire siding of the building is the appropriate option. Suppose there are concerns with the moisture barrier underneath. In that case, it should also be replaced to prevent water from penetrating further and causing interior problems like flattened insulation, wood rot, damaged drywall, and more.

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Our siding repair company and handyman experts take pride in delivering exceptional handyman services. We understand that home maintenance can be stressful, which is why we offer hassle-free solutions for all your Memphis siding repair needs. At Mr. Handyman of Memphis, we prioritize our clients, and our customized care and solutions are designed to cater to your needs, family, and home.

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Excellent Customer Service: Our happy customers consistently give us excellent reviews; their testimonials speak for themselves.

Quality Workmanship: We stand by the quality of our work. If your project was not performed correctly, we will rectify the situation. Contact us within a year of the service, and we will make it right. We promise that every quality project is only done once it's done right.

Professional Services: Our siding specialists are professional, knowledgeable, kind, and courteous, with years of extensive experience. They are certified, have excellent communication, and can offer trusted advice on repairing or replacing a section of siding.

Top-Grade Equipment: Our expert installers use only top-grade certified materials to add life and longevity to our work and prevent unexpected future repairs. Our experienced professionals come prepared with all the tools needed for a Memphis siding repair project.

Diverse Handyman Services: We offer a wide range of services, from exterior siding installation services, exterior trim repair, gutter repair, paint projects, bathroom repairs, gutter cleaning, roofing repairs, pressure washing, window repair, and installation, and much more! We're your all-in-one expert handyman with a full range of experience!

A Memphis siding repair shouldn't bust your wallet with expensive options. That's why we offer affordable, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, keeping your Memphis siding repair costs as low as possible while delivering quality service. With years of experience in the field, we guarantee that our work will result in exceptional exterior surfaces. Contact us online or call for a handyman service quote or any other problem!

Frequently Asked Questions About Memphis Siding Repair

What Types of Siding Are Available?

Whether just a piece of siding or an entire replacement siding, your cladding comes in various types and durable materials. It's essential to understand what kind you have in your home so you know how to maintain it properly. Your siding material could be:

  • Wood Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Metal Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Natural Stone Siding
  • Aluminum Siding

What Types of Damage Do You Typically See on Vinyl Siding Repairs?

Damage to your cladding can be caused by all sorts of factors, from minor to severe. Some of the most common types of damage we see on the job are:

  • Warped Siding: Materials, especially vinyl or composite, can warp or buckle when exposed to excessive heat or extreme weather changes. This can result in a distorted appearance and compromised structural integrity.
  • Pest Damage: Critter damage and certain pests, such as termites or woodpeckers, can cause damage to wood siding by burrowing into or pecking at it.
  • Storm Damage: Due to inclement weather or extreme weather conditions, such as cold winters or heavy rain and hail, your cladding can crack, split, or be susceptible to mildew growth. Severe storms with hail can dent or create holes in your home too.

Regardless of the damage, a Memphis siding repair can fix your property so it’s good as new. Contact a professional today to assess the extent of damage and create a plan to get your cladding functioning at its best so your home is protected.

How Long Does Cladding Last?

The lifespan of your cladding varies and depends not only on the type of material it's made with but also on when it was installed. If you own an older property, chances are that your home isn't as protected as it could be, and installation services may be needed. Newer cladding and materials offer newer technology and protection to your home.

Different types of siding have varying lifespans and maintenance requirements. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Vinyl: Quality vinyl siding can endure for several decades, depending on its grade and the climate it's exposed to.
  2. Wood: Wood siding typically lasts 15 to 40 years but demands significant maintenance to preserve its longevity.
  3. Aluminum: With basic maintenance, aluminum siding can last up to 30 years. However, repainting may be necessary at some point.
  4. Cedar: Cedar siding often comes with extended warranties, but it does require regular maintenance to ensure its durability.
  5. Fiber Cement: Developed by James Hardie Inc. in the 1980s, fiber cement siding is a highly durable material that lasts up to 50 years. It requires minimal maintenance once installed.

It's essential to consider different materials' lifespan and maintenance needs when choosing the best option for your home or when in the market for a new property. Experts at Mr. Handyman can evaluate and help you understand all the maintenance and upkeep for the material on your house.

Should I Consider Window Replacement at the Same Time as Cladding Installation?

It is generally recommended to replace windows at the same time as the cladding if they are old, inefficient, or damaged. This will prevent damage, update your home, and save you time. Newer windows, like new cladding, will protect your property's structure, make it more energy efficient, save on utility bills, and improve the overall look of your house. Old windows can stand out more with newer siding and vice versa. Getting them both repaired or replaced can increase the aesthetic of your property and protect it from damage.

Ultimately, deciding to replace windows when replacing siding depends on your specific situation and budget. If your windows are relatively new and in good condition, you may not need to replace them. However, if they are outdated, inefficient, or damaged, replacing them along with the siding may be beneficial. Your professional handyman can help you with this decision and even assess your windows' condition.

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