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Collierville is a charming town steeped in history, with plenty of beautiful green spaces and lovely homes. In fact, homeowners and business owners here tend to take pride in their properties and like to keep them looking their very best, which is a big part of what makes Collierville such an attractive place to live. But it's not always easy to find the time and expertise to handle all the tasks that need to get done, from patching a hole in the drywall to putting up a new fence.

Luckily, there's a solution that allows you to get everything on your to-do list taken care of efficiently—call your local, experienced handyman. Collierville homeowners and business owners alike can depend on the team of qualified service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Memphis when they need a handyman near me. Our Collierville handyman team has decades of combined experience in repair, maintenance, and installation projects, so we know how to deliver services with long-lasting results that meet or exceed your expectations.

Experienced Collierville Handyman Near Me

We are a locally owned and operated business in the Memphis area, and we are proud to serve the people of Collierville and nearby areas such as Germantown, Lakeland, and Bartlett with top-quality workmanship and trustworthy, genuine customer service. Mr. Handyman of Memphis is your local handyman company, offering a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties.

If you'd like to know more about our popular services from a reliable handyman in Collierville, contact us today to chat with our knowledgeable customer service representatives and find out more. You can also find more information about a few of our local handyman services below.

Collierville Drywall Repair Service

The vast majority of people could go years without drywall ever crossing their minds, even though we all spend our days surrounded by it. But when your drywall has suffered damage such as cracks, holes, water stains or scuffs, suddenly it's noticeable in all the wrong ways. Damaged drywall is clearly an aesthetic problem, but there are more reasons than just appearance to get it repaired by a handyman in Collierville. Drywall damage can reduce the comfort of your home and force you to pay more than necessary for energy charges on your monthly utility bill.

The problems you can experience from drywall damage include:

  • Increased energy costs due to cracks and holes in your walls or ceiling letting air from your HVAC system into the interior of the walls, which forces your HVAC to use more energy to heat and cool the house.
  • A reduction in noise separation between rooms, meaning you can hear every whisper and bump from the next room, and it's a lot more difficult to get a little peace and quiet.
  • A greater chance of insect and rodent infestations, as existing holes in walls give those opportunistic critters a chance to move into your house a lot more easily and make it harder to get them removed.

When you call Mr. Handyman in Collierville, you can count on us to take care of the entire process, including steps such as:

  • Laying down drop cloths or plastic sheeting to catch the mess
  • Removing old drywall
  • Installing new panels of drywall
  • Taping joints
  • Mudding and sanding
  • Painting the wall so the repair is completely invisible
  • Cleaning up afterward
  • Rehanging your curtains and artwork for the finishing touches

If you are dealing with extensive drywall damage that is impacting most or all of the panels in a given room, replacement is likely a better solution than drywall repair. Our team can take care of experienced drywall installation services as well.

Deck Repair and Refinishing

When spring arrives, Tennessee homeowners love to head out to the deck to relax, grill and have fun with the kids and dogs—and the best place to do that is a backyard deck or front porch. But even though we don't get much snow here, the winter months can still be hard on outdoor structures that are exposed to the elements, and you may discover some problems like splintery wood, rotten boards, wobbly railings, and popping nails that are making your deck less appealing.

Those types of issues aren't just unattractive. They pose a hazard that could end in injury for your friends or family members, and some types of damage, such as wood rot, have the potential to spread to other parts of your house. Your porch and deck should be pleasant, inviting outdoor spaces that are like extensions of your home, and if you are reluctant to step out on your deck without shoes on because you don't want a big splinter in the bottom of your foot, that's a strong indication that you need deck repair services from a handyman in Collierville.

But how do you know if your porch or deck needs the help of a reliable handyman company right now or if you can delay for another year or two?

Here are some of the warning signs that are telltale indications it's time to call for deck repair and refinishing services.

  • Splintered wood
  • Weathered timber that looks gray
  • Patches of wood that are softened or crumbling apart
  • Boards that lift up or shift position when they're stepped on
  • Creaking or groaning steps
  • Steps that are crumbling or sagging in the middle
  • Wobbly, loose railings
  • Missing balusters or spindles
  • Water pooling around deck footings

Wood rot is a very common but also very destructive issue for any wooden structure that is outdoors because it's a type of decay that only gains a foothold in timber with a moisture content above 20%. If your deck boards, for example, lose their sealant (or they were never sealed in the first place), it absorbs water from rain and humidity and doesn't always get a chance to dry out between rain showers. That's why timber that is indoors and always completely dry can stay in great shape for well over a century, but any wood that is outdoors and doesn't get regular resealing to block out moisture is likely to rot.

Our handyman team has plenty of experience with deck and porch repair and refinishing. We are familiar with the problems decks and porches often experience in Collierville, and we know how to get your deck looking just as good as the day it was installed. We can also take care of gazebo repair, deck installation, and services for other types of structures or outbuildings on your property.

Aging in Place Modifications

Are you looking for ways to ensure you can age in place in your familiar, much-loved home? Or are you planning on welcoming a loved one with a disability into your home? If you're concerned that your current home isn't accommodating to someone with reduced mobility, don't start the moving process just yet—in all likelihood, our excellent handyman professionals can provide some accessibility modifications that will make your home more comfortable to move around in and safer for someone with mobility challenges.

According to a recent AARP survey of respondents aged 55 or older, 88% consider it extremely important to have access to services that will allow them to age in place in their homes. Some of the accessibility modifications our Collierville handyman company can make to your house are:

  • Widened doorways
  • Wheelchair ramps and threshold ramps
  • Handrail, guardrail and grab bar installation
  • Improve visibility in transitional areas such as staircases
  • Lowered tables, desks and countertops
  • Barrier-free shower bases and built-in shower benches
  • Upgraded drawer pulls, cabinet handles and door handles
  • Flooring installation with a smooth material that reduces tripping risk

General Handyman Company in Collierville

Most homeowners have a punch list, even if it's just a mental list, of all the things that they'd like to have repaired, installed or remodeled around their residential property. No matter how hard you try and how many weekends you sacrifice, it can feel like the list is never-ending because more tasks just keep popping up. Our multi-skilled team of professionals can save you quite a bit of time and money by getting multiple smaller tasks done quickly and correctly in one appointment.

You can enjoy a well-maintained, comfortable home and still have time for your family and other commitments with help from your qualified handyman in Collierville. Rely on your local handyman company for basic home repair services, as well as major improvement projects:

  • Installing interior and exterior doors
  • Door repair
  • Fence repair and installation
  • Furniture assembly
  • Floor installation and repair
  • Porcelain and ceramic tile installation
  • Trim repair and installation, including crown molding
  • Attic ladder replacement
  • Caulking service
  • TV wall mounting
  • Weatherproofing
  • Soffit and fascia board repair
  • Siding repair
  • Small roof repair
  • Gutter service
  • Pet door installation
  • Pressure washing
  • Awning installation
  • Picture hanging
  • And much more!

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If you live in Collierville or a nearby part of Tennessee and need reliable handyman services for your residential or commercial property, trust the experienced craftsmen at Mr. Handyman of Memphis. We'll take care of all your professional installation, repair, maintenance, and improvement needs, whether they're big or small. Our team will leave you with a perfectly maintained, comfortable, appealing property.

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