Are you feeling a draft through your double panes? Are noises keeping you up at night? Then it might be time for a new window installation, Memphis residents! Those tired, old double glazed units in your home need more than a repair, and your local Memphis Handyman is here to help!

Don't put off a new window installation, Memphis homeowners. Your local pros at Mr. Handyman of Memphis specialize in window installation. With years of experience, we bring expertise and attention to detail to every job. We use top-of-the-line products, so you can trust that your windows will be installed correctly and securely the first time. Speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today to schedule a consultation.

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About Our Services for Window Installation in Memphis

Don't assume that you don't need a window replacement or new installation service because your current units open and close easily. It's vital to evaluate the entire window, interior and exterior, to determine if your property needs a Memphis window installation service. There are different types of window installation Memphis residents need, which can vary depending on the style, glass, material, and design. Homeowners search for window installation in Memphis mainly because of new construction windows or full-frame replacements on older structures.

New Construction Windows: New home construction needs Memphis window installation simply because the building has no existing windows. Typically, it starts as an opening to the structure with no current trim or siding. These are significant installation projects and can also occur when you want to add a new window to your home without a previous opening in the wall.

Old Window Replacement: A window replacement project occurs when an existing opening is ready for replacement windows. This type of installation is faster and involves less work, but the area around the opening and window needs to be in good shape. This usually occurs due to decay, visible damage, improper installation, or if a homeowner wants to improve their home's energy star rating.

Advantages of a New Window Installation in Memphis, TN

Windows get overlooked in the home if they open and close and let light in. There are many benefits to receiving window installation Memphis expertise in your home today. Installing new windows can provide energy savings, improved ventilation, and increased natural light. Professional window companies like Mr. Handyman of Memphis can help you choose the best window options or custom window designs for your home and install them properly.

Security & Safety

Not only do entry doors need working locks, but so do your windows. Old window locks can be easier to break or open, making your home vulnerable to theft or invasion. Give yourself peace of mind from intruders by getting proper window installation, Memphis! This is a simple way to upgrade your home security system and help you sleep better at night.

Another security risk is if your windows don't open properly either. In case of a fire, you will need your windows to open quickly and efficiently to provide a necessary emergency exit for your family members to access.

Lower Energy Bills & Increase Energy Efficiency

Windows keep your home secure, help maintain your house's indoor temperature, and keep energy costs down. Installing energy star-certified windows guarantees that you will save money on utility bills by preventing a draft through tiny holes or maintaining the inside temperature of your home just the way you like it. Newer energy-efficient windows are great at giving you lower monthly utility bills and extending the life of your HVAC system so it doesn't have to work as hard.

Weatherproofing is another way to keep costs down and make your home energy-efficient. It's an essential part of window maintenance, helping to prevent damage from storms and extreme weather and lower average costs. Weatherproofing services can include caulking, sealing, and weather stripping, which help to keep your windows airtight. Window professionals at Mr. Handyman of Memphis can assess your windows and provide a quote for the services needed.

Soundproofing & External Noise Reduction

It's time for a Memphis window installation if you can hear everything outside, even when your windows are closed. This means your older windows aren't absorbing the sound waves like newer energy-efficient windows can. An upgrade and installation service can quickly solve this problem by silencing those unwanted noises from entering your home and giving you peace of mind knowing you can sleep at night without noisy interruptions.

Curb Appeal & Value

Common window types have problems such as wood rot, decay, pest infestations, water damage, drafty spots, leaks, and insufficient sound insulation. It's not your fault, either; sometimes, older homes develop these issues over time. This can significantly decrease your property value and make it unappealing. You want to be something other than the outdated house on your block. Our popular services can help you make your home beautiful again with window installation.

Window shutters are also a great addition to any home, providing privacy and protection from the elements. There are several types of window shutters to choose from, including wood, vinyl, and composite materials. A professional shutter installation company can help you choose the best option for your home and install them safely and securely.

Choose Our Window Installation Memphis Experts at Mr. Handyman!

Our team of window installation specialists takes pride in their jobs as your experienced handymen. Your home should look beautiful no matter your budget, and we want to make those dreams come true! We can customize your home maintenance and installation plan, making you and your property a priority.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service by working with homeowners like yourself to ensure complete satisfaction with the outcome of our work.
  • Quality Work: Every time a handyman steps onto your property, the job should be done right the first time. Things happen, however, which is why we guarantee to fix it. Contact us within a year of the window installation or service, and we'll fix it immediately.
  • Expert Services: Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. They are certified and insured, making them the best in the industry.
  • Affordable Installation Costs: The cost of a window replacement service or the cost per window installed can be manageable. We offer upfront prices, giving you a fair price quote so our services stay affordable.
  • Up-To-Date Equipment: Our experts use top-of-the-line tools when performing any window installation service. This ensures your home gets the optimum life expectancy of all your window installations, Memphis!

Get reliable window installation from Mr. Handyman of Memphis. Call us today or book online for a no-obligation consultation! Feel free to inquire about our other popular handyman services, including pressure washing, exterior trim repair, and deck repair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Installation | Memphis TN

How Often Do You Need a New Window Installation, Memphis?

Our handyman professionals recommend getting a Memphis window installation service if you notice the following signs in your home:

  • Exterior window frames are severely faded or chipped.
  • Window panes collect moisture on or inside the panes of glass.
  • They do not open or close properly.

If you need to know whether it's time for an installation, call our window replacement installers today, and they can walk you through how they determine if your windows can be repaired or if you need a full replacement. Mr. Handyman of Memphis makes the process painless and will help you stay within your budget, avoiding expensive options.

What Types of Windows Do You Install?

Our skilled window installers are trained for a wide range of Memphis window installations. Memphis residents can expect types ranging from vinyl windows, aluminum windows, wooden windows, and composite windows to residential and commercial windows and many other types, including window brands, we've got you covered! We can handle the following for a proper window installation:

  • Single-Hung Windows & Double-Hung Windows
  • Single-Pane Windows, Double-Pane Windows, & Triple-Pane Windows
  • Awning Windows & Skylight Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Picture Windows & Garden Windows
  • Insulated Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Bay Windows & Bow Windows
  • Storm Windows
  • Shaped - Triangle, Oval, or Circle Windows & Block Windows

As you can see, there is a wide variety of styles and types. If you need an installation service that is not listed here, call us!

What's The Difference Between Replacement & Installation?

The main difference between replacement and window installation, Memphis, is that one removes the existing window frame, replaces it with a new one, and replaces the window sash and glass. Window installation, however, involves installing a completely new window, including the window frame. This means that the window installer will need to build a new structure. Mr. Handyman of Memphis can provide many options, including vinyl frames, wooden frames, and more!

What Other Window Services Do You Provide?

My. Handyman of Memphis doesn't just do window installations. We also provide other home services such as roofing repair, window cleaning, and commercial and home window repair services. We also offer services for hanging window treatments. Hanging window treatments can help finish your home's look and provide privacy and light control. A professional window treatment company can help you choose the best blinds, curtains, or drapes for your home and install them safely and securely.

Hire Our Window Installation Memphis Pros at Mr. Handyman!

Being locally owned, we love serving our local communities, from West Memphis to East Memphis! Got a problem with your windows, feel free to call us today! Contact the Memphis window installation specialists at Mr. Handyman today or online for a no-obligation consultation!

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