The Signs You Need Window Repair in NOVA

Have you noticed a draft being let in by a cracked pane or deteriorated window sill? Perhaps there's a small amount of water damage below the sill, and you're worried it has affected your drywall, or you've noticed other problems with your windows and you're not sure if you need to hire a Manassas window repair service.

Depending on the damage, some NoVA homeowners might consider replacement a more viable option—and an opportunity to increase energy efficiency. But often Manassas window repair will do the trick. To help you know what common issues can be fixed instead of replaced, our pro team put this guide together.

If you've spotted some signs that your home or commercial property in Manassas, VA, or other parts of Northern VA, needs professional service, your local Manassas handyman is the right window repair expert to take care of the problem and restore the function of your house, so it's energy-efficient and comfortable again. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket has the experience and skill to handle all your Manassas window repair and replacement needs.

What Are Some Common Manassas Window Repair Issues?

If you've noticed problems but are unsure if you need Manassas window repair or replacement, here are some of the common issues that require window services in Manassas, VA. As a rule of thumb, most damage that's not too severe can be repaired by a qualified handyman—but every rule has its exceptions, and there are some situations where replacement is warranted.

Chipped or Peeling Paint

Not only is chipped or peeling paint unattractive, but it can also lessen the water resistance of wood frames. The good news is, with one visit from our Manassas window repair pros, we can carefully sand and remove the old paint and apply a new coat. You might even take the opportunity to add a new color and freshen up your home's exterior! It's understandable when this happens on the exterior, because the wood is constantly exposed to water from rain, snow melt and even your lawn sprinkler. But when it happens on the interior, it's more of a cause for alarm because it means water is getting into your house. Wood swells when it takes on water, which pushes on paint from the underside and causes it to lift, then crack and peel off in strips.

Worn Caulk

Although significant drafts can indicate you need replacement services, sometimes the problem can be solved by replacing caulk around the edges of the package, under trim. A qualified technician—like our Manassas window repair experts—will be able to ascertain if the draft is caused by worn out caulk or a different issue. If the draft is caused by old caulk, we can easily scrape it off and apply new caulk.

Rotted Frames

Many homes in Manassas and nearby areas have wooden window frames. Although aesthetically pleasing, even treated wood can rot if subjected to extended periods of moisture. Heavy rains, melting snow and humidity all create the perfect environment to attract wood rot, which is a type of decay that only occurs to timber with a high moisture content, above 20% or so. That's why wood that stays dry can remain in good condition for more than a century while timber that frequently gets damp is highly susceptible to rotting.

Once wood has started to rot, it weakens and eventually crumbles, so there's no way to make it whole again. That said, we can easily complete frame repairs—like replacing rotted sections—without replacing the entire pane. The best solution is to remove the affected wood and replace it, then paint or stain and seal the new timber. But if you have original wood windows in a historic residence or building, or the affected piece of wood would be prohibitively difficult to remove, there's still hope for a Manassas window repair strategy. Your handyman may be able to repair minor patches of rot by scraping out the rotted parts and filling them with epoxy wood filler, then painting over it so the repair is invisible.

Poor Exterior Casing

Exterior casing (the molding that goes around window frames) has two functions: it prevents damage and contributes to your curb appeal. Loose, rotting, cracked or missing molding is unattractive and can make your home look poorly cared for. But, it's quite a simple Manassas window repair that any of our expert handymen or carpenters can complete. Replacing or repairing exterior casing is also a good way to impress prospective home buyers if you're planning on putting your property up for sale.

Rotting Drip Cap

A drip cap is an L-shaped piece of plank, usually made out of aluminum or wood, that is part of your unit's exterior. Its job is to stop moisture from rain and melting snow from seeping into your home. If the drip cap is wooden, it might rot over time and require replacing.

Difficult to Open and Close

Being able to open up a window and let a fresh breeze into your house is a nice amenity to have—but if you have to shove and heave to get the sash to move into an open position, you might leave it alone out of fear that you'll never get it closed again.

There are a few different possibilities for how this Manassas window repair situation may have occurred. It could be that moisture has seeped in through a rotten frame or condensed on a single-pane glass installation and caused the wooden sash to swell or warp so it no longer fits smoothly in the frame like it used to. There could also be a crack or gouge on the frame or sash that is catching on moving parts and making it difficult to get your sash past that point. If the wood on the frame or sash is warped or otherwise badly damaged, replacing the whole package will be your best option.

But in older homes in Manassas, a surprisingly common cause of a stuck sash is that the frame and sash have been painted so many times over the years, the build-up from all those layers of paint is scraping and grinding against build-up on the other side. Sometimes the sash is even painted shut. Luckily, this particular issue is easier to fix with Manassas window repair. We'll strip off the layers of paint and replace them with a fresh coat, then follow up with sealant.

Fogged Glass

Does one or more of your dual pane windows look foggy or misty all the time because there are droplets of condensation trapped between the panes of glass? Double pane installations consist of two panes separated by a small gap and held together at the edges with an airtight seal. In some cases, the gap is filled with argon gas, which provides extra window insulation because it's resistant to heat transfer.

When the seal comes loose or is damaged somehow, argon gas (if there was any) escapes and moisture gets in between the panes, causing that unattractive, annoying fogging effect. But fogging isn't just an irritating cosmetic issue. It's a sign that your units have lost their insulating power and are conducting thermal energy more easily, which means you end up having to pay a lot more for energy costs on your utility bill. Sometimes it's possible to do Manassas window repair by replacing the damaged seal around the panes, but in other cases, it's more cost-effective to replace the entire package.

What Are the Benefits of Manassas Window Repair or Replacement?

Now that you know more about the signs that you need services such as Manassas window repair, you may be wondering if repair or replacement are worth it. Only you can make that decision, but there are some big advantages to professional repair or replacement service that homeowners should know about.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Sometimes, incredibly high energy bills can actually be caused by your old window. Essentially, panes that are drafty cost money. Leaking air impacts the temperature within your home. Too much cold air, and your furnace won't be able to heat the space properly. Likewise, too much warm or humid air and your AC unit will work overtime to keep your home cool. The harder your HVAC system works, the more your monthly utility bills cost.

Manassas window repair or replacement service can help reduce your energy bill. You will be able to fix any cracks through which air is leaking. If you opt for double or triple panes, they will also do a better job of keeping radiant heat out during the summer, and maintaining your house's warmth in the winter.

More Comfortable Home

Saving money is a great perk of Manassas window repair or replacement, but feeling more comfortable in your own home is priceless. Have you ever sat down next to a window to soak in the natural light or check out the views—only to get up and move because there was a chilly draft coming from the pane or frame? We can solve that problem by fixing the issues that are making the existing window installation in your Manassas home less efficient, or by putting in a new window replacement package.

More Environmentally Friendly

Since single-pane windows are less efficient—particularly those installed in older homes—so you may choose to replace them. Not only will you save money on your energy bill by installing units with insulated glass, but you'll also reduce your ecological footprint. Since double and triple pane styles do a better job of mitigating the interior temperature of homes in areas like Manassas, your HVAC system works less and burns less fossil fuels. As an added bonus, energy efficient models are sought after by many prospective Manassas home buyers, subsequently boosting the resale value of your house.

When Do I Need Replacement Instead of Manassas Window Repair?

While many problems with broken windows in Manassas, VA, can be solved by a qualified service professional like Mr. Handyman, there are situations where you'll either have to—or want to—get window replacement instead.

Manassas window repair is not worth it if the damage is significant. Say a storm ravaged your home's exterior, shattering glass and tearing screens, or your house had ill-fitting windows to begin with. It might be a better investment to replace them entirely. One of our experienced technicians or carpenters will be able to diagnose the damage and let you know your best option.

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