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5 Signs You Need Deck Repair

The warm weather has us dreaming of summer days spent enjoying cold drinks and barbecuing on the deck—how about you? We can't wait to relax with a good book while the kids play in the yard, and hang out with friends and family in the sunshine.

Although this paints an idyllic picture, if your deck looks like it's seen better days, then spending time outdoors will be far from enjoyable. Instead, you'll be worrying about all the repairs you need to get done to not only have your outdoor space look its best, but also be a safe place for loved ones to play.

Keeping your deck or porch looking great takes a lot of work. Like anything else in your home, it needs a fair bit of maintenance. You may be thinking, “I don't have time to work on my deck!” If that sounds like you, the good news is, you don't have to!

Instead, why not hire the repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket to fix up your outdoor area? Many of our technicians have decades of industry experience and have worked on a wide range of home improvement projects. When it comes to getting your deck looking its best, we're the team for the job.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to know if your outdoor area even needs repairs to begin with. Rot can hide under planks and boards, and railings might look structurally sound but actually be loose. Splinters, exposed nails/screws and soft wood steps can all be hazardous for you and your family. If you notice any of the following warning signs, be sure to call our repair experts as soon as possible.

1. Loose or Deteriorating Railings

Loose railings are serious safety hazards. If someone leans up against compromised railings, they could fall and hurt themselves. Grab onto your railings and give them a shake. They shouldn't move at all. If they do, then you need repairs. It could be a loose bolt or screw, or perhaps wood rot has taken hold. Either way, a qualified repairman from Mr. Handyman will be able to let you know.

2. Cracked or Splintered Boards

Since decks and porches are built outdoors, they're constantly exposed to sun, rain, wind and fluctuating temperatures and humidity changes. This all takes a toll on the structure—even if the deck has been weather proofed. One or two damaged planks are not much to worry about and can be easily swapped out by one of our expert carpenters. However, if your deck is considerably damaged, it might be more worthwhile for you to invest in a brand-new one.

3. Rotting Beams and Posts

Wood rot is the worst nightmare for many homeowners. Even a small amount can spread and cause serious structural damage—even making your deck collapse. Wood rot is a microscopic fungi that's intended to consume wood that's fallen on forest floors. While this serves an important purpose in nature, it's quite alarming when found in your home.

Contemporary wood decks are built on support posts that rest on concrete footings. But if your deck is older, or you built it yourself, the wood might rest directly on the ground. This is how wood rot spreads, because the earth moistens the posts. If you notice signs of rot, the affected areas need to be replaced right away. Signs of wood rot include crumbling planks and soft wood.

4. Erosion Around Posts and Footings

Both wooden and concrete footings are susceptible to erosion. That's why it's important to check your footings at least twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) to ensure they are still stable. Erosion is natural, and happens over time as rain washes away at the soil around your posts and footings. If the posts become too exposed, the structure could become unstable. Watch for the following signs and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible:

  • Pools of water in your yard

  • The slope of your yard starts to change

  • Beams and footings that were previously underground become exposed

5. Poor Maintenance

Like anything else, without proper maintenance your deck will deteriorate more quickly than if it was well cared for. To keep it looking and functioning its best year after year by staying on top of regular maintenance, hire the pros at Mr. Handyman to take care of it for you. Common deck maintenance procedures that often gets neglected includes:

  • Checking stairs, railings, boards, joists and planks for signs of wear

  • Using a hammer to flatten protruding nails

  • Regular sealing and applying fresh deck stain

  • Sanding peeling paint and replacing with a fresh coat

  • Using a pressure washer to give the area a deep clean

  • Quickly address spills and stains

  • Regularly move outdoor furniture, plants and barbecues to dry out moisture

Hire Our Repair Experts Today!

If your deck is showing any of the above issues, or you think it's time to give it a little TLC, call our professional repairmen at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket. Our service professionals will diligently and carefully make the necessary repairs to your outdoor space so you can enjoy the sunshine all summer long.

We're dedicated to serving our local community, and have brought our high quality workmanship and superior customer service to clients throughout NoVA, including in Clifton, Fairfax Station, Westgate and Woodbridge. We treat all our clients with the same respect we show to our friends and neighbors, and will work hard to ensure you have a positive experience with our company from start to finish.

To book an appointment or learn more about our full range of services, we invite you to give us a call at 703-621-4817. You can also reach us online by filling out a service request form.