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MR. HANDYMAN OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA - ARLINGTON TO HAYMARKET specializes in repairing, maintaining and enhancing residential and commercial properties. One of the services we routinely provide is deck maintenance.

Decks can last a long time if maintained properly. Typical routine maintenance for wooden decks includes pressure washing, deck board replacement, and staining.

Deck Board Replacement

Over time deck boards can deteriorate, rot, crack or splinter. These boards can be replaced all at once or one at a time. Wooden boards can also be replaced with composite decking material. However, in these cases the support boards, or joists must be close enough together to support the composite materials. In that the composite boards are more flexible they often require the installation of additional joists prior to installing the decking boards.
Deck board replacement before and after picturesDeck board replacement before and after pictures

Deck board replacement before and after pictures

Deck Stairs

Deck stairs can also wear out over time and become unstable and unsafe. In some cases, the stringers, which are the boards that support the stairs, can crack, rot, or weaken. These stringers can be replaced if necessary. In other cases, the homeowner may not want a long staircase. One way of accommodating this is to install a platform in the middle of the staircase or extending the staircase to allow for a shorter height stair riser.

Deck stairs replacement before and after picturesDeck stairs replacement before and after pictures

Pressure Washing

As a deck ages, it tends to attract algae or dirt. One of the most common ways of cleaning a deck is to pressure wash it. Pressure washing is simply applying pressurized water to the surface of the deck to remove the discoloration. However, it is important to not damage the wood during this process.

Pressure washing before and after pictures


Staining is a way to seal or preserve the deck. This consists of applying a stain or sealer to the deck. This can either be transparent to essentially apply a topcoat over the wood and allow the wood’s natural color to be seen or the stain can be tinted which allows the homeowner to choose the color of the deck. This is often done after pressure washing, however, it is extremely important to allow the deck to thoroughly dry before applying a stain or sealer.

Staining before and after pictures

Deck Repair Power Washing and Staining – Springfield VA

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