Boynton Beach is a hip coastal city with a population of 77,000 residents. It offers an urban and suburban feel that attracts both young professionals and retirees to settle. 60 percent of locals happily own their homes, which means that routine maintenance has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Living on the coast has its lifestyle-enhancing perks, but ensuring your assets and other belongings remain in good condition requires time and commitment. Luckily, there’s always a local Boynton Beach handyman ready to help.

Do you find yourself taking your beloved vehicle to the car wash center frequently to prevent rust? What if we told you your house needed a similar treatment? We understand that home maintenance isn’t a 15-minute chore, but Florida has a higher salinity in the air that increases many people’s needs for maintaining their home’s exterior, not to mention all the possible sources of interior damage.

You can trust your Boynton Beach handyman from Mr. Handyman Serving South Palm Beach to provide maintenance, repair or improvement services to enhance your living space and prolong any materials that would otherwise be impacted by Florida’s climate.

Maintenance Services from Your Boynton Beach Handyman

As your local handyman in Boynton Beach, FL, Mr. Handyman has worked on many small to large projects that include thorough inspections and repairs for siding, decks, fences and exterior doors. Taking care of properties on the coast is our expertise, which is why we pride ourselves on being your one-call solution for professional handyman services. Our service professionals have all passed their background checks and drug screens, and are ready to provide any of our popular services, such as:


It’s a cliché to assume that every coastal town has a beach for a backyard, but not everyone is keen on sand; some prefer a well-constructed deck. Maintaining a deck is not a walk in the park if you consider the high salinity in the air. If you are a wood lover, you might find yourself in a dilemma. Wood and metal-based materials aren’t ideal for coastal environments. Even if you choose pressure-treated wood, you’ll need to include routine sealing in your maintenance checklist to prevent corrosion and UV damage.

If you’re not keen on repeated maintenance, you likely have composite decking. Its core consists of wood fibers, plastic, and otter binding additives. As a highly durable and resilient material, you’ll only need to frequently clean it with a soft-bristled brush with water and soap.

Count on your handyman in Boynton Beach, Fl to cross any maintenance tasks off your list, including repair services like:

  • Rotten board replacement
  • Fixing wobbly railings
  • Replacing stairs
  • Sealing and repainting


Salt particles in the air are even worse after the hurricane season when you find marine sediment sticking to your siding and gutters. Salt air corrosion could wreak serious havoc on your Boynton Beach home. Unfortunately, ugly storms don’t tend to clean properties either. On the contrary, as your Boynton Beach handyman, we receive plenty of pressure washing requests to deal with debris from storms.

With the right psi level, our high-pressure water jet can blast away stubborn limescale and oil in concrete. It’s not easy determining which psi setting is best suited for which surface, which is why you need a qualified handyman in Boynton Beach. We always conduct a careful inspection before we do the job.

Popular areas for routine pressure washing:

  • Hardscape front yards or backyards
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Garage floors
  • Driveways

Expert Repairs from Your Boynton Beach Handyman

Every residential and commercial property has a space or corner that needs attention, whether it’s a hairline crack in drywall or cracked grout in a tile system, these small issues require inspections and minor repairs to stop anything from spiraling out of control in the future.


Because of local weather conditions, door repair is one of the more common projects in Boynton Beach. Coastal towns like Boynton Beach are very humid, which poses a threat to the housing materials used to make doors. Because of that, many Boynton Beach property owners have chosen the weather-resistant option—fiberglass doors. As your Boynton Beach handyman, this is also what we recommend, after completing numerous repairs on front doors exposed to the elements.

Fiberglass doors are made of glass-fiber reinforced polymers and have a strong core consisting of polyurethane foam that serves as an insulator. The surface is usually made of high-quality wood grains like mahogany or oak. Besides its functionality, it mimics real wood. Fiberglass resists salinity better than its counterparts, but it’s not impervious to problems. If you ever experience any issues with your doors, we have the skills and expertise to diagnose and fix them, so that all your doors are secure and working properly.


Drywall is made of wallboard panels consisting of gypsum plaster layers sandwiched between two layers of paper. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of drywall revolutionized the way we build walls. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to install. However, it’s vulnerable to moisture and heavy impacts. Holes and gaps are easy to fix with small patching jobs or small panel replacements, but if you experience water damage you will need a full replacement.

Don’t worry if you have a hole staring back at you or damaged drywall behind the tile system in your shower. Your licensed Boynton Beach handyman is geared up for problems like:

  • Hole repair
  • Cracks and openings
  • Seam, joint taping
  • Mudding
  • Finishing, sanding, and painting


  • Deck
  • Fence
  • Soffit and fascia
  • Gutters
  • Floor
  • Wood rot
  • Termite damage
  • And more!

Are You Stuck With Home Maintenance and Repair Projects? Hire Your Local Boynton Beach Handyman To Get The Job Done!

Mr. Handyman Serving South Palm Beach will take care of your seasonal checklist for maintenance and ensure that any important home repairs are taken care of. We know your time is valuable and want to help you alleviate the stress by taking all the required handiwork work off your shoulders.

Your safety and comfort is important to us and with our excellent workmanship, we want to ensure every little detail is taken care of. As your locally owned and operated business, we proudly serve Boynton Beach and nearby communities like West Palm Beach and South Palm Beach.

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