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Doors can be something of a blind spot for homeowners. Some people like to keep every single part of their home and property in pristine condition—everything except the doors, which somehow get ignored until they're nearly ready to fall off their hinges. Maybe it's because we use them so frequently, they just get taken for granted.

But your doors have some absolutely critical roles to play in keeping your family comfortable and safe. Interior entries give us sound separation between rooms so we can get a little peace and quiet, along with much-needed privacy in our most intimate moments. Exterior entries, on the other hand, are the first line of defense against everything from harsh weather and energy loss to pest infestations and home intruders. They also contribute quite a bit to your home's curb appeal and can even save you some money on your monthly utility bills.

When your commercial or residential property is ready for a replacement or a brand-new door installation, trust your local, qualified Fairfield handyman to get the job done right. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County is highly experienced with installation, repair and improvement services such as Fairfield door installation, and we are proud to deliver the highest standards of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

What to Consider When Choosing a New Fairfield Door Installation

If you've already started browsing online or in stores to find the perfect option for your Fairfield door installation, you've probably noticed there's a very wide variety of styles, materials and looks to choose from. In order to narrow down the possibilities and find the ideal option for your property and household, there are five key considerations that you should take the time to ponder.

The perfect door for you will, of course, depend on your priorities for how it should function, along with your unique perspective on how it should look and what features are necessary. Here's how to navigate the selection process and choose the ideal option for door installation in Fairfield.


Your exterior doors are essentially the guardians of your home, and they're the only thing stopping the outside world from inviting itself right into your house. That's why keeping your property secure is arguably their most crucially important function. If a high level of security against human intruders and pest invasions is important to you, the best choice for Fairfield door installation is metal entryways. Steel entry doors are incredibly strong and difficult to damage. Steel also has a well-deserved reputation for being very durable, and it can be combined with an insulated core for outstanding energy efficiency. You don't have to compromise style either, because steel comes in a wide range of styles and looks, and can easily be painted any color you want to match or contrast with your home's exterior trim. Steel entries are somewhat vulnerable to rust, but that can be avoided with a coat of anti-rust paint every few years, so it's a fair trade-off for the enhanced security they offer.


Interior entries should be durable and long-lasting so they hold up well under normal use, but there's no doubt that durability is a lot more important for exterior entries when you're looking at options for Fairfield door installation. Naturally, the exterior parts of your building are exposed to damaging elements on a daily basis, from bad weather and excess moisture to wildlife attacks and pest infestations. Fiberglass is a great choice for a reasonably priced, durable material with plenty of longevity and excellent weather resistance. It's strong enough to serve a residential property by withstanding typical wear and tear damage and is also resistant to decay and corrosion.

Energy Efficiency

If you currently have an exterior entry that is in rough shape and letting in air drafts, you're probably paying a lot more than necessary on your energy bill. Your entryways need to be able to prevent heat transfer in order to keep your home's energy usage costs reasonable. When it comes to energy-efficient materials, wooden doors are a decent option. Wood has low thermal conductivity and a higher R-value than uninsulated fiberglass or steel entryways, but a fiberglass or steel shell combined with an insulating core will be better at holding in thermal energy than wood. However, because glass is such a poor insulator, glass doors or any entry that features a window will be less efficient than any option that doesn't have a window.


If you're in need of Fairfield door installation for an interior entry, you may be getting frustrated trying to find a perfect match for your existing interior doors, which can feel particularly important if they are all close together in a hallway or landing. You may not be able to find a flawless match, but the good news is, that's actually fine. A complimentary style in the same color can differentiate the purpose of one room in a group. For example, a hallway could have two or three matching doors that lead to bedrooms and a complementary style that leads to the bathroom. Rather than looking out of place, it provides a subtle visual cue to indicate that a particular room has a different function.

These days, more people are working from home and looking for ways to create a space where they can get work done but still be part of what's going on in the household. If your house has a common area such as a dining room or study with a double-wide arch and it would work better for you if you could close it off from the rest of the house without compromising aesthetic or natural light, consider adding a pair of French doors. They are an elegant addition to your home that will allow light to pass through the glass portions even when they're closed. Speaking of natural light, when you're adding an exterior entryway that leads to a back or side yard, a sliding patio door or hinged set of garden doors with glass panels can double as an entryway and a large, light-giving window.


Before you make a purchase decision for your new Fairfield door installation, take the time to check that it has a decent manufacturer’s warranty. That may not matter so much for an interior entry, but exterior entryways are built differently and have a lot of added performance pressure to live up to. It's unlikely that you'll get a faulty product, but if it happens, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get a replacement quickly and easily.

Mr. Handyman is Your Local Expert for Door Installation in Fairfield, CT

When their property needs door installation, Fairfield residents want to know that the installation professionals they choose to get the job done are capable of completing the work promptly, and to a high standard of quality. But it's also very important to know that the installation experts you choose will behave with professional courtesy at all times when they are working on your property.

Homeowners and business owners alike can rely on our dedicated team for trustworthy, reputable services such as Fairfield door installation and dozens of other installation, improvement and repair services. Our licensed handyman team has the training and skill to meet or exceed all applicable building codes and work safely. From weather stripping to pet doors, we are your local experts for door installation and many other popular services.

Workmanship Guaranteed

Fairfield door installation is one of those tasks that may seem simple on the surface, but it actually requires quite a bit of experience and expertise to get an entryway efficiently and correctly installed. Home and business owners should always ensure that they are hiring licensed, qualified handyman professionals who guarantee their work. At Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County, we are very confident that our dependable team of experts will provide excellent service, which is why we stand behind them with a workmanship guarantee. If it's not done right, we'll make it right!

Commercial Door Installation Fairfield

Our reliable handyman services such as Fairfield door installation aren't just for residential properties. From a huge manufacturing plant to an independent little boutique, we understand that a commercial building will typically have installation, repair and maintenance needs that go beyond what a normal residential property would require, and we're experienced at handling commercial services as well. We can take care of the installation for revolving or automatic doors, as well as door services that are focused on accessibility features for those with reduced mobility and to help make your commercial space ADA-compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fairfield Door Installation

Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter for Door Installation in Fairfield?

If you haven't spent much time thinking about your home's energy efficiency and how it can impact your household budget, you may be unsure of how or why this is such a big concern when it comes to Fairfield door installation. Basically, it all comes down to heat transfer, which is a natural process in which thermal energy tries to move from a warm area to a colder area. A deteriorated or inadequate entryway allows for more heat transfer by letting the warmth from your furnace escape outdoors in winter and letting heat from the sun get into your air-conditioned house in summer.

Heat transfer compromises the efforts of your HVAC system by changing the temperature in your house, which means the HVAC has to operate more frequently and for longer periods of time to keep your house at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. Since your HVAC uses quite a bit of fuel, whether it's electricity or natural gas, that additional operation time really adds up on your monthly utility bills. By choosing a new Fairfield door installation with energy-efficient qualities, you can actually save a noticeable amount of money on your energy costs. In addition, your home will be more comfortable and secure against pest infestations.

Can I Save Time By Having a New Door Installed in the Old Frame?

Homeowners often assume that just slotting a new slab into an old frame will be easier, faster and therefore less costly, but that's usually not the case. Putting a Fairfield door installation into an existing frame requires some tricky measurements, and it's really not as simple as most people think it will be to get the hinges and latch perfectly aligned. A completely new installation of frame and slab packaged together is a lot more simple to install and usually takes less time to handle, so it ends up being the more cost-effective option.

Should I Include a Storm Door With My Fairfield Door Installation?

While you're getting an exterior Fairfield door installation, you may want to consider having your handyman add a storm door as well. It's not strictly necessary, but there are some benefits of storm door installation in Fairfield:

  • Provides additional protection against intrusion and harsh weather
  • Protects your entryway from the elements, so it stays in good condition and you don't need to worry about replacement as often
  • Interchangeable storm doors have glass and mesh panels that can be swapped out according to the season—the glass helps improve energy efficiency in the winter, and the mesh allows for fresh breezes in the summer
  • Lets in the fresh air and natural light while keeping small children and pets safely inside the house

There are also screen doors, which are similar to the storm version but only have basic mesh panels and may or may not have a latching mechanism.

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