HandyPlan Specials

What is HandyPlan Rewards?

HandyPlan is our loyalty rewards program that delivers discounted services and bonus offers to our best customers. Nearly 3,500 homeowners have joined HandyPlan since its launch in June 2010. The program's premise is simple: our best customers always pay less for guaranteed "On time. Done right" service.

HandyPlan Program Highlights

  • $10.00 off your first appointment as a member.
  • $50.00 off your next appointment: This one-time discount applies to appointments of two hours or greater.
  • "Best-rate Service Blocks": HandyPlan members receive even deeper discounts on Service Blocks, which are discounted offers for any customer who commits to an appointment of 3 hours or greater.
  • $15-credit discounts for referrals: Earn and accumulate discount credits the first time your friends and neighbors book work at your suggestion.
  • 2-year workmanship guarantee: HandyPlan members receive one additional year to the one-year warranty we extend to all customers.
  • Annual home maintenance review: At your request, our technicians will work with you to prioritize repair, maintenance, and improvement projects.

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