Serving as your home’s exterior armor, your siding requires as much spring cleaning as you do inside your house. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you deal with a high amount of precipitation. High humidity levels aren’t necessarily healthy for exterior structures, even if they were built to withstand the elements. Dirt and grime on surfaces not only look unsightly, but they hold moisture and result in extensive damage down the road. When in need of a siding repair, Vancouver WA homeowners can trust the team at Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas and Ridgefield for quality service. 

Holes, cracks, and surface deterioration can indicate a lack of maintenance or overlooked repair needs due to gradual wear and tear. Your local Vancouver handyman will inspect your damaged siding closely and provide you with a detailed diagnosis, along with the best repair method to restore your home’s curb appeal.

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What Does Siding Repair, Vancouver WA Include?

When it is time for a siding repair, Vancouver WA residents often have to be prepared for the worst. Any existing cracks and holes that have not been taken care of are susceptible to water intrusion, which ultimately means that you might have water damage inside your siding. When Mr. Handyman handles exterior repairs, damages are usually caused by a domino effect. For example, if you are dealing with unsightly water stains on your exterior cladding system, it is likely due to a clogged rain gutter system. On the other hand, foundation cracks are typically caused by shifting soil or a house settlement. If you experience interior wall cracks due to this occurrence, it’s important to also examine your exterior walls.

Types of Siding We Handle:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Fiber cement
  • Aluminum
  • Stucco 
  • Brick veneer
  • Composite

Our Approach to Home Siding Repair | Vancouver, WA

Besides a thorough inspection and determining the kind of damage we’re looking at, our Vancouver siding repair experts will complete a cleaning service that involves pressure washing or soft pressure cleaning. This is a very common type of exterior maintenance, designed to remove grime, dirt, bacteria, mildew, and other harmful pollutants from surfaces. They are the main culprits for early wear and surface damage, so the sooner it’s gone, the sooner your home can shine again.

But pressure washing is also meant for surface preparation, so your local experts have a clean area to work with. Patching jobs are generally straightforward, and we’ll use the right patching product for whatever type of siding you have in place. For example, cracks and small holes in a vinyl plank can be fixed with high-quality caulk that matches your vinyl siding repair. Vancouver, WA service technicians will make sure patching is all you need. Should the damage be more severe, you might need a panel replacement. During that, we’ll carefully remove nails and fasteners before removing the affected panel.

The same process applies to wood panels, except that we’ll use wood filler to patch holes and cracks. Caulk is only used to cover the seams between the wooden boards. Once it has cured, you may choose from exterior painting or simply resealing or staining.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Siding Repair, Vancouver WA?

Mr. Handyman has been around since the 1990s, designed to serve local communities by providing exceptional property maintenance, house repairs, and improvement projects. Since its inception, Mr. Handyman has grown into one of North America’s top-rated home service franchises. With over 200 locally owned and operated businesses across Canada and the United States, each location is committed to making a difference in the lives of its neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas and Ridgefield is no different! The wonderful owners, Larry and Carol Trevarthen, are locals just like you and have been managing this business since 2019. Every service technician on their team has passed their background checks and brings an average of ten years’ experience, serving as highly qualified tradesmen in the home service and construction industry.

We take pride in delivering the highest quality of service that makes us stand out from the competition. Rest assured that every service we provide is backed by a Done Right Guarantee® that emphasizes a one-year labor warranty. And with our upfront pricing system, we aim to be as transparent and open as possible. Our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients by providing exceptional workmanship that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction!

Vancouver Siding Repair Services FAQs

Finding the best siding service in town may require a deep search. Not only will the siding contractor be handling your home’s armor, but they’ll also have to make sure that it will last for years to come. So we fully understand that you expect nothing but the best service provider to complete your siding repair. Vancouver, WA residents can rest easy knowing that Mr. Handyman has their best interests at heart. We will always go above and beyond to exceed any expectations! 

Our local experts have collected some frequently asked questions from our customers and hope that it will give you a greater insight into how we work. Should you miss a question, feel free to contact us at (360) 719-4128 to learn more.

What Are the Warning Signs I Need Siding Repair?

Vancouver, WA homeowners are advised to check when they last had their house siding serviced. As an important part of exterior property maintenance, it is also one of the most overlooked ones, along with gutter cleaning, fence and deck washing. Negligence can lead to early signs of damage that include:

  • Mildew and algae growth
  • Water stains
  • Blisters, bubbles, and peeling paint
  • Foundation cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Increased energy bills

Even if the surface may look fine, it’s not until you get a professional to look at the protective layers underneath to realize you need siding repairs. Vancouver, WA property owners are advised to schedule routine checkups that include maintenance, such as pressure washing, patching, and repainting the surface. In the best-case scenario, warning signs are merely a cry for some spring cleaning. 

How Much Does an Average Vancouver Siding Repair Service Cost?

The cost will depend on the project scope and severity of the damage. For example, standard patching jobs would be cheaper and less time-consuming compared to fixing dents caused by harsh weather conditions like a hail storm. We highly encourage you to give our office a call and describe your situation in detail. We may be able to give you a price range. Since we do not typically charge by the hour but rather by project, we’re happy to send a service technician for a no-obligation inspection. This way, we’ll be able to take a close look at the issue without missing any potential underlying problems. 

What Is the Most Common Type of Siding in Vancouver, WA?

You will be surprised to learn that one of the most popular choices is, in fact, wood siding. Thanks to the density of Western red cedar and Douglas fir trees, Washington is blessed with high-quality lumber, and it is affordable. However, when you opt for real wood siding, you must keep in mind that regular maintenance is essential for its health and longevity, from routine pressure washing to resealing or staining the surface every two to three years.

Other common types include James Hardie plank (essentially fiber cement) and vinyl siding.

How Do I Know I Need Siding Replacement?

Depending on the type you have in place, they all have different characteristics and qualities. Washington State’s wet climate also plays a huge role. Even if your vinyl or fiber cement siding is made of high-quality materials, it will not always meet its life expectancy without proper upkeep. The average lifespan, however, is between 20 and 40 years. But once it has hit 20 years, we highly recommend that you complete an energy audit. Also, pay attention to any changes in energy bills and indoor comfort. In case of visible damage or frequent siding repairs, Vancouver, WA homeowners should consider a replacement service to restore their home’s original looks and energy efficiency.

If it is time for a new siding installation, we would be more than happy to help you choose a siding material that best meets your needs.

Restore Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Efficient Siding Repair, Vancouver, WA!

Outdoor repairs may not be one of a homeowner’s favorites. Plus, it’s also not the safest activity if you aren’t familiar with patching products or generally, how to best approach siding repairs. Vancouver, WA homeowners can count on our qualified handyman team to get the job done with ease. 

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