Common Signs You Need Gutter Repair in Knoxville, TN

A handyman standing on a ladder as they replace a section of a gutter system while completing gutter repairs on a residential roofline.
Our gutters are visible to us, but it doesn't mean that we regularly take a peek inside them to examine their condition. Some Knoxville property owners have odd rooflines that aren't suitable for gutters; instead, they have rain diverters on their rooflines to divert rainwater to the nearby downspout. Depending on their shapes, they may not always look pretty to passers-by and may not be as effective as they are designed to be. Well-constructed systems, however, will protect you from water damage and other disasters, as long as you're not overdue for Knoxville gutter repair.

Knoxville receives an average of 50 inches of rain per year, which means that a healthy roofing system is crucial. If you don’t know the last time you had gutter cleaning services and repair, we urge you to continue reading about the potential damage clogged gutters are capable of causing.

Your skilled Knoxville handyman has seen gutters at their worst stages and, since then, has helped many property owners realize how important it is to keep them clear of debris and in good condition. You might be surprised by how many abandoned bird nests we have removed because even they realized that they'd picked the wrong spot to lay eggs. If your first thought is checking your existing gutters, we recommend that you keep reading to be fully aware of any signs that call for gutter repair. Knoxville, TN homeowners that take good care of their home's interior, must remember that its exterior requires just as much attention.

What Are Gutters?

They are horizontal metal traps that are built on the edge of your roof system, designed to protect your home by diverting rainwater away from your roof. Rainwater flows into the appropriate drainage system like a downspout—a vertical tube that redirects water to the ground via an extension elbow. Rain gutters help prevent the risks of moisture and water damage on our roof that would otherwise cause structural issues, starting with mold and infestation in your attic or foundational cracks on your siding. The sooner you call for Knoxville gutter repair services, the better your chances are of combatting the next rainy season. Some typical gutter types you will find include:


This type is common because it's lighter than most kinds of metal and, therefore, suitable for gutters. Other than that, it's durable, easy to install, rust-proof, and can last up to 20 years. The only downside to aluminum is that it may expand and constrict during extreme temperatures.


Vinyl is cost-effective, easy to install, and resists rust and corrosion, but it's considered vulnerable to damage from strong winds and extreme temperatures. Sagging and warping are not uncommon.

Stainless Steel:

Similar to aluminum, steel is durable, temperature-resistant, and resists the effects of Knoxville's wet weather better than other types. However, steel types are more expensive and difficult to install. Since steel is not rust-proof, you may require replacement every five to ten years with occasional calls for gutter repair. Knoxville, TN, property owners should consult their local handyman before installing new systems.


Copper types are stylish, but they're also the most expensive option. Copper doesn't rust as easily as its other metal counterparts and can last up to 50 years. Purchasing quality material like copper is expensive, and so is the installation process because it typically requires soldering. You will have to ensure your skilled Knoxville handyman has experience working with copper materials, whether it's for installation or repair purposes.

Sectional VS. Seamless Gutters

Sectional means that gutters are cut accordingly to fit your roofing system. They are more prone to cracks and leaks due to joints, which are seen as potential weak points, especially if you have non-durable materials and have had poor installation service. (If you call your Knoxville handyman for repair, ask them to check the initial installation.) Seamless, on the other hand, is cut from one single coil and typically of durable metal material like aluminum.

Unlike sectional types, seamless gutters are measured and cut on-site. The seamless variation is often attached to the house in a way that keeps it concealed. It makes the exterior trim look neat, but they can still clog and—in the worst-case scenario—cause flooding by overflowing your roofline, and you might not notice until it's too late. Because seamless systems sit behind fascia boards, they could cause more damage than good, not to mention enable rot, rust, and generally be damaging to your soffit and fascia system. Repair costs for serious issues will be unimaginable. That said, it depends on your roof type, the materials used, and the installation process.

In the end, it's a matter of preference. You will find seamless systems in more modern builds in Knoxville because they look prettier, are customizable, and don't leak like sectional systems. While sectional gutter installations are usually DIY-friendly, seamless systems require a certified professional.

6 Warning Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Knoxville, TN property owners not only know their homes well, they know their climate, surroundings, and circumstances that all call for home maintenance and repair. Even if you keep up with routine maintenance and cleaning duties, not everything is within your control, like severe weather conditions. Sometimes you have to deal with the aftermath. Before we talk about prevention methods, let's look at the warning signs that you might need Knoxville gutter repair.


If you notice leaky gutters on a rainy day, you should check for loose or rusty fasteners. If they are not the culprit, you could have a crack that would need instant repair with plastic roofing cement or other high-quality sealants. If you don't deal with it right away, the next rainy day could damage your fascia boards and roof shingles, enabling moisture to seep into your attic. If cracks or holes are larger, we recommend cutting flashing strips as additional support to seal the hole.

Peeling Paint

If exterior paint is peeling, it has probably withstood a fair amount of weather damage. This is often an obstruction to proper water flow. Either you have an old existing gutter system, or someone applied paint adhesion inadequately. It may seem like a paint issue, but it's a case that requires gutter repair. Knoxville, TN homeowners, must take immediate action to prevent potential water damage if rainwater goes underneath that peeling paint.

Condensation and Rot in Your Attic

If your attic is a furnished living space, you will immediately notice any inconsistencies caused by condensation, leaks, or rot. While it's important to check your ventilation system (dryer vents, bathroom fans, etc.) first, it's likely that clogged gutters are to blame. If water has nowhere to go, it will slowly gain access to nearby parts of the roof, like your soffit and fascia boards, which are designed to keep moisture and condensation at bay.

Water Damage on Siding

If you notice discoloration beneath your gutters, it could be watermarks indicating a leak. That water will flow down the side of your house, affecting your siding's health. External cladding should be robust, given that it serves as our house's protective shield. But if you're experiencing foundational cracks or other damage, your siding will be susceptible to water damage. If this goes unnoticed, the damage could reach far into your home, past the sheathing, and into your drywall. Foundational cracks also lead to water running down your basement wall and ceiling. It's crucial that you seek Knoxville gutter repair service before this situation causes more damage.

System Is Sagging, or Seams are Breaking

This is common if you have vinyl gutters, which are known to be less effective than metal. A sag can easily cause the joints to break and the gutter to pull away. If seams between your gutters have broken, it's a clear sign that you need instant repair, if not a gutter replacement.


Metal-based systems are known to go rusty over time. Depending on the severity, you can repair small areas with metal primer. We are happy to perform a thorough inspection before determining if a replacement is the best solution.

Want to Avoid Gutter Repairs? Try These Preventative Measures!

There is a lot that homeowners can do to protect their roof systems. Fully enabling drainage on rooflines is, by far, the most significant preventative method to take. With all the frequent downpours that Knoxville gets, maintenance and frequent repair services are crucial in keeping homes safe.

Gutter Cleaning Service

This is probably one of the most overlooked home duties that Knoxville homeowners dread. Or maybe you aren't keen on climbing tall ladders, and we don't blame you. If your ladder has been sitting in the garage for many months, you will need to have it inspected if you decide to clean your gutters by yourself. Unfortunately, ladders suffer from corrosion over time, affecting the spreaders and rails. A bent step is not always visible either. Luckily, you can rely on your insured handyman for gutter cleaning. Knoxville, TN, homeowners aren't always equipped with a scoop, gloves, and safety glasses. Besides, it only takes us a few hours to cross this off your to-do list.

Our team of skilled craftsmen will also inspect your gutter's shape during the cleaning and give you a full diagnosis of your system's age and any additional measures that you should take to protect it. We want to help you protect your siding, drywall, and basement. Therefore, we recommend cleaning services and minor repairs at least once or twice a year to stop debris from blocking your downspouts and causing damage.

It's a good idea to schedule routine cleaning at least once in the fall before winter hits. That's the best way to prevent gutter repair. Knoxville, TN, winters are short, and although five inches of snow once a year isn't all that much, it can still weigh heavily on your system if it is already filled with debris.

Gutters along a residential roof before and after the leaves trapped inside have been removed with a gutter cleaning service from Mr. Handyman.

Alt: Gutters along a residential roof before and after the leaves trapped inside have been removed with a gutter cleaning service from Mr. Handyman.

Knoxville Downspout Inspection

Any pipe with flow systems is at risk of clogs, which makes a downspout even more susceptible because leaves and other debris can easily get caught as they try to flow through it. Often rinsing it with a garden hose or using a plumber’s snake could fix the issue, but we recommend hiring your local handyman to inspect the downspout for damage. They will determine whether it’s safe to use a professional pressure washer to clear your downspout for faster results. You can also inspect the joint areas for leaks and even disassemble parts for closer inspection.*

*Note: Remember that reassembling may require you to use silicone, so it stays in place unless it calls for further repairs.

Installing Gutter Guards

A protected drainage system certainly requires less maintenance, especially if you install a gutter guard to block leaves, debris, and animals from settling. This way, it will still collect rainwater and direct it towards the drainage system away from your home. Gutter guards are most useful if you live in a tree-dense area; unless you are surrounded by pine trees, then pine needles might easily slip through the holes and settle over time.

Other preventative measures include completing minor repairs like:

  • Repairing small leaks
  • Aligning sections
  • Removing rust
  • Tightening downspouts and loose sections
  • Patching holes
  • Removing nests
  • Clearing clogs

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