Selling Your House? Here's 5 Home Renovations to Boost Your Resale Value

Are you ready to sell your house? Perhaps you've consulted with real estate agents and been told it needs a few updates, or you know you're going to have to make changes to boost its value and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

In either case, there are certain areas of your property that could benefit from an improvement project or two. While the initial cost of a remodel might seem a little daunting, you actually save money in the long run by getting more out of your home during the sale.

Granted, not all homeowners have the time or inclination to get their houses sale-ready. That's where Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale steps in. We'll send over a remodeling expert to help you avoid renovation mistakes, save time you'd otherwise wasted updating your house, and ensure you recoup the cost of any home improvement projects. Discover what parts of your home reap the greatest benefits from home renovations by reading below:

1. Landscaping

The first impression your home makes on potential buyers is key to a successful sale. It's incredible how landscaping contributes to your curb appeal, and improves that critical first impression. A patchy lawn interspersed with weeds, hedges that have grown out of control, and damaged paving stones make your home look dilapidated and neglected. When a buyer arrives at your house, they want to feel put at ease that the outside will be as lovely as what lies within.

Whether you invest in significant landscaping or sprinkle grass seed on dead patches, putting in a little effort to improve your home's exterior goes a long way with potential buyers—even adding up to 28% to the overall value of your house. A few ways to improve your yard's appearance include:

  • Clear away dead trees, fallen leaves and brown grass

  • Re-sod or plant grass seed; especially over patchy areas

  • Remove weeds and fungi like dandelions, thistles, mushrooms and moss

  • Trim overgrown hedges bushes and grass

  • Add finishes like fresh flowers, potted plants and newly planted shrubs

2. Exterior Improvements

Landscaping is only one-half of what contributes overall to your curb appeal. The other half is your home's exterior. Even a beautiful lawn or garden can be overshadowed by shabby siding, peeling paint and damaged doorways.

Exterior Painting

There are a few reasons why you should paint the outside of your home. Not only is exterior painting relatively cost effective compared to other remodeling projects, but it also has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Covering outdated walls with a fresh color

  • Replacing any faded or peeling areas

  • Increasing curb appeal with an attractive color palette

  • Helping your home stand-out from other houses on the market with bold paint colors

If you don't have the time or budget to paint your entire home's exterior, why not highlight the little details? A fresh coat of paint over your front porch, trim or or adding a splash of color to your front door can still work wonders for your house's aesthetic.

Fence Repair

Much like how dilapidated landscaping reduces your home's appeal for potential buyers, so does a damaged fence. Like most areas of your home, it's natural for your fence to need a little TLC over time. Changing weather patterns, the elements, sunshine and general wear and tear all take a toll on your fence. Avoid making interested parties cringe by keeping your fence in tip-top shape:

  • Replace any missing or damaged pickets

  • Sand away peeling or chipped paint and stain (refinish with a fresh coat)

  • Ensure all posts are straight

  • Check for any signs of wood rot, rust or staining

  • Hammer in any popping nails

  • Oil squeaking hinges

Fix Damaged Siding

Cladding that is falling apart, warped, buckling or stained from mildew and mold sets the tone that you haven't cared for your home properly. Although these are all normal problems that pop-up over the years, for potential buyers it plants the seed that there might be a lot of things wrong with your house.

Front Door Installation & Repair

The final step before a potential buyer crosses your home's threshold is opening the front door. This marks a critical point. The buyer will be excited, a bit nervous and already forming judgments about your property. Not only is it important for your door to be in good condition, but it should also look inviting. Ensure it functions properly by checking the following:

  • Does the latch close properly?

  • Are there any rips in the screen?

  • Does the door have trouble opening and closing?

  • Do the hinges squeak?

  • Are there any cracks, dents or chips?

  • What condition is the paint in?

It's also a wonderful idea to boost your door's aesthetic with fresh paint, and thoughtful details like a welcome mat, seasonal wreath and potted plants book-ending the entrance way. If your door is in dire need of significant repairs, it might be a better idea for a new door installation.

3. Transform Interiors with Paint

It's no secret that neutral tones tend to perform better when trying to sell your home. While some potential buyers will be able to envision their belongings in your space regardless of your lavender living room or hot pink bathroom, others will need a little help to feel like they can actually see themselves living in your home. Neutral palettes are like a blank canvas, inviting a prospective buyer to map out what he or she would do with your space.

One of the most common home improvement tasks, you can hire a painter to take care of the update for you. But you don't need a remodeling expert for this specific task. Get started on your own DIY project with a quick trip to your local home improvement store. Other tips for your for an open house include:

  • Taking down wallpaper! We've seen many wallpaper mistakes in our time, and it's best to avoid this medium entirely

  • Smooth any textured wall decor or popcorn ceilings

  • Stick to cream, white, off-white, beige and gray

4. Bathroom Makeover

Another common home improvement, investing a little money to update your bathroom is a worthwhile investment. You don't necessarily have to tear down the whole space and start fresh, but thoughtful updates will go a long way. You want the space to look bright, clean and inviting.

Avoid bathroom remodel mistakes like installing a garish vanity or inhibiting storage. Likewise, watch for tiling mistakes like uneven surfaces and crooked grout lines. Instead, consider updates that have a wide appeal:

  • Remove clutter

  • Buy a new shower curtain and bathmat

  • Display “guest” or luxury towels in a matching set

  • Replace cold light bulbs with warm-tones

  • Replacing metal-framed shower doors with frameless models

  • Refinishing or replacing cabinets

  • Installing new faucets and tub fixtures

  • Installing natural stone countertops

  • Installing new ceramic or porcelain tile (a white tile floor tends to leave a good impression)

  • Replace old grout with a fresh, neutral color

  • Paint cabinets

5. Kitchen Update

Like your bathroom, an updated kitchen will increase your home’s resale value. Key things future buyers look for include updated appliances, lots of countertop and storage space, and backsplashes that are in good condition. Your design should avoid common kitchen renovation mistakes, like flashy projects, an illogical layout or ill-fitting appliances. Updates that are worthwhile include:

  • Installing natural stone countertops

  • Installing top-of-the-line, distinctive fixtures

  • Investing in up-to-date appliances

  • Re-tiling the backsplash

  • Replacing or refinishing cabinets

  • Updating light fixtures

  • Highlighting custom details, like built-in storage

Bonus Tip: Hire the Experts at Mr. Handyman!

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