Reliable Handyman in Warrenville, IL

Are you sick and tired of having all your free time eaten up by a list of repair and maintenance tasks that seems virtually never-ending? There are simply not enough hours in the day to handle work and family commitments, let alone deal with all those “little” household projects that add up to one gigantic headache for homeowners in Warrenville.

If you're guilty of procrastinating on home repair chores, you're certainly not alone. Most homeowners want to keep their house in excellent condition, but not everyone is equipped with the right tools and know-how to make it happen—not to mention the free time needed to maintain a property.

Fortunately, there's a way to keep your home looking and functioning at its best, while still keeping your free time to focus on the things that matter most. Rely on Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale to get it all done. You don't need to deal with the hassle of hiring multiple contractors to take care of this and that when our service professionals have the skill and hands-on experience to cross every task off your list quickly and efficiently.

It can be stressful to have someone working on your home—it is among your most precious possessions, after all. Our handymen are committed to providing quality workmanship and a worry-free customer experience that will put your concerns to rest. We'll communicate honestly with you, arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, and answer any questions you may have before we begin. That way, we can make sure that you're satisfied with our quality of service and ensure that the final reveal of your finished project exceeds your expectations.

Professional Handyman Services in Warrenville, IL

As a family-owned locally-run home improvement business, our service providers are very proud to serve the Warrenville area and other parts of West Chicago — such as Downers Grove, Carol Stream, and Villa Park — with a wide range of services designed to enhance the comfort and livability of your home. Outstanding craftsmanship and customer service are our top priorities.

Have questions about a project that's on your mind, or want to know more about what we can do to improve your property? We have many popular services in Warrenville. You can always chat with our friendly customer service staff if you need specific information as well.


Garage serviced by Mr Handyman

When it's time for home maintenance, the garage is often forgotten. Maybe because it's such a utilitarian area of the house that is often primarily used for storage. If you're one of those people who value a place for everything and everything in its place, a disorganized garage is the last thing you want to look at. Our garage services can not only get your garage looking its best but free up extra space for hobbies — or even more storage. You could even park your car in there!

  • Garage door opener repair: If your garage door makes a hideous screeching noise when it's opened, or doesn't open at all, so you have to get out of your vehicle and do it manually, we can replace the opening mechanism, so it glides quietly and smoothly on its rails.
  • Garage floor coating: A fresh coating on your garage floor makes it look spotless, repels oil stains, and hides imperfections in the concrete. It also contains anti-skid additives to keep your wheels where they should be in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Storage & Organization: We'll install storage solutions such as cabinets, countertops, racks, shelving units, bins, and more that will get clutter off the floor and give your space back—along with your peace of mind.

WARRENVILLE DRYWALL REPAIRProfessional Drywall Repair Services in Warrenville, IL

If you're like most homeowners, you don't spend much time thinking about drywall. It's not the most exciting or noticeable building material, but when it has suffered damage, your eyes go straight to the problem area every time you enter the room.

Drywall damage isn't just an unsightly cosmetic issue, though. It can cause big problems such as skyrocketing energy bills by allowing warm air to escape inside the walls. It will also make your home a lot less comfortable by reducing sound separation and providing opportunities for rodent and insect infestations.

Mr. Handyman will take care of the entire repair process, including removing old drywall, mudding, sanding, and joint taping. We'll paint and refinish the wall, so the repair is invisible, and clean up our mess when we're done. We can even rehang your framed photos and curtains for the finishing touches.

But there's more to it than that. This is where having a talented handyman on your side really comes in handy. Sometimes you know exactly what caused the damage to your drywall—a careless furniture mover or naughty pet, for example—but other times, it's more of a mystery. We can trace the issue to its source and eliminate it for good, so you're not dealing with more drywall damage in a few weeks or months.


Have you ever brought home a brand-new piece of flat-pack furniture, confident you'll have it together in no time at all, only to realize that the instructions appear to be written in ancient hieroglyphics? If the sight of an Allen key causes you to break out in a cold sweat, never fear—our service technicians have successfully assembled all sorts of furniture and other items efficiently and correctly. Whatever you're struggling to get together, we can help.

Types of furniture we can assemble include:

  • Bed frames
  • Sofas
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Shelving units & storage racks
  • Entertainment centres
  • Cabinets
  • Deck chairs
  • Grills
  • Bicycles
  • Play equipment
  • And exercise equipment

Trust Mr. Handyman for Repair and Maintenance Services in Warrenville, IL

Whether you're in Warrenville, Streamwood, Wayne, or another part of Chicago's western suburbs, you can count on a reliable, safe, and worry-free experience with Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale.

Give us a call or text today to find out more about why we're Warrenville's best choice for a wide range of expert handyman services!