No matter what type of fence you might have, it can show its age. From cracked wooden fences to faded vinyl fencing to rust on metal fences, sometimes your fence needs repair and maintenance. For your next fence project, you need a trusted Wheaton-Hinsdale handyman.

When your fence shows signs of wear or is in poor condition, you can turn to the experts at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale. We offer a wide range of fence maintenance and repair services. You can trust our local team to handle your home improvement projects. We maintain high work quality to meet national standards. By choosing Mr. Handyman for your Wheaton fence repair, you know you're getting excellent service from a dedicated team of experts.

Mr. Handyman Offers Solutions: Wheaton Fence Repair Services

As a professional fence company offering Wheaton fence repairs, Mr. Handyman can handle a wide range of residential fences, as well as commercial fences. No matter what type of fence material you have, our popular services will deliver beautiful outcomes. From aluminum fences to chain link fences to iron fences and so many more, we offer quality Wheaton fence repairs.

Our professional fence repair services will get you back to enjoying a beautiful backyard fence once more. Whether you're a pet owner looking for a security fence, or you have an already installed privacy fence, we're a professional fence company that can get you back to enjoying your outdoor space with quality repairs and maintenance.

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale’s range of installation, repair, and maintenance services encompasses features found throughout both homes and businesses. When you need a reliable fence company to tackle your metal fence, aluminum fencing, or composite fencing, you can trust the experts at Mr. Handyman.

With fences, we apply extensive industry expertise and a well-honed skill set to maintain and repair fences of all types. You might have moved into a property with an existing fence or built one from scratch. Over time, fences can show wear and sustain damage from storms, accidents, and aging. You need a reliable home improvement expert to keep your fence in top condition. Besides our impressive work quality and unbeatable customer experience, our customers get a one-year warranty on all the work we perform.

Fence Materials We Service as Part of Our Wheaton Fence Repairs

Fences come in various designs, and builders create them using many material options. A modern fence might include cost-effective and durable PVC, but you can never go wrong with classic materials like wood and wrought iron.

Whatever  your fence is made of, Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale can service it with professional maintenance and repairs. You might have a low-maintenance picket fence requiring occasional attention or maintenance-free fencing with damage from debris flying in a windstorm. Homeowners and business owners can get the most out of their fences with regular maintenance and prompt, quality repairs. The following are examples of the fencing materials we typically work on for customers:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought iron
  • PVC

Wheaton Fence Maintenance Services

Maintenance is unavoidable if you want to ensure your fence looks and functions at its best. Neglecting your fence can lead to unsightly rust or peeling paint and hinges or locks not working properly. Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale covers your fence’s appearance while ensuring it functions optimally with PCV, aluminum, wrought iron, and wood fence maintenance. We recommend the following tips to preserve your fence and keep it looking great:

  • Remove weeds, rocks, and other debris from your fence’s perimeter regularly.
  • Make sure your wood fence’s boards don’t touch the ground.
  • Prevent wood damage in your fence using insecticide to prevent termite and ant infestations.
  • Clean your aluminum or vinyl fence using a light power washing or mild soap once a year.
  • If you see paint flaking or peeling on your wooden fence, remove it and refinish the surface.
  • Always repair posts, hinges, and broken boards before they cause an accident or injure someone.

If you're not up to performing regular fence maintenance such as power washing or repairs, call the expert handymen at Mr. Handyman. We offer a wide range of services for fences and can get your fence looking beautiful and functional once more.

High-Quality Fence Repair in Wheaton-Hinsdale, IL

Every fence is susceptible to damage from exposure to the elements, Midwestern weather, wood rot, and even flying debris during high winds. Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale specializes in restoring your fence’s condition and preventing injuries and accidents. Our highly trained and experienced team will assess your fence’s damage to determine the best repair options. We might need to replace components to restore your fence, or simple repairs may be all it needs.

Our handymen work quickly and efficiently without compromising work quality or cutting corners to save time or money. Even with our impressive repair quality and solutions, we keep our prices competitive to ensure keeping your fence in optimal condition is affordable. When you need the budget-friendly option, turn to the experts at Mr. Handyman for excellent customer service and quality fence repairs.

Why Schedule Wheaton Fence Repair With Mr. Handyman?

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale is ready to provide caring, professional fence maintenance and repairs at residential and commercial properties throughout the area. If you live or work in Wheaton or Hinsdale, IL, you can rely on us for uncompromising quality workmanship on various fencing designs and materials.

For fence repair in Wheaton-Hinsdale, IL, you deserve the best possible service from a local home and business improvement company. Our team has the experience and dedication to the exceptional customer experience you need. As a company that has been operating for over 25 years, we're committed to offering friendly and reliable service.

When you need help with installations, maintenance, and repairs around your entire property, you can count on us. With Mr. Handyman, you get an entire team working on your project that's comprised of bonded and insured handymen, each with a minimum of 15 years of industry experience. We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers within DuPage County.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wheaton Fence Repair

What is the average life expectancy of a fence?

The average life expectancy of a fence depends on several factors. Two of the most important factors are how well-maintained the fence is and where it's located. If you have a well-constructed fence that's also well-maintained, then it can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. That's why fence repair in Wheaton-Hinsdale, IL is important; keeping your fence in a state of good repair extends its lifespan exponentially.

How long will an untreated wooden fence last without Wheaton fence repair and maintenance?

If your wooden backyard fence is left exposed to the sun, then there's a chance it could last for ten years. However, if it's also regularly exposed to rain and standing water, it'll be lucky to last a few years at most. If you aren't making sure that your fence is protected with a sealant, then rot will set in quickly and spread rapidly.

Wheaton fence repair and maintenance is important when it comes to maintaining your fence. The perfect fence is a big investment, and you want it to last. That's why our Wheaton fence repairs are such a popular service. If you're not up for the task of applying stain and sealant yourself, trust that work to the expert handymen at Mr. Handyman.

What are some common problems you address as part of fence repair in Wheaton-Hinsdale, IL?

There are a myriad of different problems out there that can affect even the most perfect fence. Different fencing materials also are affected by different problems. At Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, we handle a wide range of fence problems. Here are some of the most common problems we address during our Wheaton fence repairs:

  • Leaning Fences: The most common cause of a leaning fence is an improper installation. However, leaning fences can also be caused by soil erosion. Whatever the cause of your leaning fence might be, our Wheaton fence repairs can tackle it.
  • Wood Rot: Wooden fences are particularly prone to rot, especially if not properly maintained. Wood rot is caused by water damage that's saturated the structure of the fence. It's vital to deal with wood rot immediately because it can spread. To prevent wood rot, inspect your fence regularly and check your yard's drainage to ensure that there's no water pooling at the base of your fence. Lastly, ensure that your fence is regularly painted, stained, and properly sealed to protect the wood from moisture damage.
  • Rusted Fences: If you've got a metal fence, which includes wrought iron and chain link fencing, then you know that they're prone to rusting. Rust can compromise their structural integrity and decrease your property's curb appeal. That's why regular inspections are key, along with painting your fence with rust-resistant paint.
  • Discoloration and Fading: You might notice that your fence fades or discolors over time. This is caused by exposure to sunlight, rain, and other weather damage. To best protect your fence, regular painting or staining is important.

How long should I wait before I stain a new fence?

That depends on what time of year you had the fence installed. If you had it installed in the spring or summer, then it might only be a matter of a few weeks to let the wood dry completely. However, in wetter and colder weather, you might need to wait up to 6 weeks or a few months. Generally, it's recommended that you wait anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to stain your new fence.

What can happen if I stain a wet fence?

If you don't wait for your fence to dry completely, then the stain won't penetrate the wood and bond with its fibers properly. The result will be a peeling or flaking stain or an uneven, blotchy stain. That's why it's so important to wait for your wooden fence to dry completely before you apply a coat of stain, as it's otherwise a waste of time, labor, and materials.

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