Why Custom Cabinets & Other Custom Carpentry Projects Are Totally Worth It

Are you looking for ways to enhance your house's curb appeal and property value, or to tailor your home to better suit your needs and tastes? Or maybe you're locked in the Wichita homeowner's eternal battle to find sufficient storage space for all the stuff you want to keep tucked out of the way. There's a surprising solution to all those problems: custom carpentry and cabinets.

Your home could be transformed with custom carpentry services. The right work will make it more appealing, comfortable, and functional. People in Wichita are always looking for one-of-a-kind touches that make a home unique, and more often than not those touches come from beautiful custom wood features like cabinets.

You could create your dream home makeover with the help of a talented carpenter from Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area. Our skilled handymen have years or decades of experience in repair trades such as carpentry, and they know how to create stylish, durable, long-lasting custom cabinets. Have a project in mind that you'd like to know more about? Give us a call and chat with our friendly customer service representatives!

5 Advantages of Custom Carpentry Service

You may be wondering why custom woodwork is such a big deal when it comes to cabinets. Couldn't you just buy prefabricated cabinets for less that are just as good? Well, in a word—no. You could certainly buy prefab cabinets, and they may cost less than custom cabinets, but it's a clear case of "you get what you pay for."

Here are five big advantages of getting custom carpentry service and custom cabinets to enhance your living space:

Get a Flawless Fit

There's no standard size or shape of room that every Wichita home builder adheres to, so there's no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to large furniture or carpentry installations. When you buy prefabricated cabinets, or a set of bookcases, or any other large installation, it's not necessarily going to fit perfectly into the space you have available—and it's so irritating to have an inch of space between your cabinets and the wall, or to have your bookcase jutting out past the end of the wall.

With custom cabinets that are tailor-made for your home, you never have to worry about fit. We'll design them to blend seamlessly into your home, so they look like they were always there. Our carpenters have measuring tape, and they know how to use it!

The Sky's the Limit

If you're shopping around for the perfect cabinets in Wichita or other wooden items to add that certain something to your home, you've probably noticed that most of the stuff available in stores is going to require some compromise on your part. Maybe those cabinets are the style you want, but they don't have the extra features you're looking for, like a pull-out cutting board or kitchen island. Or that entertainment center is the perfect color, but it doesn't have spaces for all your video game consoles.

When you have an expert Wichita carpenter install woodwork in your home, there's no need to compromise. It's being built just for you, so it will look exactly how you want, down to the last detail—from color and style to size, shape, and configuration.

A Place for Everything

If you're someone who values a place for everything and everything in its place, you know what a nightmare it is to constantly be working to keep all the clutter at bay when you don't have enough storage space. You may think custom carpentry services can't help—after all, your house will still be the same size—but it's surprising how much extra space you can find with a correctly-designed storage solution.

It's not a matter of adding space, it's about figuring out how to best utilize the space you have. For example, you could add a large pantry cupboard beside the fridge to store dry goods so you're not shoving aside pots and pans in the cupboard to find that last can of soup, or you could add a window seat in the playroom that doubles as a toy box with a hinged lid.

Eco-Friendly Material

When you buy prefabricated wood items in Wichita, the material used to build them comes from—well, who knows where it comes from. When you have a carpenter build something from scratch, you have the opportunity to source the lumber locally and choose options that come from sustainably managed forests that haven't had to travel halfway around the world—which is much kinder to the environment.

You could even use reclaimed or salvaged lumber, which is eco-friendly and perfect for a unique, rustic look, and you can avoid toxic chemicals and additives by choosing water-based paint, stain, or clear-coat.

Exceptional Quality

In our opinion, this is the biggest reason to get carpentry work done in your home. Store-bought options simply can't match the quality of craftsmanship, durability, and beauty of custom woodwork in Wichita.

Much of the prefabricated wood furniture or installations you can buy aren't even solid wood. They're particle board covered with a plastic veneer that's made to look (sort of) like wood and held together with staples and glue.

Custom carpentry, on the other hand, is constructed from real, solid lumber. But even more than that, a lot of the value of our carpenters' work is in the painstaking attention to detail. Our cabinets and other installations are made to last—in fact, they can last for generations in Wichita with the proper care and maintenance, and even increase your property value. We'll take care of the entire construction process from top to bottom to ensure the same high standards of quality throughout the entire project.

Are Custom Carpentry Services Just for Kitchens?

Definitely not! They're obviously an important element when planning a kitchen remodel, but custom cabinets can also be used for bathroom remodeling and many more projects in Wichita—such as updating your laundry room, basement, study, or anywhere you need an attractive, long-lasting storage solution. Don't forget about the garage! You can turn a cluttered, wasted space into a productive area for hobbies and storage by finally getting all that junk off the garage floor and stored away.

What Other Types of Custom Carpentry Can Enhance a Wichita Home?

Woodwork experts have a broad range of skills that come in handy for everything in Wichita from deck repair to interior remodeling. There are so many options when it comes to beautiful custom wood features!

Here are a few ideas for carpentry enhancements in your home:

  • Fireplace mantels

  • Interior and exterior trim such as crown molding, corbels, and spindles

  • Wainscoting, chair rails, and wall paneling

  • Custom deck and porch construction

  • Outdoor stairs and wooden walkways

  • Backyard gazebo

  • Shelving and bookcases

  • Closet dividers

  • Built-in furniture such as window seats

  • Custom bar (wet or dry)

  • Custom vanity in the bathroom or bedroom

  • Entertainment centers

  • Play space amenities such as cubby shelves and toy boxes

Rely on Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area for Expert Custom Carpentry Service and Beautiful Custom Cabinets!

Whether you're in Wichita or a nearby area such as Derby, Andover, or Schulte, you can count on high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service from the carpentry pros at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area. With years of experience in carpentry, they have the skill to tackle any project you throw at them, from minor woodwork repairs or additions to major installations like all-new kitchen cabinets.

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