Window Repair 101: 6 Warning Signs and Tips

Your windows add beauty and openness to your home—bringing in light, giving you beautiful views and ushering in fresh air to circulate through your home. One could argue that they are also a mood-booster, enabling you to enjoy sunny days even while being indoors.

But when your windows have seen better days, their many benefits are compromised. Not to mention, they can be a safety hazard for you and your family. Sticking sashes and rusted hinges could prevent them from opening during an emergency. Meanwhile, rotting frames will get worse if left unattended. In a worse case scenario, they could even collapse.

If you notice problems with your windows, whether with the frame, sash or panes, you might think your only option is to buy a replacement window. And while there are benefits to a replacement, such as boosting your home's energy efficiency, most damage can actually be fixed with a repair service.

In previous generations, it was common practice to replace damaged wood frames with fiberglass, vinyl or metal rather than repairing or replacing the damaged wood. Yet, as more and more people care about reducing their ecological footprint and reducing waste, homeowners are choosing to opt for repairs when possible.

As a rule of thumb, if the pane itself is severely damaged, or you live in an older home and want to upgrade to a more energy efficient model, then you should go through with hiring an installation service. Keep in mind that although replacement windows can be a costly investment, they also increase the resale value of your home and lead to savings on your energy bill.

To help you know what warning signs indicate you need prompt repair services—and can be completed without having to replace the pane if it's still in good condition—the pros at Mr. Handyman of Dallas put together this helpful guide.

6 Signs You Need Window Repair Services

Usually, there are two main areas to look at when you notice a broken window. Either there will be an issue with the glass or a problem with surrounding areas like the frame, sash or mullions. The former usually needs to be replaced. But, our service professionals and skilled carpenters have decades of experience offering a wide range of repair services to homeowners throughout Dallas. We can help with:

1. Chipped and/or Peeling Paint

Have you noticed the paint along your frames looks like it could use a little TLC? Not only is chipped and/or peeling paint unattractive—diminishing your curb appeal—but it also increases the risk of wood rot. Many types of paint help repel water, and protect the wood beneath. Whether you need to spruce up your home's exterior or are tired of the current paint color, our team can efficiently swap the old paint out for a new coat.

2. Water Damage

Every Dallas homeowner’s worst nightmare; water damage can be a pain. What starts off as a small brown stain around your window can seep into your home’s structural supports and cause some serious problems. Often, water will seep through cracks or chips in the glass and saturate surrounding areas—especially the frame. Other times, it’s the frames themselves that are the problem. Perhaps the wood is old and has started to rot, or wasn’t weather proofed. Provided that the pane is intact, our repair experts can expertly fix water damaged areas.

3. Rotted Frames

A common effect of water damage around your windows is rotting frames. Usually, heavy rains and humidity create the ideal environment for rot to spread. If you notice the wood on your home's exterior is crumbling or soft, it's likely you have a rot problem.

4. Rotting Drip Cap

Another area where wood rot tends to strike is the drip cap. Located on top of your window frame, it acts like a tiny awning and stops moisture from seeping into your house. Although not all drip caps are made out of wood, it's still important to check that they're not damaged, as they protect your home from mold and other problems.

5. Worn Caulking

Have you noticed a draft coming from your window, even when it's closed? The issue could be that your caulking needs to be replaced. Caulking seals gaps, usually between two objects—like your window and the wall. When it's too old or has started to wear, the resulting gaps don't just let in air; bugs, humidity and water can also get in. The good news is, replacing your caulking is a straightforward fix our technicians can easily complete.

6. Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

If you can’t properly open or close your windows, you need repair services right away. Sticking windows are a fire hazard. Usually, older homes tend to have trouble with rusty hinges or wood sashes that don't work properly. Inoperable windows are typically caused by the following:

  • Twisted window frame, so the sash can’t work properly

  • Too much paint on a sash, causing it to stick

  • The spring in a spring-type sash is loose

  • The sash is misaligned with the track

  • Rusty latch and hinges

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