When prospective home buyers are looking at a house they may potentially want to live in, one of the most important factors they consider is the number, size, and placement of the windows. Do they let in ample natural light? How are the views? Do they offer the right combination of openness and privacy? Do they open to allow a fresh breeze to waft through the house? Are they historic wood windows that will require window restoration services, or modern windows that are highly energy efficient? If the windows aren't "right," that can be a real deal breaker, which ranks windows among the most important parts of any home.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

A handyman using a screwdriver to fix the latching mechanism on a casement window.

But as much as most people would never be willing to live without them, they can also cause some big headaches for homeowners when they suffer from sudden damage or slow deterioration over time and need trustworthy Dallas window repair services from a qualified handyman. Damaged windows can make your home less comfortable, safe and convenient—and can also take a big bite out of your budget via your monthly utility bills.

Want to avoid dealing with those headaches and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is in great condition? Call your local Dallas handyman for expert window repair in Dallas, TX—not to mention dozens of other trusted repairs, installation, maintenance, and improvement services for commercial and residential properties. The experienced handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas is prepared to deliver top-notch customer service and exceptional workmanship to each and every one of our customers.

How to Tell When It's Time for Dallas Window Repair

When people think of a situation that calls for Dallas window repair services, an image of a baseball shattering glass is often the first thing that pops into their heads. That's fair enough—after all, if you've got broken window panes you certainly do need help from window repair experts, and fast! But that's actually not the most common type of damage. It's far more typical for units to deteriorate slowly over time, especially parts like the frame or sash. Because damage happens slowly in small increments, it's not as noticeable and homeowners are often not aware that there's a problem until it gets so bad it simply can't be ignored.

Knowing those less obvious signs that something's not right will make you more aware of the potential issues that could be affecting your house. If you spot trouble, you can get necessary Dallas window repair work done by an experienced handyman and avoid having that trouble deteriorate into major damage that requires emergency window repair because of the threat of extreme temperatures and other outdoor elements. When it comes to window repair, Dallas, TX property owners need to know about the following signs that you need window repairs.

Drafts and Leaking Moisture

Have you noticed signs that moisture is leaking into your house around window frames? Those signs may look like:

  • Visible moisture on frames, sills, or panes
  • Brown water stains on drywall under or around frames
  • Patches of drywall that are soft or disintegrating
  • Flaking wood stain or peeling paint on interior trim
  • Mildew or algae growth on frames, sashes, or walls
  • Rotten window frames and wood rot in other nearby areas

The signs above are a clear indication that the seal inside your unit's frame, which is meant to hold out moisture, has been compromised. That leaves any wooden material on sashes, frames, and other parts of your unit vulnerable to decay because wood rot only affects timber with a moisture content that is 20% or higher. That moisture isn't just traveling straight through your frame and into the interior of your house though. It's also seeping into the inside of the wall, where it can fester and cause huge issues. Excessive moisture can flatten your insulation and reduce your home's energy efficiency, and lead to decay problems that compromise your indoor air quality and even affect the stability of your overall structure if it's neglected for too long.

Along with moisture incursion, you may also notice drafts of air getting in through damaged frames. That makes your home less comfortable because no one wants to be shivering in a chilly draft every time they sit next to a window in winter. But it also changes the temperature in your house, forcing your HVAC system to turn on more frequently and driving up how much you have to pay on your energy bills. Both leaking moisture and air drafts are serious signs that you need professional Dallas window repair services as soon as possible. The problem may be as simple as worn weather stripping that needs to be replaced—a quick fix that can make a big difference over time.

Insects Getting Into Your House

When you realize you're sharing your house with dozens of unwelcome houseguests in the form of insect pests, the first thing you should do is take a good hard look around to determine if you need window repair. Dallas, TX has a warm, relatively humid climate, which is great for humans—but also ideal for thousands of species of insects.

Sometimes the issue of invading insect pests can be solved with a simple screen repair. If your bug screens have rust holes or tears that are making them virtually useless to prevent pests from getting in but the screen frame is in good shape, your handyman can take care of Dallas window repair by removing the old, damaged mesh and putting a new panel of mesh in the old screen frame. But if there's nothing wrong with your screen mesh—or your windows don't even open at all and bugs are still getting in—it could be that they've found a path through a deteriorated, rotted frame that needs repair or replacement.

Difficulty Closing and Opening

When it's a warm day and the house is feeling a bit stale and stuffy, it's really nice to be able to open a window or three and get a nice, fresh, cool breeze streaming through the house. But it's not so nice when you have to heave or shove as hard as you can to get it open even an inch or two. A stuck window can be enough to make you not even want to bother, especially if you're concerned that you might never get it closed again.

This annoying Dallas window repair problem can occur for a number of potential reasons, such as:

  • Frame or sash has been bent or warped by the building shifting and settling over time
  • Wooden components have taken on moisture and swelled or warped
  • Latch or other pieces of window hardware are broken, rusted or have fallen out of alignment
  • Sash or frame has been painted many times and the paint build-up is preventing smooth operation

The best way to go about Dallas window repair will vary according to what caused the issue in the first place. It’s possible that you may need to replace the entire window sash if it’s severely warped or damaged. However, if the issue is related to a build-up of paint layers, your handyman may be able to restore function by removing the layers and refinishing.

Fogged Double Glass Panes

Windows are supposed to be crystal clear so you can get a good look at those views—and check out what's going on around your neighborhood. It can be really frustrating and obviously unsightly when double-pane windows develop a "fog" of condensation that is trapped between the panes of glass. This tends to happen with insulated glass units (IGUs) that are composed of two panes separated by a small gap and sealed at the edges. The gap is sometimes filled with argon gas, which gives it additional insulating power to resist heat transfer. When the seal is broken, the gas escapes, and condensation creeps in to give the glass that fogged appearance. There is an existing foggy window repair method that involves replacing the argon gas, but because the seal usually can't be properly restored, it's often a temporary fix and the problem can keep occurring over and over until the whole unit is replaced.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Dallas Window Repair Services

Did you know that the multi-skilled handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas can save you money, time, and stress by checking multiple tasks off your to-do list in a single visit? From Dallas window repair to door repair, drywall repair, flooring installation, and dozens of other types of professional service, we've got you and your property covered from the front door to the backyard gate.

There's no need to worry that we won't handle the jobs you give us correctly because we back up our highly-skilled handymen with a workmanship guarantee called the Done Right Promise. If it's not right, we'll make it right!

No matter what types of window repairs you need, you can rest assured that our team of window repair pros will make sure everything is working properly so that you don’t have to worry about a problem like broken glass or rotting wooden frames. In the event of extreme damage, our repair specialists can even assist you with a new window installation. Whether the original windows on your home are antique windows that need repairs or you need someone who can fix your custom window screens, the team at Mr. Handyman will get the job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas Window Repair

How Does Dallas Window Repair Help Lower Energy Costs?

We've mentioned energy efficiency and increased energy costs several times, and by now you may be wondering how exactly a unit in need of Dallas window repair services can actually make a noticeable difference to the amount you have to pay on your utility bills. Basically, it all comes down to heat transfer, which is a natural process that we all understand on a basic level but may not have seen applied to real-life situations before. Heat transfer occurs because thermal energy will always try to move from a warm place to a colder place. That's why your parents would always tell you to stop standing there with the fridge door open—the longer the door is open, the more heat gets into the refrigerator and compromises its ability to keep food cold.

The same principle applies to damaged windows and frames, or units that only have a single pane of glass. They allow heat from the sun to get inside on a hot summer day when you've got your air conditioner on, and they allow heat from your furnace to get outside during winter when it's cold outdoors. That alters the temperature inside the house, which means your thermostat has to turn on your HVAC system more frequently. As we all know, heating and cooling are expensive because your HVAC uses a lot of fuel. That added operation time increases its fuel usage, which significantly increases the amount you have to pay on your utility bills. Getting Dallas window repair or having your handyman install new, energy-efficient windows can noticeably reduce your bill and save you money that would be best used on other stuff.

Only One Pane in a Double-Pane Window is Broken, Can It Be Replaced By Itself?

That type of glass replacement may be technically possible, but it's not a solid Dallas window repair strategy because the results will likely be less satisfactory than they would be for window replacement. With multiple pane units, the glass panes are sealed together at the edge to prevent moisture from getting in and to improve insulation. It's next to impossible to fully restore the seal when you're replacing just one broken pane, so the result will be that the panes will be fogged up with condensation and the unit will not be energy efficient. For those reasons, it's better to invest in replacement windows when one pane has shattered.

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