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Stucco gives the interior and exterior walls and ceilings of your home a textured, eye-catching finish. As a common construction feature for Dallas homes, stucco is a popular exterior siding material, designed to be breathable and helps the surfaces of homes discourage water damage, mold, and rot. Aside from creating an appealing texture, the mixture of sand, Portland cement, water, and lime helps provide structural integrity to your dwelling. The downside? It’s prone to chipping and cracks, two things that can make your home look less chic and a lot more shabby. How often do you think about stucco repair, Dallas? Our guess is that it’s not your first time, though it may be the first time you’re deciding to do something about it. If so, it’s one of the home services you’ll never regret, as one quick repair is enough to elevate curb appeal and the aesthetic qualities of your house.

What’s more, your experienced Dallas handyman has the skills and expertise to fix your stucco wall quickly and handle a wide range of other handyman repair, replacement, and installation services for your home or business. When ready to book stucco repair, Dallas residents can give our valued customer service team a call.

About Our Dedicated Dallas Stucco Repair Service

That chip in your stucco wall on the side of your home has been bothering you for months, and it’s only getting worse. When deciding to seek stucco repair, Dallas residents may have been facing issues for quite some time. We recommend employing our services at the first sign of damaged stucco, but we also know life can get in the way. No matter what stage of damage you’re at, we can help. But first, we need to know what we’re dealing with. That’s why the first part of any service is a thorough inspection. There are three types of stucco we might find on your property, though the most commonly used is traditional or cement stucco. Read on to discover the differences between popular types.

Types of Stucco

There are three categories of stucco commonly used in the construction and home improvement realm. Each one has pros and cons, which is why it’s essential that you talk to a stucco specialist about your options and which is right for your home. No matter which one you pick, your choice will still provide a barrier to the exterior of your home that will help protect your walls and add structural integrity.

  • Traditional Stucco: also called cement stucco or hard-coated stucco, traditional stucco is used for exterior stucco repair on Dallas homes and is very durable. It can be customized to the needs of your property and is made from cement, sand, and water. However, this type of stucco cracks easily.
  • Synthetic Stucco: Just as the name suggests, this type of stucco is made from synthetic materials, namely acrylic. Also referred to as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, synthetic stucco is used as an energy-efficient form of insulation. Unlike traditional stucco, EIFS has six layers, including an optional water-resistant barrier.
  • One Coat Stucco: Want to keep things easy? This type of stucco is quick and easy to apply. It’s made from sand, cement, fibers, and special chemicals, which allow it to be the right thickness for exterior stucco surfaces. It can be finished with paint, acrylic textured finishings, or elastomeric coatings.

How exactly is stucco applied? It depends on the type used, but normally, the process of replacing traditional stucco involves three coats over a wire lath. With that in mind, how can it be repaired? The application of stucco takes skill and involves multiple steps:

  1. Break off any loose stucco. If there are pieces of stucco that are hanging or severely cracked, we’ll break them off in preparation for the holes to be filled.
  2. Chip away the edges. Chipping the edges helps make the area we will fill with new stucco more accessible and allows us to cut any exposed mesh away from underneath.
  3. Cover exposed lath. We’ll use builder’s paper to cover the exposed area before fastening it down.
  4. Add a sheet of mesh. Put a sheet of mesh over the builder’s paper and cut it with metal snips to fit it to the boundary of the existing stucco. We’ll then secure the mesh with nails so that it does not move in the next step.
  5. Mix stucco. We’ll then mix the stucco and get ready to apply it to the prepped area.
  6. Sling the stucco. Using fist-sized clumps of stucco, we’ll toss them against the wire mesh before smoothing them down with a trowel. We’ll aim for half an inch in thickness while flattening everything down with a brick trowel.
  7. Scratch the drying stucco. The stucco will begin to dry, and as it loses its wet sheen, we’ll scratch it with a trowel to allow the next coat to properly adhere.
  8. Additional coats. A total of three coats is necessary for the stucco repair job, depending on how big it is. Stucco crack repair is handled a bit differently and includes filling and smoothing over the crack with fresh stucco.

Mr. Handyman Is Your Top Choice For Stucco Repair, Dallas!

Now that you know how complicated stucco repair can be, you might be leaning away from the DIY side of things. If so, it’s a wise choice, and not just because it can help you avoid the major headache of acquiring all the necessary supplies and learning the proper way to patch up cracks and holes. Choosing a professional stucco contractor for the job will ensure that the fix is done correctly and that all safety precautions are taken. Professional repairmen will assess the stucco on your inside and outside walls, ceilings, and surfaces to ensure that all damages are addressed. It’s that kind of thorough approach that will give you peace of mind year-round and help you feel more accomplished when looking at your to-do list.

Stucco repair isn’t a job that should be left for novice repairmen, either, and when you hire Mr. Handyman of Dallas for the job, you’ll know why. Our experienced stucco contractors have an average of ten years of experience, along with the knowledge and skills needed to properly diagnose issues and solve them. Skilled in a wide variety of home improvement services, you can count on us for complete customer satisfaction and the highest quality workmanship, no matter if you hire us for kitchen remodeling, siding repair, drywall repair, fence repair, or backsplash installation. Searching for stucco repair near me? Call our valued customer care team today to learn more about the handyman services we provide or to book one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stucco Repair Dallas Homeowners Should Read

What is Stucco?

If you live in North Texas, you’ve certainly seen stucco on more than one occasion. It’s a common construction element that’s found on interior and exterior walls and surfaces. While known for the textured look it provides, the rigid material is also a structural element that provides support and adds durability to walls and ceilings.

Stucco is made from a combination of sand, lime, water, and cement. Even though it sounds like it’s one ingredient swap away from being a delicious cocktail you might enjoy on the beach, it’s actually very similar to concrete, only, it’s a more breathable building material and a lot more prone to cracking and chipping. Applied wet, stucco applications of the durable material dry quickly and become dense and textured. It’s usually applied in three coats over a layer of asphalt-infused paper and metal mesh. After these layers have been laid down, a brown coat is slathered on and smoothed with a trowel. The final layer of stucco is then applied and smoothed to finish.

You’ll find a number of textures and colors to choose from for your home’s stucco, giving you tons of design options over the final look of the inside and outside of your home.

What is the Most Common Issue With Stucco?

The most common issue that stucco faces is cracking. Stucco is made from a mixture of sand, lime, cement, and water. It’s more porous than cement, so it will crack often and can retain moisture. For those reasons, a professional inspection is recommended when Dallas homeowners suspect they need stucco repair. Likely, water or mold will have made it behind your stucco exteriors and may be growing mold or causing rot to the surfaces underneath.

Can Stucco Be Repaired?

Yes, stucco can be repaired. It can be a tricky DIY project for Dallas homeowners, which is why we offer the service. Working with stucco can be frustrating, and you’ll need to be sure to work with it properly and quickly so that it adheres correctly. When facing the need for excessive or minimal stucco repair, Dallas homeowners should contact a local professional to ensure the job is done right. There’s a chance that your stucco will be beyond repair and that a total replacement will be needed. It’s not just a matter of looks, it’s a matter of safety, and your old stucco will need to be removed before a new layer can be applied. Surfaces with a single hairline crack should be addressed right away so that they do not lead to larger damage, such as the falling of chunks off the side of your home. If you’ve noticed cracks in your stucco, call your Dallas handyman right away.

Should I Repair or Replace My Stucco?

It depends on the level of damage that has been inflicted on your stucco. If there are countless annoying cracks and chips on its surface, then you likely will need a replacement. If there are only one or two, then we will recommend a repair. Repairs will be quicker and more affordable than total replacements, but they don’t always make sense—especially if you have extensive damage or very old stucco. Replacement will be suggested to protect and add structural integrity to the interior and exterior of your home if we believe it to be at risk. We will never recommend any kind of replacement that isn’t necessary. Most often, all that’s needed is a quick and easy repair. To extend the life of your stucco and prevent frequent replacements, we recommend scheduling regular maintenance.

How Often Should Stucco Be Redone?

Stucco should be redone every five to ten years. Stucco is found on the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces around your home, but depending on your climate and the amount of wear and tear they receive over that time, you may find that stucco needs to be redone sooner. Stucco is quite susceptible to cracking, and because Dallas is so hot and sunny, you should regularly inspect your residential buildings for damage to prevent larger issues from occurring. If you aren’t sure of the last time you had your stucco redone, call a professional for an annual stucco inspection. They will be able to tell you if you need any repairs or exterior painting to help protect the material from damage.

Is Stucco Repair Expensive?

What you pay for stucco repair depends on how extensive the damage is. You might be the type that is proactive in fixing every crack in your stucco as it appears, but you may also have neglected stucco repair for quite some time. As you can imagine, repair costs can vary greatly from project to project, and to get an idea of what yours will cost, we’ll need to know exactly what we’re dealing with during an initial inspection. After that time, we’ll better understand what work needs to be completed and what kind of damage we need to remedy. To start the process, call our customer service team to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable stucco contractors, and after inspection, we'll give you a fair price.

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Stucco is found on the exterior and interior walls of most Dallas homes. Residents might not know exactly why it was installed, but they do know that it cracks rather easily—especially with the summer’s humid heat. If you’ve noticed one or more patches of your stucco either crumbling, cracking, or chipping, it’s time for stucco repair, Dallas, so that you can restore your home’s excellent condition and take repairs off of your mind.

Mr. Handyman of Dallas TX is proudly serving Dallas Fort Worth, and the surrounding area with the dedicated experience they deserve. With a breadth of home remodeling services inside your home and out, locals can feel confident that all tasks on their to-do lists will be taken care of by a professional with ample experience. Along with the option of adding on gutter cleaning, fence installation, and crown molding repair, when ready to book stucco repair, Dallas residents are invited to contact us today.

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