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As the entrance to your home or business, your gate is the first thing people see when they drive or walk up to your property. It also happens to be the thing that either lets them in or keeps them out, which is why having a functioning and attractive gate is so important. Whether your gate motor isn’t working or it squeaks continuously when opening, you’ll likely need a gate repair. Dallas residents with excessive rust or damage to their gates should seek the service as well, considering that regular maintenance is important if they’d like to put their best foot forward.

Think you need manual or electric gate repair, Dallas? That’s a job for your local Dallas handyman. Our licensed and fully insured crew at Mr. Handyman of Dallas has the experience and skills needed to complete the repair quickly and properly. We’ll arrive on time and diagnose the issue before solving it on the spot. With the right tools and knowledge required for the job and a wide variety of others, you can count on us to get your gate back in great shape.

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The Reliable Services For Gate Repair Dallas Deserves

Gates come in all shapes and sizes on commercial and residential properties. For that reason, home and business owners often run into the need for all kinds of needs for gate repair. Dallas sees humid weather in the summer and wet weather in the spring, meaning that rust and corrosion are two of the biggest issues they face.

Along with broken motors and latch issues, a number of problems arise daily for properties with a gate. And yet, a gate can add a level of advanced security and curb appeal to your home or business. In our books, it is definitely worth the risk—as long as you have the number of a reliable repairman in your pocket for a rainy day gate service. Wondering how we can help? Read on to discover the types of gates we service as well as the many resolutions we bring to Dallas property owners.

Types of Gate Repair Service

Swing gate

Swing gates swing open. They can either have two opening parts or one, but you’ll find these at the entrance of homes or large estates and are usually controlled by an intercom or passkey system when automatic. If they are manual gates, there will be a latch that keeps both sides closed. Swing driveway gates are often made from steel, but sometimes you will see them made from wood or aluminum. Swinging forward and closed, the most common issues you’ll run into with these gates are ones with the latch or hinges. Because cars pass through them, it’s also possible for the slats or bars to be dented or scratched.

Slide gate

A sliding gate slides from one side to the other. There is usually only one moving piece with this type of gate, and usually, these are found on commercial properties that allow for vehicles of all sizes to pass through. Instead of hinges, swing gates use rollers to open and close. For that reason, the most common issues they face are with the track and roller system. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, while they are durable, they can experience dents and scratches with enough abuse.

Automatic gates

Automatic gates use a motor to operate, and you’ll need access control. They can swing or slide in operation, but the most common issue you’ll experience with them is with the motor. You should get about 10-15 years from your security gate motor; however, with the high humidity in Dallas, regular automatic gate repair should be completed if you’d like to get the most out of yours.

Residential gates

Residential gates get opened at least twice per day. If you have guests over, you can double that number. It’s common for guests to crash into your gate, and this could cause dents and scratches, but it may also push the gate off of its rails and damage the motor. Who knew guests could cause so many issues? No matter what happens, you can call on your local expert for manual or electric gate repair, Dallas, and get your issues solved.

Commercial gates

Commercial gates see more frequent use than residential gates do. This is because, unlike a home, customers drive in and out all day long. This means these security gates experience more wear and tear and will have shorter lifespans if proper maintenance isn’t taken care of regularly. Whether you need your latch fixed, hinges tightened, door repaired, or wheels realigned, we can help get your iron gates or custom gate back into perfect working condition in no time.

Our Dallas Gate Repair Services

Gates are pretty simple and are made up of a few moving parts, namely the latch, and hinges, and if you have an electric gate, the motor and the wheels. With that said, gates are one of the most important security measures you can take for your property, and for that reason, they should be repaired right away. Mr. Handyman of Dallas TX addressed a wide range of gate repair issues to ensure your property stays protected and looks good.

  • Squeaky or slow-to-open hinges
  • Stuck rollers
  • Excessive rust or corrosion
  • Stuck gate
  • Broken or sluggish motor
  • Broken latch
  • Dented metal
  • Repainting and refinishing
  • Wood rot and mold
  • Issues with your automatic gate opener

Mr. Handyman Has The Services For Gate Repair Dallas Needs

Dallas home and business owners take pride in their properties. That means they need a reliable technician that will resolve their issues quickly and to high standards. Mr. Handyman of Dallas is that technician. Our licensed crew has an average of 10 years of experience and is dedicated to serving our community with outstanding customer service.

Along with delivering complete customer satisfaction, we do it with a smile and a respectful attitude, no matter which home or business we’re visiting. It’s a difference that locals notice and one of the reasons they leave us such outstanding 5-star reviews. When ready to see the kind of dedication and quality we bring to their driveway gate repair, Dallas home, and business owners can call to book any of our many outstanding services. From deck repair to fascia repair and installation, or fence repair to gutter cleaning, our range of options delivers complete satisfaction that meets locals’ discerning needs for home improvement and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gate Repair Dallas Homeowners Should Read

Do I Need a Replacement Gate or Gate Repair in Dallas?

Rule of thumb: If more than 25% of your gate or fence is damaged, you’ll likely need to replace it with a new residential gate installation service. However, when it comes to smaller, isolated issues, most likely, all that you’ll need is a quick repair. Gates can last a very long time, especially if they are manual and not automatic. The only time a wrought iron gate will need repair is likely if it is experiencing rust or corrosion or if the front of it has been bashed in by a car, which, contrary to what movies show, doesn’t happen all that often. If not sure if they need gate repair, Dallas residents should call their local Mr. Handyman for an inspection. We’ll figure out what issue you’re dealing with and recommend the best course of action.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Gate Motor?

Gates themselves may last a lifetime, but gate motors are a different story. If you perform the proper maintenance needed on your gate motor, you could get ten to fifteen years out of it before you need to replace it. Regular maintenance needs to be done by a professional to ensure all proper tasks are performed. If your gate motor is old and is experiencing issues, we may recommend replacing it so that you avoid those same issues from occurring over and over again.

Is Dallas Gate Repair Expensive?

Dallas gate repair doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you catch issues early on. Getting your slow motor fixed will be less costly than buying a completely new one when it overheats and breaks, just the same as treating a small patch or rot on a wooden gate will cost less than when it takes over your entire fence. To help prevent higher costs from taking place in the future, you should inspect your gate regularly for signs of damage. Don’t let small issues like squeaking or rust go untreated. Before you know it, they will turn into bigger problems that may haunt you in the future.

Get Exterior Repairs Out of the Way! Call the Pros at Mr. Handyman for Gate Repair, Dallas!

Swing or slide, residential or commercial, motor-run or manual—gates run into all kinds of issues that are difficult for Dallas homeowners to troubleshoot and fix on their own. That’s where we come in. To make sure your gate is receiving the attention it needs to keep working for years, we recommend seeking our exceptional services today.

Whether you’re facing an issue as small as a broken latch or as large as a busted motor, we know how inconveniencing a broken gate can be in any capacity. Mr. Handyman of Dallas is proud to serve Dallas Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, including Addison, Farmers Branch, and University Park. Contact us today by calling and get your gate into tip-top shape.

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