Dallas Interior Trim Repair Service

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Your home’s interior is defined by walls, ceilings, and floors, but what makes them look finished are the so-called trims, such as crown moldings, baseboards, shoe moldings, and window and door casing. While they’re often taken for granted or go overlooked, they provide your home with a functional purpose besides aesthetics. It may not always seem apparent that you need professional Dallas interior trim repairs until your home’s energy efficiency is on the line.

Your experienced Dallas handyman at Mr. Handyman of Dallas is your one-stop shop for all your property maintenance and repair needs. Whenever your home doesn’t provide you with the comfort and safety that you need to be happy, our professional handyman services are here to make a difference. When in need of interior trim repairs, Dallas, TX homeowners — call us!

About Our Dallas Interior Trim Repair Service

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At Mr. Handyman, we take the health of your interior trim installations seriously because, from our experience, a lot of trim work does not only cover imperfections, but also existing damage due to improper wall or floor installations that homeowners are not aware of.

Damaged wall trim.

So if your cat has left behind light scratches on your baseboard, it’s worth inspecting that area for pest infestation. Or, if during an energy audit, your home inspector detects air leaks due to inefficient door or window casing, our Dallas interior trim repair professionals will be at your disposal. Whether it’s repairing or replacing rotted wood or inspecting wall and floor damage in greater detail, Mr. Handyman has you covered.

We happily fix:

  • Crown molding
  • Baseboard trim (shoe molding)
  • Window frame and window sill
  • Door frame, sill and threshold
  • Head jambs
  • Decorative ceilings
  • Mantels
  • Fireplaces
  • And more!

Why Hire Mr. Handyman of Dallas’ Interior Trim Repair Services?

Wall trim after being repaired by Mr. Handyman of Dallas.

Bringing a proven track record of thousands of successfully completed handyman services, Mr. Handyman has earned a reputation for being one of North America’s leading home service franchises. Every technician on our team is certified, bonded, and fully insured to work on residential and commercial properties, so they’re covered for any type of repair jobs hired for, including Dallas interior trim repairs and drywall repair.

As a locally owned and operated handyman company, we are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service to our local community and surrounding neighborhoods, including Addison, Carrollton, Mesquite, and beyond. No matter if it’s seasonal property maintenance, minor home repairs, or major remodeling projects like a bathroom remodel, our team of experts will get the job done right the first time.

FAQs About Dallas Interior Trim Repair Service

When do I need Dallas interior trim repairs? What are the typical warning signs?

Besides the occasional crack, gap, and hole due to general wear, it’s worth paying attention to signs of water damage and pest infestation like insect damage. Not only do these issues signal that you need proper air sealing, but they also affect your home’s insulation and other structural components, including your foundation, subfloors, or siding.

Also, a high level of indoor moisture can wreak havoc on your window casing, requiring serious interior trim repairs. Dallas, TX service technicians recommend occasionally checking your window frame and sill for wood rot, which could be caused by indoor moisture or even the elements if your windows are inefficient.

How do I tell if my interior door casing is damaged?

The best way to check your interior door casing for damage is via visible damage, such as cracks, gaps or holes and for the sake of your home’s energy efficiency, we also recommend checking for air leaks and drafts, especially when your energy bills have increased for no good reason. Often, realigning your door or installing weatherstripping will fix the problem, but if you still experience air leakage after these adjustments, you will know your door frames are no longer efficient. Our skilled Dallas interior trim repair technicians will be able to provide you with a quick diagnosis, along with long-lasting repair methods.

Are interior trim repairs similar to exterior trim repairs?

Some are similar in terms of exterior door and window casings, but there is a lot more to exterior trim installations and repairs. Exterior units have to withstand the elements on a daily basis and, thus, need to handle changing weather conditions and temperatures well. For example, fascia boards and corner boards are often made of hardwood materials, so it’s not uncommon for them to require ongoing maintenance and occasional repairs. Other exterior trims include soffits and rain gutters, which are primarily made of sturdy aluminum materials. Soffit vents and gutters can get clogged and call for different types of repairs, including cleaning services and exterior painting.

My stair stringers attached to wall studs are cracked. Can you fix that with interior trim repair?

Dallas, TX service professionals at Mr. Handyman can certainly help! Often, outside stringers are fastened to drywall studs for stability rather than relying on top and bottom anchors. Our expert stair repair services will handle this issue with ease by inspecting the damage evident and filling any cracks and gaps with fillers.

What are the most common interior trim types?

The best quality materials for interior trim installations are hardwood products because they are resistant to warping and cracking as long as they’re well-maintained with sanding and resealing, and have a professional finish.

Other commonly used materials that are more cost-effective and low-maintenance include MDF and PVC, except that you can’t make lasting decorative ornaments with PVC like you can with wood. However, the advantage of PVC is that it’s highly durable and water-resistant, whereas MDF mimics wood, and is smooth but does not do well in humid areas due to its weak core.

Is It Time for Professional Interior Trim Repairs, Dallas?

Whether the paint on your interior trims is peeling or you’re generally looking for a potential replacement, our local Dallas handyman team have you covered. Give our knowledgeable office team a call today to find out what we can do to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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