Dallas Exterior Trim Repair

Have you noticed visible damage or decayed trim outside your home? Is the paint color on your property faded or peeling? Then it's time to contact your local Dallas handyman for an exterior trim repair.

Business owners and homeowners may not realize the importance of keeping up-to-date trimming on your property, but those pieces of trim protect your building from pests, decay, rot, and other damage. If those exterior features are not properly fixed with frequent maintenance, your home could be vulnerable to interior moisture damage and invasive critters. Give yourself peace of mind, knowing your property is protected with Dallas exterior trim repair. Mr. Handyman of Dallas provides excellent customer care for all homeowners and corporate businesses, ensuring your place is secure, safe, and ready for whatever weather is thrown at it.

Need Exterior Trim Repair, Dallas?

All of our homes and properties have exterior trim; this can include frames around your doors or windows, including window sills, fascia boards, soffits, and any other sort of embellishment that adorns the exterior of your house. Each property has a different style and type of exterior trim, with some being more elaborate than others. Though trim gives your home excellent curb appeal, it protects your property from the elements, such as excessive moisture and sunlight. Dallas exterior trim repair can occur on these types of trim:

  • Window frames and sills
  • Window shutters
  • Drip caps
  • Door frames
  • Fascia boards
  • Soffits
  • Rake boards
  • Corbels
  • Frieze boards

Dallas is known for its extreme temperatures and weather, so keeping your trim up-to-date can help protect your house from Texas weather. Homeowners' trim issues include the intense sun, humidity and moisture, and pests.

Sunlight Exposure

Dallas has strong sunlight that beats down on properties for prolonged periods of time. This extreme exposure can cause wear and tear on your trim, especially if it's wooden trim. The drastic change in temperatures between the cold Texan winters and hot summers can make the wood expand and contract, making your coverings vulnerable and needing exterior trim repair, Dallas.

Water Damage

Hot, humid summers are a common occurrence for Dallas residents. Like everyone during these months, your home can feel the moisture too. Too much moisture or humidity can soak into your wood trim, making it susceptible to decay and rotted wood. Wood rot and rotten trim are common to a Texan property, but it doesn't have to be with routine maintenance and regular Dallas exterior trim repair. Don't let moisture into your home trimming; keep it sealed and repaired so your home looks beautiful and functions efficiently.

Pest Infestation

Like with sunlight and water damage, pests can cause extensive damage to your home; your trim is no exception. Insects, carpenter ants, woodpeckers, and other wood-destroying creatures can damage your window frames, soffits, and windows sills. Look for any lingering pests around your property, and call a professional to remove them before they do more damage to your home.

Dallas exterior trim repair can protect your property, making it look beautiful and long-lasting in the changing weather conditions of North Texas. It can also help lower your utility bills and increase the resell value of your home. Energy bills are directly linked with the exterior of your home, and trimming helps seal around all the openings, joints, and edges. We love having lots of windows in our house, but they need to be trimmed adequately so no leaks or drafts get through. When running your heating or air conditioning, energy efficiency is a big concern for Dallas residents, especially in the changing weather. Keep those energy costs down with regular Dallas exterior trim repair services.

Additional Signs You Need Dallas Exterior Trim Repair

Though some of the reasons residents need exterior trim repair in Dallas were previously listed, there are additional warning signs that your property needs Dallas trim repair.

Peeling Paint: Peeling paint and stains on your wood indicate trapped moisture and water damage. Scheduling a painting project or using fresh coats of paint to cover it up only sometimes solves the issue and may hide the underlying exterior trim damage.

Clogged Gutters: Gutters should always be clear and free from debris, especially leaves. If your gutters get clogged frequently, they must be repaired before the overflow of rain damages your home.

Terrible Siding: Does your siding look bad or suffer from poor installation? Damaged siding can make your property vulnerable to damage and indicate that your trimming wasn't installed correctly, either.

Installation Issues: Sometimes, your trim boards aren't installed properly. If so, a Dallas exterior trim repair is needed immediately to seal and protect your house.

If you notice any of these problems outside your home, then it's time to call on the professional handyman company, Mr. Handyman, for an exterior trim repair in Dallas.

Rely on Mr. Handyman for Dallas Exterior Trim Repair

Mr. Handyman of Dallas strives to be the one-stop home improvement services company that delivers excellent workmanship and worry-free experiences so your property is in tip-top shape. Our handyman experts are licensed and experienced, complete with employee background checks, for all sorts of individual projects, from exterior house trim and exterior painting services to pressure washing and siding installation. Our handyman team of service professionals is courteous and reliable, ensuring any mess is cleaned up, leaving your home neater than when we started. Our affordable prices keep project costs down, with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you're paying for even before the job begins. With our outstanding customer service backed by client testimonials, we care about our customers and strive to be the best handyman service. Contact Mr. Handyman of Dallas today for all your exterior trim repair services!

FAQs About Exterior Trim Repair in Dallas, TX

What is the Difference Between Trim Board and Fascia Board?

Outdoor trim encases windows, doors, and other openings, usually called exterior window trim or door trim. Fascia board, or house fascia, is the trim that encases the edge of a protruding eave, either horizontally or at an angle. Both protect your house but in different ways, and both are essential for Dallas exterior trim repairs.

What are the Types of Materials for Dallas Exterior Trim Repair?

Mr. Handyman of Dallas only provides the highest quality material for exterior trim repair services. Some common materials we use and work with include composite trim, wood trim, vinyl, and more. Different materials have advantages and disadvantages and break down to what works for your property and the cost estimates of the material at the time of repair or replacement. Whatever material your trimming is or whatever budget you have, we can find a solution!

What Other Handyman Services Do You Offer?

We call ourselves the all-in-one handyman service company because we provide a wide range of services. Our handyman experts can help with outdoor siding service, roofing inspection, exterior door installation, crown molding installation and replacement, interior painting, commercial painting, baseboards repair, and more! Contact us today if you require a service, and we can let you know if we have an expert who can do it! As a busy homeowner, you probably have a lot on your plate already, so let us take care of all your home repair and maintenance needs!

Hire the Experts at Mr. Handyman for your Exterior Trim Repair, Dallas!

Your home’s exterior is prone to seasonal weather damage and without the necessary maintenance and care, you could risk costly repairs and other issues down the road. Mr. Handyman serves the Dallas-Fort Worth zip code area and surrounding areas, including Addison, Farmers Branch, Ferris, Garland, Richardson, and more! Don't wait any longer; call us today for an inspection or exterior trim repair, Dallas!

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