12 Signs Your Property in Denton, TX Needs Fence Repair

The white picket fence is firmly entrenched as a classic symbol of the American dream. A fence goes a long way toward improving the appearance of your property. It also offers protective benefits by keeping pets and small children in and helping to deter unwanted visitors. But picket or otherwise, your Denton home or commercial property can't maintain its curb appeal or offer adequate protection without fence repair and installation services.

Homeowners and business owners in Denton, TX don't always have the free time to take care of tasks like fence repair, or may not have the right tools and expertise to get the job done. But what are the signs you need professional Denton fence repair services? Can your fence last another season or three, or would it be best to get repairs ASAP before the damage worsens or spreads?

This guide covers 10 warning signs that indicate you'll need to call a qualified Denton handyman for fence repair sooner rather than later. If you notice the following problems on your property, trust the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Denton to provide a wide range of Denton fence repair and installation services. We are proud to deliver the highest standards of customer service and workmanship on every job.

What Are the Parts of a Fence Called?

It's basically a 2D structure, how complicated can it be? Okay, it's not exactly complex—but it's good to know the terms for the four main parts of a fence so we're all on the same page.

  • Posts: Sometimes referred to as columns, they are vertical parts that support your entire structure. Posts are typically buried several feet in the ground and reinforced with concrete.

  • Rails: These horizontal pieces are typically on the back of your structure near the top and bottom. They run parallel to the ground. Some types of fencing, such as chain link, do not have rails.

  • Pickets or slats: These pieces can be vertical or horizontal, but they are usually vertically attached to rails to form the most visible part of your structure.

  • Gate: A portal that swings open to allow entry or exit. Sometimes there isn't an actual gate, just an archway or gap in your structure.

Some types feature elaborate decorative elements such as kick boards and lattice, while others may have fewer parts. A wrought iron fence, for example, may be essentially one unit welded together.

1. Broken, Cracked Slats and Rails

If you have a wooden fence, or another material such as composite or vinyl fencing, it will probably suffer from broken slats and rails at some point. Like everything else, it is susceptible to wear and tear damage over time—often even more than other structures because it is completely exposed to harsh weather and other damaging factors.

For this type of problem, Denton fence repair solutions usually involve removing the affected material, replacing it and refinishing it so it looks the same as the rest. However, if more than about 25% of the overall fence is damaged, replacement may be more cost-effective and efficient than fence repair.

2. Rotting or Splintered Wood Fences

As classic and charming as a wood fence is, it does have some weaknesses. Any timber that is exposed to the elements is particularly vulnerable to wood rot, including your wooden fence, deck and other nearby wooden structures. That's because wood rot can cause decay in timber with a moisture content of 20% or higher. While wood that remains dry can stay strong for hundreds of years, any timber that is frequently exposed to rain will eventually rot, which is why fixing rotted wood is one of the most common fence repairs in Denton, TX.

There's no way to restore rotted wood back to its former condition, so repair generally involves removing and replacing the rotten timber, then painting or staining and sealing it to help avoid future water damage issues. If there are only a couple tiny spots of rot, your Denton handyman may be able to scrape out the rotted parts and fill the holes with epoxy wood filler so the entire piece doesn't have to be removed. The best way to avoid wood rot altogether is with regular maintenance services to restore the water-resistant sealant on the wood and prevent moisture incursion.

3. Rust and Other Signs of Corrosion

If you have a metal barrier such as a wrought iron fence, there's not much that is going to damage it. In fact, they can last for generations with proper care. But you do need to keep an eye out for signs of rust that can eat away at the metal. Your handyman can remove the rust spots and apply an anti-rusting sealant that will help repel corrosion damage. Other types of metal structures such as a chain link fence can suffer from rust and corrosion as well.

4. The Bottom is Touching the Ground

The only parts of your structure that should be actually touching ground are your posts. But over time, soil is shifted around by rain, landscaping and other movement, and can end up piled under the bottom edge. Or your structure could be sinking or sagging and sunk low enough to touch ground underneath. That can lead to big problems for most kinds of material. Denton fence repair may be as simple as brushing excess soil out from underneath, but if it is sagging or sinking badly your handyman will likely need to replace it.

5. Peeling Paint or Wood Stain

Peeling, chipped or flaking paint or wood stain isn't just an unsightly cosmetic problem that lowers your curb appeal and gives a bad first impression to visitors. It's also a sign that your protective coating is compromised, leaving your structure susceptible to moisture damage and other potential problems. On timber, it's a clear sign that wood rot is not far away. When timber becomes damp, it swells and pushes on paint or stain from behind, causing it to peel or flake off—and damp wood leads to rotting.

Your handyman can bring that decay process to a halt by removing loose paint, giving affected wood a chance to dry out and re-applying paint or wood stain and sealant. The best way to prime for Denton fence repair is with a pressure or power washing machine. They are capable of removing loose paint fast and effectively, along with built-up grime, rust stains, algae and other stubborn substances that most cleaning methods can't budge.

6. Damage From Pests

If your structure is made with wood, it may be under attack from wildlife and insect pests. Woodpeckers can cause some big problems for anything made of timber, but when it comes to damage, the more likely culprits are destructive insects such as termites and carpenter ants. If you notice signs of pest damage such as maze-like holes and channels in the surface of the wood or an accumulation of sawdust underneath, fence repair will involve replacing and refinishing the damaged sections.

7. Leaning or Warped Posts

Most types of fences are held up by posts, which are partially buried in the ground and reinforced with concrete to ensure they are stable enough to support the weight. Over time, the concrete can deteriorate and crumble, causing your post to wobble or lean to one side. Or, the post itself may be affected by factors such as wood rot that cause it to soften and break apart, compromising its ability to hold up rails. Post repair by your local Denton handyman may require your post to be removed and re-set in concrete, or the post itself may need replacement.

8. Gate is Difficult to Open and Close

Do you have to shove and pull to get your fence gate opened and shut? Or maybe your hinges make a horrible screeching sound whenever they are moved, or the gate wobbles loosely on hinges that are no longer firmly attached to the post. Luckily these types of fence and gate repairs are usually pretty quick and simple. It may be as easy as applying some lubricant to squeaky hinges, or the hinges themselves may need to be replaced. But if the gate is dragging on the ground because of a leaning post, or doesn't fit properly between the posts anymore because they are sagging, it's more of a post repair situation than anything to do with the actual gate.

9. Impact Damage

There's a lot that could happen to your outdoor living space to cause damage, and your fence sections are, of course, on the front line. Impact damage can occur from issues such as a falling tree branch, vandalism or even a vehicle that accidentally jumped the curb—and that type of damage could create the need for repairs with all types of materials, from a basic vinyl fence to stronger metal fences.

If one or two sections are crushed or badly dented, it may be possible for our handyman team to simply replace those sections, leaving the rest intact. But if the damage is widespread or particularly severe, it might make more sense to replace the entire structure.

10. Loose or Damaged Chain Link

Loose, bent or torn chain link is unattractive, but it could also compromise the safety of your yard by giving enough room for a determined dog to wiggle underneath and escape. It may also have sharp edges that could cut or scrape a child or unwary passerby. If the metal is rusty or grimy, a scrape could carry the risk of tetanus or other health concerns. It also leaves your property more vulnerable to intruders and vandals, especially if your chain link structure is intended to make your home or commercial business more secure. Your Denton fence repair professional can repair or replace damaged sections to make the structure safe and secure again.

11. Bylaw Violations

Your fence might be in absolutely perfect condition, but if you have received a notice that it violates city bylaws or encroaches on public property, it's best to get it taken care of before you get slapped with a fine.

The recommended solution will, of course, vary according to the nature of the grievance. If the problem is that the structure is too tall, we can likely shorten it up without needing to move posts or footings. But if it needs to be moved back a few feet to ensure it is behind your property line, that's a bigger project that will involve digging up the posts and re-pouring concrete footings.

12. You Need to Improve Property Value

Are you thinking of selling your home and looking for ways to increase property value and impress prospective buyers? If your structure is in rough shape, Denton fence repair services could help. It may not increase your selling price, but since your fence is the first point of contact for visitors, it could go a long way toward giving potential homebuyers and realtors a great first impression of your property. Fence installation services might have a much bigger impact on selling price and get you a good return on investment if you don't currently have anything marking your yard’s boundary.

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